[ANNOUNCE] igt-gpu-tools 1.26

Petri Latvala petri.latvala at intel.com
Fri Apr 23 12:12:58 UTC 2021

Hash: SHA512

A new igt-gpu-tools release is available with the following changes:

- - Autotools support has been entirely dropped in favor of only meson. (Arkadiusz Hiler)

- - Tests can now signal that the whole test round should be aborted. (Arkadiusz Hiler)

- - Various robustness improvements for Chamelium use. (Arkadiusz Hiler,
  Kunal Joshi, Imre Deak, et al)

- - Device filtering improvements for multi-device use. (Arkadiusz Hiler)

- - Device filtering for various Intel tools like intel_gpu_top. (Ayaz A Siddiqui)

- - Overhauled kernel parameter handling. (Jani Nikula)

- - Introduced an i915 batchbuffer facility. (Zbigniew Kempczyński)

- - Improvements for testing nouveau. (Lyude Paul)

- - More readable and useful output for lsgpu and other tools that list
  devices. (Tvrtko Ursulin)

- - intel_gpu_top can now show per-client busyness stats. (Tvrtko Ursulin)

- - igt_runner can now limit the disk space used by a single test. (Petri Latvala)

And many other bug fixes, improvements, cleanups and new tests.

Full changelog:

Abhinav Kumar (5):
      tools: rename intel_dp_compliance_hotplug to igt_dp_compliance_hotplug
      lib/igt_kms: move some of the useful dump functions to igt_kms
      lib/igt_fb: move the CTS fill framebuffer to igt_fb lib
      tools: move terminal utility functions to a separate file
      tools: add support for msm_dp_compliance to IGT

Adam Miszczak (3):
      i915/gem_partial_pwrite_pread: Remove libdrm dependency
      lib: sync i915_pciids.h with kernel
      lib/i915: Add DG1 platform definition

Anand Moon (1):
      tests/kms_setmode: basic Improve accuracy with using of confidence interval

Andrzej Turko (1):
      lib/i915: Split gem_create.c from ioctl_wrappers.c

Ankit Nautiyal (3):
      lib/igt_kms: Add support for detecting connector events
      tests/kms_content_protection: Use library functions for handling uevents
      lib: Use generic names for APIs that handle uevents

Anshuman Gupta (7):
      tests/i915_pm_lpsp: Nuke the panel-fitter test
      lib/igt_pm: Add lib func to get lpsp capability
      tests/i915_pm_lpsp: lpsp platform agnostic support
      tests/i915_pm_lpsp: screens-disabled subtest use igt_wait
      tests/i915_pm_rpm: lpsp/non-lpsp screen mode_set_data
      tests/i915_pm_rpm: Fix plane_subtest assertion
      tests/i915_pm_lpsp: Add igt_wait to test lpsp

Apoorva Singh (4):
      i915/gem_mmap: Modified offset in subtest "bad-size"
      i915/gem_mmap_wc: Align subtests with correct function calls
      i915/gem_render_copy_redux: Remove redundant checks
      i915/gem_ctx_param: Add subtests description

Arjun Melkaveri (2):
      i915/gem_exec_nop: Fixed Crash issue seen on few platform
      i915/gem_syncc: Exercise all physical engine selection and legacy rings

Arkadiusz Hiler (43):
      lib/tests: Extract fork helpers
      lib/tests: Add support for redirecting fork output to /dev/null
      lib: Make it possible to abort the whole execution from inside of a test
      runner/runner_tests: Extract helper for inspecting test result
      runner: Abort the run when test exits with IGT_EXIT_ABORT
      lib/chamelium: Clear error after checking if chamelium is reachable
      lib/chamelium: Make it clear that function asserts
      lib/chamelium: Add functions to initialize XMLRPC only
      lib/kms: Try to plug all Chamelium ports, abort if it fails
      chamelium: Retry XMLRPC call when chamelond fails talking with a receiver
      Remove files related to release 1.25 accidentally added to the repo
      tests/kms_chamelium: Fix dp-mode-timings test
      test/kms_chamelium: Start with disabling modeset
      tests/kms_chamelium: Issue disabling modeset when resetting state
      tests/kms_chamelium: Test HPD for different mode handling scenarios
      lib: Support multiple filters
      lib/drmtest: Introduce __drm_open_driver_another
      test/kms_prime: Use drm_open_driver_another
      lib/igt_core: Make assert on invalid magic blocks nesting more verbose
      lib/igt_core: Disallow nesting of igt_dynamic inside igt_dynamic
      lib/tests: Add tests for magic control blocks nesting
      lib/igt_chamelium: Sleep when doing autodiscovery
      lib/igt_kms: Make igt_display_require() + chamelium more robust
      lib/igt_core: Don't kill the world after a failed fork
      python: Stop using cElementTree
      runner/resultgen: Explain why json creation might have failed
      lib/core: Print thread:tid with igt_log for non-main threads
      lib/core: Handle asserts in threads
      igt/core: Disallow igt_require/skip in non-main threads
      Build api_intel_bb with Autotools too
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Add explicit curly brackets
      tests/i915_pm_lpsp: Fix compilation warning
      tests: Add feature_discovery
      MAINTAINERS: Change Arek's email address
      tests/feature_discovery: Fix things spotted by GitLab's CI
      meson: Drop ':' in test names
      tests/drm_read: Don't use deprecated siginterrupt
      README: Spell "privileged" correctly
      benchmarks: Build gem_exec_tracer with meson
      tests: Build gem_concurrent_all with meson
      tests: Remove ddx_intel_after_fbdev
      .gitlab-ci: Don't test Autotools
      Get rid of GNU Autotools

