[PATCH] xserver xf86PrintModeline(): print DisplayMode type bits.

vdb at picaros.org vdb at picaros.org
Thu Dec 2 05:05:13 PST 2010

> Assuming this is the only patch to be applied, I'd like some
> explanation in the code as to why some of the letters are capitalized.
> As a suggestion :
> /* U and P are capitalized because USERPREF and PREFERRED have
> priority when sorting. */

Perhaps a description would be best.  The text below is future patch proof.

 * Print out a modeline.
 * The mode type bits are informational except for the capitalized U 
 * and P bits which give sort order priority.
 * USERPREF, U, user preferred is set from the xorg.conf Monitor
 * Option "PreferredMode" or from the Screen Display Modes statement.
 * This unique modeline is moved to the head of the list after sorting.
 * DRIVER, e, is set by the video driver, EDID or flat panel native.
 * USERDEF, z, a configured zoom mode Ctrl+Alt+Keypad-{Plus,Minus}.
 * DEFAULT, d, a compiled-in default.
 * PREFERRED, P, driver preferred is set by the video device driver,
 * e.g. the EDID detailed timing modeline.  This is a true sort
 * priority and multiple P modes form a sorted sublist at the list
 * head.
 * BUILTIN, b, a hardware fixed CRTC mode.
 * See modes/xf86Crtc.c: xf86ProbeOutputModes().
xf86PrintModeline(int scrnIndex, DisplayModePtr mode)

> This is rather useful if you're trying to figure out where a mode
> might have come from.

Yes, this is fine for git commit.

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