[PATCH joystick 5/9] Drop close_proc, conversion_proc, reverse_conversion_proc

Trevor Woerner twoerner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 05:36:01 PST 2010

Just out of curiosity...
After applying this patch...

In src/jstk.c, line 490, jstkCorePreInit() the code is setting
priv->close_proc to NULL.
At line 423, jstkDeviceControlProc(), the code is calling
priv->close_proc() but first checks to make sure it isn't NULL, at
line 311 it is also calling priv->close_proc() but without the check.
Could this potentially be a problem?

This patch removes the lines:
pInfo->close_proc = NULL;
pInfo->conversion_proc = NULL;

from src/jstk.c but doesn't do the same for src/jstk_key.c. Is that
okay? (I don't think InputInfoPtr contains those fields). I did notice
they are removed with patch #9.

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