Arundhati Hagaragi (10):
      tests/kms_plane: Added test description
      tests/kms_cursor_edge_walk:Add subtest description
      tests/kms_plane_cursor:added subtest description
      tests/kms_universal_plane:Added subtest description
      tests/kms_atomic_interruptible:add test description
      tests/kms_vblank:Added subtest description
      tests/kms_rotation_crc:Added subtest description
      tests/kms_properties: Add subtest description
      tests/kms_addfb_basic:Added subtest description
      tests/kms_atomic_transition:Add subtest description

Ashutosh Dixit (10):
      tests/perf: add a test for OA data polling reads using "small" buffers
      igt/gem_shrink: Fix reversed logic when mmap fails
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: Delete gem_total_mappable_size()
      igt/gem_shrink: touch each page in pwrite_/pread_
      lib: sync i915_pciids.h with kernel
      meson: Turn on -Werror
      Revert "tests/kms_plane_scaling: Add plane scaling test descriptions for subtests"
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: Keep IGT working without pread/pwrite ioctls
      i915/gem_exec_parallel: Drop gem_require_pread_pwrite check from userptr tests
      i915/gem_exec_suspend: Fix cached/uncached test names

Ayaz A Siddiqui (8):
      lib/igt_device_scan: Add missing Check for return value in scan_drm_devices
      lib/igt_device_scan: Make igt_device_scan independent from igt_core
      lib/igt_device_scan: Add extra helpers for intel_gpu_top
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Add support of discrete GPU and card selection
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Fix _open_pmu()
      lib/igt_device_scan:Add function to get pci subsystem of requested card
      lib/igt_device_scan: Select intel as default vendor for intel_gpu_top
      tool/lsgpu: Fix memory leak when no device is found

Bhanuprakash Modem (10):
      tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Sanity check for CRC mismatches
      intel-ci: Add compare CRC sanity test to BAT
      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Remove duplicate code
      tests/kms_vrr: Use atomic API for page flip
      tests/kms_vrr: Add new subtest to validate Flipline mode
      tests/kms_setmode: Handle conflicting encoders
      tests/kms_vrr: Update condition checks for flipline test
      tests/kms_vrr: Optimize to read vrr debugfs
      tests/kms_vrr: Extend to cover full VRR range
      tests/kms_vrr: Extend to cover full VRR range

Bob Paauwe (1):
      lib/color_encoding: Fix up support for XYUV format.

Brian Starkey (4):
      lib/igt_kms: Add writeback support
      kms_writeback: Add initial writeback tests
      lib: Add function to hash a framebuffer
      kms_writeback: Add writeback-check-output

Carlos Santa (1):
      tests: use an empty brace initializer

Caz Yokoyama (1):
      i915/gem_mmap_wc.c: set-cache-level runs only with display

