Updated 7.5 release plans

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Sat Apr 25 01:54:18 PDT 2009

Hi all,
I poked at Phoronix for the first time in a while the other day, and it
turns out that our prediction for April Fool's came true.  Awesome; I'd
forgotten about that.

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 11:23:59PM +0300, Daniel Stone wrote:
> So here's roughly what I think 7.5 should look like:
>   * Nowish: Release 7.4.  Yeah.  To the pub!
>   * Oct 2008: 'Oh right, server 1.6.  Heh.'
>   * ? Nov 2008: Server 1.6 branches or something?
>   * ? Dec 2008: Server 1.6 releases?

This was actually the 25th of Feb, 2009, FWIW.

>   * 21st Jan 2009: Feature freeze for server 1.7.  Branch other modules
>                    which are going to require a stable branch.
>   * 14th Feb 2009: Branch server 1.7.  Branch nominations for 7.5 in.
>   * 31st Feb 2009: Code freeze (but for bugfixes) server 1.7.
>                    Release server
>                    Release 7.5 beta 1.
>                    Stop sucking in all module updates.
>   * 14th March 2009: Release server, 7.5 beta 2.
>   * 31st March 2009: 7.5RC1.
>   * 1st April 2009: Release 7.5, makes good April Fool's story.  If not,
>                     Phoronix gets to run '7.5 released ... nah, X.Org
>                     didn't release on time again! April Fool's! Ha!'.
>                     Either way, everyone's a winner.
> Then the release has four months after 1.6 to ship, more or less.  Input
> in particular might (will probably) need more development than that, so
> it's quite possible that we'd branch in early-to-mid-April, freeze in
> early May, and release at the start of June.  So please consider this
> extremely tentative.

I think this paragraph still pretty much holds true.  Peter's Xi2 work
is coming along nicely, and I'm hoping to be able to merge XKB2 in the
next couple of weeks or thereabouts, so I guess this leaves us with
something like:
  * 22nd May, 2009: Feature freeze.
  * 5th June, 2009: Branch 1.7.
  * 19th June, 2009: Code freeze 1.7, release, 7.5 beta 1; no
                     automatic updates beyond this point.
  * 3rd July, 2009: 7.5 beta2, containing at least
  * 10th July, 2009: 7.5RC1
  * 15th July, 2009: xserver 1.7 + 7.5 released

All in all, based on the 'four months after 1.6' statement, we've only
slipped about a fortnight.  Win.

This means that if you're working on major updates for server 1.7, you
really need to be in touch with me and/or Alan ASAP so we can work out
what to do from there.

It should be noted that this is tentative and mostly dependent on the
input status: everything up until code freeze will occur along the same
timescale, but the betas will be slipped until we have a stable and
working input platform.

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