Mapping pointer events to keys and the other way around?

Michal Suchanek hramrach at
Mon Mar 28 03:09:31 PDT 2011

On 28 March 2011 07:20, Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 02:08:44PM +0100, Michal Suchanek wrote:

>> There was some Wacom-specific support in their driver but that does
>> not work for plain mice and is probably non-functional in current
>> version of the driver anyway.
>> Is there just documentation missing in xinput(1) and evdev(4) or is
>> there no such feature?
> no, it's a wacom-specific feature and quite painful to maintain anyway. I
> don't have any plans to add this to any other driver, it's too flimsy.

The fact that this is a feature specific to the wacom driver and not
supported in the X server/xinput is most likely the reason why it is
so flimsy and painful to maintain. The driver developer has to compete
with X internals changes to keep this feature working.



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