Chris Wilson (401):
      i915/pm_rc6_residency: Trigger waitboosts on intermittent workloads
      i915/pm_rc6_residency: Pull the accuracy pair into a subgroup
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Apply a 'load factor' for the smoker timeout
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Force cleanup between tests
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Kick the driver to idle before starting
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Reduce the energy used while idle to a warn
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Make ringbuffer rc6 fast
      i915/gem_vm_create: Update of active VM disallowed
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Suppress idle leakage warning on older arches
      i915/gem_softpin: check for updated errno in snoop-evict
      runner: Only show the kmsg overflow message once
      i915/gem_ctx_shared: Use dynamic subtests
      i915/gem_ctx_isolation: Use dynamic subtests
      i915/gem_ctx_shared: Don't incorrectly recreate the name
      i915/gem_ctx_shared: Clone engines for new contexts
      i915/gem_bad_reloc: Reduce negative testing
      i915/gem_exec_async: Dynamise per-engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_capture: Dynamise per-engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_parallel: Dynamise per-engine tests
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Cancel usleep() on exit
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_store: Dynamise per-engine discovery
      i915/gem_wait: Dynamise per-engine discovery
      i915/gem_exec_store: Check that at least one engine supports stores
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Use min() to cap the usleep
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Check for bonding support before exercising
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Dynamic engine tests
      i915/gem_busy: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/i915_hangman: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Smoke test parallel relocations
      i915/perf_pmu: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_async: Convert to igt_spin_t
      i915/gem_exec_async: Expand testing
      i915/gem_cs_tlb: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/perf_pmu: Exercise mixing perf reads into i915 mmaps
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Interrupt long running child
      prime_busy: Dynamic active engine tests
      prime_vgem: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: restrict workingset
      lib: Bump estimates for object overhead
      lib/igt_dummyload: Give the timer thread a RT priority boost
      kms_flip: Skip interruptible testing for negative and hangs tests
      i915/gem_exec_gttfill: Dynamic active engine tests
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Preemption required to break into igt_spin_t
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Keep within limits
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Share a buffer between clients
      i915/gem_exec_balance: Ignore the fluctuating shard-icl setup
      i915/perf_pmu: Add the missing igt_dynamic to dynamic rcs* test selection
      i915/gem_tiled_fence_blits: Trim workload
      i915/suspend: Suspend once before taking forcewake to confirm suspend
      i915/gem_busy: Drop i915_hangcheck_info
      i915/i915_hangman: Drop last reference to bygone 'i915_error_state'
      runner: Show why we dump the task state
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Limit priority inversion warning
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Tweak naughty client generation
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Include a distinct device fd for maximal pi isolation
      lib: Show the actual error from submitting the rendercopy
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Show where the time is spent
      intel-ci: Drop gem_exec_suspend at basic-S4-device from BAT
      lib/i915: Cleanup errno before starting tests
      i915/gem_wait: Warn if the test completes before the spinner times out
      lib: Set initial invalid timerfd to -1
      i915/gem_wait: Show the timer status
      kms_flip: Reduce hang tests to minimum duration
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Check independence of multiple full-ppgtt
      kms_flip: Convert to dynamic CRTC test groups
      lib: Use read() for timerfd timeout detection
      i915/gem_tiled_fence_blits: Reduce working set size
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Add a timing telltale to setup
      runner: More task debug!
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Cap object setup time
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Cap object setup time
      kms_atomic_transition: Make the available pipe discovery dynamic
      i915/i915_pm_rpm: Split the planes into dynamic subtests
      i915/i915_pm_rpm: No '\n' required in the igt_dynamic_f name!
      i915/gem_tiled_pread_pwrite: Limit test size
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Quieten pulse debug
      perf: Verify rc6 works first
      i915: Reduce gen3 specific runtimes
      perf: Flush the work between rounds of gen8-unprivileged-single-ctx-counter
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Directly compare naughty/normal execution times
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Queue all hangs together
      perf: Bump the timestamp tolerance for really slow devices
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Flood the ring with GPU relocs
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Flood the ring with GPU relocs
      i915/perf_pmu: Attempt to unload i915 while the PMU is active
      i915/gem_mmap_gtt: Simulate gdb inspecting a GTT mmap using ptrace()
      igt/gem_mmap_offset: Simulate gdb inspecting any mmap using ptrace()
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Allow more than 4GiB of objects
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Trim flooding
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Catch the stop signal, even if not inside a syscall
      i915/gem_create: Skip random number of pages in checking always-clear
      i915/perf_pmu: Move first trial unload to parent
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Drop obsolete mutable requirement
