Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Tue Jun 1 16:00:48 UTC 2021

This development snapshot of libXi adds support for not yet released
XI 2.4 gesture events and fixes a number of typos and similar
documentation problems.

Note that was not properly released as a problem was noticed
after the commit has already been pushed to public master branch (shame
on me). CI has been setup to catch these in the future.

Alan Coopersmith (3):
       man/XGrabDeviceButton.txt: Fix bad .P -> paragraph break conversion
       man pages: Add more missing spaces.
       man pages: fix more typos

Povilas Kanapickas (6):
       Add support for XI 2.4 gesture events
       Update the list of supported XI versions
       Fix compile error that slipped through
       gitlab-ci: Setup gitlab build

Samanta Navarro (1):
       Fix typos in manual pages

git tag: libXi-

SHA256: 2ce90ebcb7fa0c3ed671924f1268b8f4c500fff62e1284699fc413e182a7896b  libXi-
SHA512: 9e66315528152baabcf6333f5d0c9b829ca4f2055a90523de45f3022b726fdfbcb99e6459f8b18147b8305144cd7f7e0d4b2e9ebdd81f65efa29da08ffac1b39  libXi-
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/lib/libXi-

SHA256: 991d212bb9583b1dbe429e2c8fc510fcab3c820b3d7fba07e1e8b9fefcf9ac76  libXi-
SHA512: 2a43f565b24772ab41ab789aa9de57e8c8aff50ee2d2401e125f6eb5e0081fe250a5667933ed18d9c7e70326d8562ef3a9cd1be8c8b71a22678ce15ff295bb2c  libXi-
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/lib/libXi-

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