[PATCH 1/2] kdrive: Delete Xfbdev, and support code that's used nowhere else.

Timothy Meade zt.tmzt at gmail.com
Thu May 12 18:47:37 PDT 2011

Why not start with removing PS2 and bus mouse support and cutting linux.c
down? Xfbdev is small, could be made to build conditionally only on Linux
platform and still has users. Things like qemu arm are faster to work with
with a small, statically compiled X server and real hardware is still out
there only exporting a basic linux framebuffer. Does Xorg DDX fbdev driver
still have the requirement to write back the config as a fbset ioctl? Is it
still required for the pixel clock values to match in the fbvar structure
read and written? These required a work-around kernel hack on MSM last time
I checked, when Xorg should be happy using a static fbvar struct
configuration as Xfbdev is.

The other reason not to remove this is it's still useful and having it in
current git and buildable against current DIX is neccessary, as the
alternative is digging it out of an old commit or using an old DIX meaning
the ARM users just fall further behind on optimizations being done on DIX.

If this is removed, it would nice if the command line driver parsing was
added to Xorg, for overriding detection that may be broken on very basic

Timothy Meade
tmzt in #android #htc-linux #xorg-devel
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