[PATCH] ClickPad support v4

Yan Li yan.i.li at intel.com
Tue Dec 28 19:27:48 PST 2010

On Wed, 2010-12-29 at 11:01 +0800, Chris Bagwell wrote:
> I think you answered my bigger question in your other email.  I'm not
> so surprised that clickpad is reporting fingers jumping between 2
> fingers but I am surprised if that same hardware doesn't report either
> finger width or finger count to application so that it can account for
> the transitions.
> If your clickpad doesn't report either of those two things then I'm
> more interested in figuring out why it doesn't do that then in seeing
> evtest output.
> BTW: if your clickpad works like HP Mini's then setting
> EmulateTwoFingerMinW to 5 should help you out... but it sounds like it
> doesn't.

Last time I checked it I remember it reported finger width as 5. But I
can't remember for sure whether it's always 5 or changes according to
num-of-finger on it... You might be right though. That machine is locked
in my office drawer and I'm working from home recently :(  Will check it
next time when I'm in office (will try to go to the office tomorrow if
it isn't snowing heavily :)

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