[ANNOUNCE] libdrm 2.4.118

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Mon Nov 20 13:06:12 UTC 2023

David Jagu (1):
      meson: fix typo in libdrm_intel

Geert Uytterhoeven (18):
      util: improve SMPTE color LUT accuracy
      util: factor out and optimize C8 SMPTE color LUT
      util: add support for DRM_FORMAT_C[124]
      util: store number of colors for indexed formats
      util: add SMPTE pattern support for C4 format
      util: add SMPTE pattern support for C1 format
      util: add SMPTE pattern support for C2 format
      modetest: add support for DRM_FORMAT_C[124]
      modetest: add SMPTE pattern support for C[124] formats
      intel: determine target endianness using meson
      util: fix 32 bpp patterns on big-endian
      util: fix 16 bpp patterns on big-endian
      util: add missing big-endian RGB16 frame buffer formats
      modetest: add support for parsing big-endian formats
      util: add test pattern support for big-endian XRGB1555/RGB565
      util: fix pwetty on big-endian
      util: add pwetty support for big-endian RGB565
      modetest: add support for big-endian XRGB1555/RGB565

Jonas Karlman (1):
      modetest: add support for DRM_FORMAT_NV{15,20,30}

Neil Armstrong (1):
      modetest: switch usage to proper options grammar

Simon Ser (4):
      xf86drm: add drmGetNodeTypeFromDevId
      Sync headers with drm-next
      xf86drmMode: add drmModeCloseFB()
      build: bump version to 2.4.118

git tag: libdrm-2.4.118

SHA256: a777bd85f2b5fc9c57f886c82058300578317cafdbc77d0a769d7e9a9567ab88  libdrm-2.4.118.tar.xz
SHA512: 2740ec10dfe96b520345c3f6f0d99a30aac95b1f96656bd9cd11269c2a83a9dac423da29d74a3deb55360e3ae2ca4a1de283e1e443667bedd22673f6629c9920  libdrm-2.4.118.tar.xz
PGP:  https://dri.freedesktop.org/libdrm/libdrm-2.4.118.tar.xz.sig

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