[PATCH 00/42] Multitouch support

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Dec 14 19:01:37 PST 2011

This is the set of patches to add multitouch support to the X server.
The lot can be found in the 'multitouch' branches of the following


This patchset adds XI 2.2 support to the server.
For a full list of the additions see the protocol spec, but it includes
support for multitouch events, pointer emulation on selected touch events
and the semantics for grabbing and replaying touch sequences.

There are still a few rough edges here and there. For example Carlos
Garnacho (who is working on the GTK3 touch support) pointed out an active
grab issue with pointer-emulation today. Over the next days, I'll fix these
with follow-up patches.
This patchset should not affect regular pointer or keyboard processing

Note that this patchset was essentially created from the diff against the
devel branch to get it down to a reasonable number of patches that people
can actually review. The original branch started from Daniel Stone's
initial work and piled up 188 patches on top of
7528a6b88eb32098af4369a8bd9d70a808fa6f1c, my last syncpoint with master.
If you want to look at all these, they're on the multitouch-devel-history
The patches in this set are not the ones you could usually write out from
scratch since they handle a lot of corner-cases in the first revision.
Still, easier than reviewing the original patches.

Daniel and Chase both contributed to this patchset and I've tried to
correctly attribute (co-)authorship where applicable. My apologies for any
mistakes here, again the multitouch-devel-history branch is more accurate
Daniel, Chase, I expect that my s-o-b on your patches should not be an
issue given that the source patches had your s-o-b on them?

For general testing/debugging purposes I recommend my little test app
That app registers for events depending on the cmdline args, with the black
and white windows registering for various grab types.

The obligatory screencast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBZtSf3sgeQ


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