[PULL] Add VDPAU drivers to the server's DRI2 implementation

Aaron Plattner aplattner at nvidia.com
Fri Oct 23 17:13:28 PDT 2009

Hi Keith,

These changes add VDPAU driver name registration support to the X server.
I extended the driver type mechanism to allow a full DRI2InfoRec for VDPAU
drivers instead of just a name so that other drivers can return information
through the deviceName parameter.  libvdpau currently doesn't have a way of
passing the deviceName through to the backend driver, but we could add a
way to do that if it becomes necessary.

-- Aaron

The following changes since commit 9a2f6135bfb0f12ec28f304c97917d2f7c64db05:
  Keith Packard (1):
        DRI2: Report the correct extension minor version

are available in the git repository at:

  git://anongit.freedesktop.org/~aplattner/xserver dri2-vdpau

Aaron Plattner (3):
      DRI2: Don't return bogus data when driverType is unrecognized
      DRI2: Support VDPAU drivers.
      DRI2: Return BadValue if driverType is out of range.

 configure.ac                |    2 +-
 hw/xfree86/dri2/dri2.c      |   62 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 hw/xfree86/dri2/dri2.h      |    9 +++++-
 hw/xfree86/dri2/dri2ext.c   |    5 +++
 include/protocol-versions.h |    2 +-
 5 files changed, 60 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)

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