[PATCH:libXt 3/3] Convert ALLOCATE_LOCAL + sprintf to XtAsprintf

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Tue Mar 8 03:45:34 PST 2011

Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith at oracle.com> (07/03/2011):
> Perhaps a difference in the setting of $HOME or one of the other
> environment variables that GetRootDirName checks for the homedir?

Indeed, '/' when starting from init, '/root' when starting later as
root. I tried unsetting a few variables (HOME, USER, etc.), but I
couldn't reproduce this behaviour after init; so I configured root's
homedir to be '/', and could reproduce the issue with just running
'xdm'. yay.

> I can't see why that would make XtAsprintf operate any differently
> though.

Now, both XtAsprintf and asprintf return the same path, which is
nice. But I *think* there's some side effect somewhere.

The core left behind says:
| Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
| #0  XtOpenDisplay (app=0x0, displayName=0x9a0d788 ":0", applName=0x80660b9 "xlogin",
|     className=0x80660b2 "Xlogin", urlist=0x0, num_urs=0, argc=0x8069ef0, argv=0x8067c2c)
|     at ../../src/Display.c:313
| 313             UNLOCK_APP(app);

So, one may ask (and Julien did): “WTH would app be NULL as this point?”

The codepath, from XtOpenDisplay is (all of those under src/):
  ...           XtAsprintf or asprintf
  Initialize.c: CombineAppUserDefaults
  Initialize.c: XtScreenDatabase
  Initialize.c: _XtDisplayInitialize
  Display.c:    XtOpenDisplay

So, let's add a check in Display.c:
| XtOpenDisplay(…) {
||             fprintf(stderr, "[before init] app=%p\n", app);
|             _XtDisplayInitialize(d, pd, applName, urlist, num_urs, argc, argv);
|             fprintf(stderr, "[after  init] app=%p\n", app);
|| }
(xdm.log has the output.)

And tada!
 1. app is non-NULL before calling _XtDisplayInitialize
 2. app is non-NULL (and the same value, woot) afterwards, if using
 3. app is NULL afterwards, if using XtAsprintf().

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