GSoC Proposal the second

janikjaskolski at janikjaskolski at
Fri Mar 25 19:27:15 PDT 2011

Hello again,

> Thanks for your clarification.

I did not mean any disrespect, that came out wrong, sorry.

> The problem here is that if your filter happens to return false when
> the user intended to trigger it a different event is generated.

> For such input to be useful the filter should be some 99.9%+ accurate
> because the input event is triggered bazillon times under normal use.

You are quite right, finding methods that ensure that statistic 
stability is the
theme of my bachelor thesis :)
I am stresstesting the input analysis / framework right now. It all 
depends on
finding just the right measure of quality of the analysis and time 
thats needed
to do that. So far Im using very little time, almost no delay, but the 
detection is not at +90%.

Its also a question of location for the least reliable filter. If I can 
get the overall
statistic at +90% and put my filter first. While it may miss the right 
click, the
event will still be processed normally and probably be a left click.

The factors are widely spread. It can be a problem if the user messed 
the microphone settings f.e. ...
I have to come up with some solution to that :/

> I would expect no less form Apple, they are very good at that.


> Natural User Interface Group of what?

> Perhaps you could send the email in plaintext?

I deactivated ANY html now... I hope it works :(

Best regards,


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