Subject: [ANNOUNCE] xwayland 23.1.2

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at
Tue Jun 6 12:37:29 UTC 2023

Xwayland 23.1.2 is now available.

This release includes improved DMA-BUF v4 feedback support for direct
scanout, relaxed CVT modes for non-standard modes, fixes for the
CHERI/Morello platform and other various fixes.

Jessica Clarke (4):
       xwayland: Avoid gratuitous round trip through event_id
       xwayland: Pass vblank pointer itself to xwl_present_flip
       xwayland: Stop relying on event_id being a valid pointer
       xwayland: Stop using event address as event_id

Jonas Ådahl (2):
       xwayland/window: Move set-allow functions lower down
       xwayland/window: Queue damage after commits are allowed

Olivier Fourdan (16):
       xwayland: Use a dedicated feedback callback for windows
       xwayland: Check for scanout support in tranches
       xwayland: Check for implicit scanout availability
       xwayland: Add a direct hook to create pixmaps with glamor
       xwayland: Add create_pixmap_for_window() to GBM backend
       xwayland: Create scanout capable BO with the fallback path
       xwayland: Try the Xwayland glamor hook to create pixmaps
       xwayland: Recycle buffers when dmabuf feedback changes
       xwayland: Make Wayland logs non-fatal
       glamor: Fix build without GBM
       xwayland: Fix build without GBM
       xwayland: Add xwl_glamor_get_drawable_modifiers_and_scanout()
       xwayland: Use the new API to set scanout
       xwayland: Do not round non-standard modes
       xwayland: Use our CVT function for fixed mode as well
       Bump version to 23.1.2

Simon Ser (2):
       xwayland: use gbm_bo_create_with_modifiers2()
       build: set _GNU_SOURCE when checking for SO_PEERCRED

git tag: xwayland-23.1.2
SHA256: bd25d8498ee4d77874fda125127e2db37fc332531febc966231ea06fae8cf77f  xwayland-23.1.2.tar.xz
SHA512: 796939106e8c986f2e8d6a1ff27f3a51cda0718825c3a6da678573de95a61bcc9fac484a34c6f8f762f7078f5289aa35c393725ea0b0f7e5d153352ab01a48f5  xwayland-23.1.2.tar.xz
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