7.7 katamari release manager

Matt Dew matt at osource.org
Wed Dec 22 12:59:59 PST 2010

> Fortunately, Matt's work on the docs made that much easier this year - I just
> had to wrangle xmlto & fop, instead of those plus groff plus tex plus ...
> I'm hoping his plans around documentation make things even easier next year,
> so that manually editing the doc/index.html is no longer needed (and I should
> probably tell him & Gaetan all the things I had to modify in the docs I posted
> to the website from what comes out of the build process, since we could probably
> make a lot of it happen more automatically).

Yes and please.  The goal is that the only thing that needs to be done
manually is updating the Release Notes and README.    A bonus of this
is that anyone could build the documentation locally and get what they
see on the website.


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