glproto depends upon Mesa - gl.h

Bryan Henderson bryanh at
Fri Dec 17 18:50:04 PST 2010

glproto depends on Mesa, and I don't think that's right.

glproto contains glxint.h, which refers to the basic data types 'GLboolean',
etc.  So it #includes "GL/gl.h".

But GL/gl.h isn't part of glproto.h.  The only place I see it is in Mesa.  You
shouldn't use a piece of Mesa to build e.g. a video driver, right?  In any
case, the pkgconfig file doesn't declare that dependency, so the driver build
won't even succeed unless you get lucky.

It's not clear to me how to fix this.  I mean I'm pretty sure the type
definitions belong in glproto and Mesa should get them from there.  I made a
gltypes.h and that works for me.  But I don't know about all the release
management issues - making sure everything old and new is properly compatible.


Bryan Henderson                                   San Jose, California

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