Forcing 96 dpi: policy or bug?

Andrei Popescu andreimpopescu at
Fri Mar 4 04:36:40 PST 2011


Sorry to take your time with this, but I'm a bit confused about the 
status of

    Bug 23705 - xserver 1.7.0rc0 uses wrong dimensions / dpi [1]

Based on the bug log (I'm not a coder) I understand this, please *do 
correct* any misunderstandings on my part:

    1. Since this commit[2] Xorg forces 96 dpi, even in cases where it 
    was correctly computed from EDID data[3].

This is reproducible at least with intel, nouveau and radeon (randr 1.2 
drivers?), but not mga (and possibly other old drivers).

    1. This change was on purpose[4] and auto-detection of dpi is 
    considered deprecated by Xorg maintainers

A patch[5] was posted so that people interested in using the EDID 
computed dpi instead of 96 can do so without recompiling Xorg or messing 
with xrandr.

    2. This patch is not acceptable by Xorg maintainers

If my analysis above is indeed correct, would you mind commenting on why 
the patch is not acceptable as is, so that interested people can adjust 
the patch to your liking?

[3] and usually accurate, as far as I know only TVs lie about their 
size, but this is good in most cases since the fonts are then big enough 
to be readable from further away
[4] always forcing 96 dpi is not a bug triggered by that commit

Thanks for reading,
P.S. I'm not subscribed, CCs appreciated
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