Utility to combine (reparent) windows from different apps into a single tabbed window.

Charlie Ross rossc at cs.colostate.edu
Wed Dec 22 04:02:44 PST 2010


  I have been thinking about a utility which would collect several windows
(potentially from different clients) into a single tabbed window.
Obviously, a window manager is capable of doing such a thing, (fluxbox can
do it) and I suspect that it might be possible as a stand-along utility (not
a window manager), but I might be wrong on that.  I'd like to continue to
use my current window manager (X11.app on OSX has its own built in, and I'd
like to continue to use it.)

  For example, there are several utilities that I run that are related, but
are different X11 clients.  I never want to use more than one at a time, and
would prefer to link them in one tabbed window for easier management.  (For
example, gitk and git-gui are similar.. I would love to group them as tabs
of a parent window.. or multiple emacs sessions running on different remote
machines.. etc..).

I am considering trying to write such a thing myself, but before I do I
wanted to ask "those in the know" a few questions:
  -  Is such a thing possible (without being the window manager)?
  -  Does such a thing already exist?
  -  Any advice before I jump in?
  -  Are there any X libraries for python which would allow control at a low
enough level to accomplish this?


- Charlie
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