      i915/perf_pmu: Avoid skips inside forked children
      intel-ci: Only skip the hanging gem_exec_fence tests
      i915/gem_busy: Replace open-coded spinner
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Remove incomplete fence-flip test
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Avoid mutable submission in 'parallel'
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Exercise timeslicing on submit-fence
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Exercise timeslicing along an engine
      perf_pmu: Fix typo for ignoring unknown events
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Verify timeslicing into the queue
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Verify timeslicing into the queue
      lib/i915: Split igt_require_gem() into i915/
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Test timeslicing for a latecomer
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Exercise blocking bonded fences on one engine
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Fix ring, don't block
      i915/gem_ringfill: Do a basic pass over all engines simultaneously
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Add a small delayed for RCU'ed fd
      dumb_buffer: Restrict maximum target allocation
      i915/gem_exec_params: Don't skip for invalid-bsd-ring
      i915/gem_exec_(fence|schedule): Use WC mmaps
      i915/gem_exec_params: Check that FENCE_IN | FENCE_SUBMIT is rejected
      intel-ci: Leave gem_ctx_param to the shards
      kms_flip: Trim test durations for basic subtests [BAT]
      i915/gem_exec_params: Fix invalid-bsd-ring expected value for no bsd
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Check we can reprioritise ctx->engines[]
      lib/i915: Reset all engine properties to defaults prior to the start of a test
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Force timeslicing of the virtual request
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise timeslicing around a hog
      i915: Add test to assert that the PCI-ID is known
      lib: Remove early has_known_intel_chipset() check
      i915/i915_pciid: Check for info->gen == 0
      lib/i915: Assume unknown hardware just works
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Use "%u" for -1u conversion
      Always pass device to igt_params_set
      lib: Cleanup __igt_params_open()
      i915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Check we conserve power while waiting
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Verify timeslicing between submit-fence
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Read carefully after a missing write-hazard
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise stalls of bonded pairs
      i915/gem_exec_nop: Specify timeout in milliseconds
      i915/gem_ctx_ringsize: Allow a little safety factor for expected runtime
      dumb_buffer: Fixup row size to be in MiB while probing
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Enforce the hang timeout
      i915: Add gem_exec_endless
      i915/sysfs_heartbeat_interval: Watch out for CPU scheduler delays
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Exercise concurrent relocations
      i915/perf_pmu: Update inter-engine semaphore detection
      i915/gem_busy: Mask out the effect of GPU relocations
      lib: Randomise spinner location to reduce relocation risk
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Reduce relocation risk for store-dword
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Fix measurement of ring size to use right engine
      lib/i915: Restore hangcheck modparams between tests
      kms_busy: Fix unpluging and remember to unplug!
      i915/gem_ctx_engines: Take GPU relocations into account for batch busyness
      kms_busy: Measure the warmup and use that as our timeout
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Randomise bonded submission
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise inter-locked synchronous bonds
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Cleanup skipped bonded-sync phases
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Add a delayed variant to bonded-runner
      i915/gem_ctx_shared: Check for queue support before testing them
      i915/gem_eio: Drop stale check for have semaphores
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Check for store-dw support before use
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Avoid preparser woes
      i915/gem_ctx_exec: Bump timeout for preempt-reset
      i915/gem_mmap_gtt: Increase concurrent stress
      lib/i915: Increase range for randomised location of dummyload
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Verify engine isolation
      lib/i915: Fix GTT offset for 64b
      i915/i915_pm_rps: Tighten fence generation for waitboost
      i915/gem_ctx_shared: Try to hide cmdparser delays
      tests: Move perf/perf_pmu under i915
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Check for store-dword support before use
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Probe async error status
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Fixup linkage between hi/lo priority threads
      i915/gem_close_race: Mix in a contexts and a small delay to closure
      i915/gem_exec_await: Update to use __for_each_engine_physical
      i915/perf: Instantiate a local drm_fd for the unprivileged helper
      i915/gem_softpin: Tighten interruptible runtimes
      i915/gem_close: Adapt to allow duplicate handles
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Reduce readonly test runtime
      lib/i915: Set NO_RELOC flag for spinners
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Trim preempt-engines workload
      lib/i915: Open primary sysfs for engine attributes
      i915/gem_ctx_exec: Set a fast preempt timeout for nohangcheck
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Trim reorder-wide workload
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Trim repetitions for preempt-queue
      intel-ci: s/huc_copy/huc-copy/
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Race breadcrumb signaling against timeslicing
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Beware being stuck on a full ring
      lib/i915: Identify Rocketlake
      lib/i915: Report unknown device as the future
