[ANNOUNCE] libSM 1.2.4

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Dec 20 02:30:05 UTC 2022

libSM - X Session Management Library

The configure script checks for libICE version 1.1.0 or later as one
of the bug fixes in this release depends on the fixed version of the
IceGetHeaderExtra macro defined in the libICE headers to work correctly.

Alan Coopersmith (12):
      Remove obsolete B16 & B32 tags in struct definitions
      Update README for gitlab migration
      Update configure.ac bug URL for gitlab migration
      Fix spelling/wording issues
      Build xz tarballs instead of bzip2
      gitlab CI: add a basic build test
      Add uuid as private dependency to sm.pc for static linking
      SmcCloseConnection: remove unnecessary cast from free()
      gitlab CI: stop requiring Signed-off-by in commits
      gitlab CI: build current libICE, to meet dependency on >= 1.1.0
      Handle arrays too large to fit in iceConn buffers
      libSM 1.2.4

Kim Woelders (1):
      Fix some potential memory leaks in SmcCloseConnection().

git tag: libSM-1.2.4

SHA256: 51464ce1abce323d5b6707ceecf8468617106e1a8a98522f8342db06fd024c15  libSM-1.2.4.tar.gz
SHA512: 10c38e5aa30dd95c269b063f2ebba4452c53d23e5e2b8a62d9426e22c6b7b290af698a9b7aa6e0e72758f079dd3c371a3af34894ead7d2f340f5348a8d353bc2  libSM-1.2.4.tar.gz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/lib/libSM-1.2.4.tar.gz.sig

SHA256: fdcbe51e4d1276b1183da77a8a4e74a137ca203e0bcfb20972dd5f3347e97b84  libSM-1.2.4.tar.xz
SHA512: 7f1d41b7b6c5dd456c49ccad7740c3ba9791a2793fa50fd94814a4164ce2e20c4a0a0ad42a87708e494ed5c23f611be6d3ccd9ef1e9add6d46ac545e2b0f6f86  libSM-1.2.4.tar.xz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/lib/libSM-1.2.4.tar.xz.sig

        -Alan Coopersmith-                 alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
         Oracle Solaris Engineering - https://blogs.oracle.com/solaris
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