[PATCHv2] dix: add 3x3 transformation matrix xinput property for multi-head handling

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Mon May 24 04:48:18 PDT 2010

Am 24.05.2010 08:20, schrieb Peter Korsgaard:
> Ahh, the actual matrix elements? I don't right away see any need for
> values over 1, but you do need negative values when using rotation.
> Perhaps >1 values are interesting if you want an absolue input device to
> span multiple screens for some kind of video wall with touchscreen
> setup?
> All in all, I would prefer to not hardcode any policy here in the
> server. Strange values doesn't really harm us.
I tend to agree. Some people really want to scale up, even if it means
(some likelyhood of) skipping pixels. However, NaN or Inf should really
be checked for.

AFAIK in X it's ok to use isfinite
since X assumes Posix 2001.1 conformance.



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