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Peter Harris pharris at
Tue Mar 8 13:52:55 PST 2011

On 2011-03-08 13:46, Al'miev Il'dar wrote:
> These commands produce the main window and the subwindow with the
> borders specified. However, the subwindow can not be moved inside the
> main window by dragging it with a mouse. The windows manager is
> attached only to the main window, and I guess not to the subwindow.
> Could anybody help to resolve these problem: that is, how the code
> should be modified in order to achieve moving the subwindow inside
> the main window ?

Use QMdiArea (from Qt) or wxMDIChildFrame (from wxWidgets) or similar.

If you really insist on doing it yourself, both of those have source
code available so you can see how they did it.

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