xorg-server-1.9.4 release schedule

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at freedesktop.org
Tue Dec 14 15:36:02 PST 2010

I've updated the X.org calendar for the xorg-server-1.9.4 release schedule.  The 6 week schedule (3/2/1) has been working fairly well, so I'm keeping with the pattern (but 4/2/1 in this case due to the holiday):

  2011.01.07 - 1.9.4rc1
  2011.01.21 - 1.9.4rc2 (freeze for regressions only)
  2011.01.28 - 1.9.4

As always, please try to get me cherry-pick and merge requests before the deadline.  I'll also send out reminders a few days before the releases.

1.10.0 is scheduled for release in mid February, so we'll likely have just one more release (1.9.5) in mid march.


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