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Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Wed Jun 30 15:31:53 UTC 2021

This is a release candidate for Xwayland 21.1.2.

It's a bit special, as most of the changes are not the usual stable branch fixes material, but are needed for HW accelerated direct rendering with the Nvidia 470 driver (which is currently in open beta).

I'm making an exception, pulling these changes into the 21.1 branch instead of waiting for the next major release, since the changes are mostly specific to the EGLStream backend and do not affect the GBM backend. And they make a big difference for users of the EGLStream backend.

See https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/desktop@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/BBZVDNST67I2AQOCPSHKYAY6D5Z66JIP/ for more information about testing the EGLStream changes and reporting any issues.

Unless any major issues turn up, I'm planning to make the final release in the coming weeks.

Erik Kurzinger (7):
      xwayland: move formats and modifiers functions to common glamor code
      xwayland: Add check_flip() glamor backend function
      xwayland: implement pixmap_from_buffers for the eglstream backend
      xwayland-eglstream: fix X11 rendering to flipping GL / VK window
      xwayland/eglstream: allow commits to dma-buf backed pixmaps
      xwayland/eglstream: flush stream after eglSwapBuffers
      glx: don't create implicit GLXWindow if one already exists

Michel Dänzer (1):
      Bump version to

Olivier Fourdan (22):
      xwayland: Move dmabuf interface to common glamor code
      xwayland/eglstream: Check buffer creation
      xwayland: Check buffer prior to attaching it
      glamor: Dump backtrace on GL error
      xwayland/glamor: Add return status to post_damage
      xwayland/eglstream: Check framebuffer status
      xwayland/eglstream: Small refactoring
      xwayland/eglstream: Add more error checking
      xwayland/eglstream: Dissociate pending stream from window
      xwayland/eglstream: Keep a reference to the pixmap
      xwayland/eglstream: Drop the list of pending streams
      xwayland/eglstream: Do not commit without surface
      xwayland/eglstream: Fix calloc/malloc
      xwayland/eglstream: Check eglSwapBuffers()
      xwayland/eglstream: Do not always increment pixmap refcnt on commit
      xwayland/eglstream: Set ALU to GXCopy for blitting
      xwayland: Add preferred GLVND vendor to xwl_screen
      xwayland/eglstream: Use "nvidia" for GLVND
      xwayland/eglstream: Log when GL_OES_EGL_image is missing
      glx: Set ContextTag for all contexts
      xwayland/eglstream: Keep pending stream if the pixmap didn't change
      xwayland/eglstream: Remove stream validity

git tag: xwayland-

SHA256: 0ab0f98f097e090c19612fe8658d67fe7294c252b4181f7c0882189f78d21769  xwayland-
SHA512: 60dec3875e8ea60f8fc53eea0ebcb55c948cf5eeb40b30f6d5e13d8c7b48d0aabd035884ae108fce0b03ca5da592d1b0e395a9c5198c1204e8407ec119d9bbee  xwayland-
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xwayland-

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Libre software enthusiast             |             Mesa and X developer

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