      tools: Use the gt number stored in the device info
      lib/i915: Pick a subtest conformant name for an unknown engine
      drm_import_export: Check for working and known GPU
      i915/gem_ctx_ringsize: Manually control timeout
      i915/gem_exec_whisper: Trim the queue length
      i915/gem_cs_tlb: Impose a runtime cap
      i915/gem_caching: Fix mmap protection for writes
      syncobj_timeline: Tell the compiler to read from the thread
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Use default-context for syncobj-timeline-wait
      i915/perf: 32bit printf cleanup
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Cleanup 32bit printfs
      i915/bb: Cleanup 32bit printfs
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: 32b printf cleanups
      i915/perf_pmu: Emit a semaphore to measure
      i915/gem_ppgtt: Require contexts for context tests
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Exercise cleanup after disabling heartbeats
      i915/gem_exec_parallel: Add basic userptr thrashing
      i915/gen9_exec_parse: Check parsing of large objects
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Fix legacy engine selection
      core_hotplug: Teach the healthcheck how to check execution status
      i915/gem_exec_capture: Check the capture runs in isolation
      i915/gem_exec_capture: Set preempt-timeout to speed up hangcheck
      prime_vgem: Check that we wrap the vgem mmap with userptr
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Set preempt_timeout_ms for fast hang tests
      lib: Launch spinners from inside userptr
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Verify userptr vs context cleanup
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Fix MI_STORE_DWORD_IMM invocation for gen5
      i915/gem_exec_capture: Check for preempt-reset for rescheduling capture
      lib: Don't fail debugfs lookup on an expected absent drm device
      lib: Initialise 'wedged' in case of debugfs fail
      i915/gen9_exec_parse: Check oversized batch with length==0
      lib: Use unsigned gen for forward compatible tests
      tests/i915: Treat gen as unsigned for forward compatibility
      i915/gem_exec_param: Sync after an active fail
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Tighten has_userptr()
      i915/gem_mmap_gtt: Trim object size for ptracing
      tests: Remove defunct gem_mocs_settings_LDADD
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Replace fixed loop with timeout
      lib: Export drm_load_module()
      fbdev: Force module load
      i915/gem_exec_parallel: Reopen the existing device
      i915/gem_exec_whisper: Reopen existing device
      i915/gem_ctx_thrash: Reopen the same device
      i915/gem_pread,gem_pwrite: Exercise exhaustion
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Explicitly check userptr termination
      i915/gem_pread: Set threads = NULL before realloc
      i915/gem_pwrite: Enable some subtests for CI
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Check for context support before use
      tests/kms_psr: Check for available modesetting support
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Exercise vma-merges
      i915/sysfs: Verify .defaults are read-only and match their namesakes
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Prune memfd macros for older installs
      i915: Drop superfluous UFFD_API_RANGE_IOCTLS assert
      i915/gem_mmap_gtt: Reset a busy mmaped object
      i915/gem_mmap_gtt: Mix a busy hang with GTT and userptr
      i915/gem_concurrent_blit: Reopen the same device explicitly
      i915: Increase engine[] to fit the entire RING_MASK
      lib: Quieten device filtering
      lib/i915: Include the device name in the submission pretty-printer
      lib: Do not apply filtering to DRIVER_VGEM
      i915: Use igt_device_get_pci_device()
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Show the active device
      gem_wsim: Use CTX_TIMESTAMP for timed spinners
      intel-ci: Broaden core_hotunplug blacklist
      i915/gem_close_race: Race process-exit harder
      i915/gem_flink_race: Show range of races between threads
      lib/kms: Range check pipe before lookup
      tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Handle absent pipes for disable-crc-after-crtc
      i915/gem_blits: Trim number of basic iterations
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: 32b printf fix
      tsts/kms_fence_pin_leak: Fix GEM context requirement testing
      i915/gem_set_tiling_vs_blt: Undo accidental context insertion
      lib: Assert potential malloc failures in intel_batchbuffer
      lib/kmod: Recursively unload the modules
      tests/kms_fence_pin_leak: Remove vestigal 'ctx' local
      tests/fbdev: Flip assertion for an unmet memchr()
      Cast negative debugfs values to u64
      tests/kms_setmode: Ignore small deviations between vblank and mode
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Include total package power
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Consolidate imc to use pmu_counter
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Fixup imc event parsing
      i915/gem_exec_capture: Trim the blocking workload
      test/i915/gem_exec_reloc: Restore interclient testings
      i915/gem_request_retire: Switch from random blitter loads to dummy
      i915/api_intel_bb: Only assert objects are unmoved for full-ppgtt
      i915/sysfs_timeslice_duration: Measure error threshold
      i915/gem_ctx_exec: Exercise execution along context while closing it
      i915/gem_ctx_exec: Check spinner requirements before fork
      i915/query: Cross-check engine list against execbuf interface
      i915/query: Directly check query results against GETPARAM
      i915/gem_mmap_gtt: Replace gem_threaded_access_tiled
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Check a submit chain
      i915/gem_vm_create: Race vm-destroy against object free
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Skip timeline tests if not supported
      i915/gem_create: Exercise bo creation while the GPU is busy
      intel-ci: Remove blacklisting for perf_pmu/cpu-hotplug
      lib: Pass device fd to gem_mmappable_aperture_size()
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Measure timeslicing fairness
      lib/i915: Use I915_CONTEXT_PARAM_GTT_SIZE
      tools: Use igt_device_get_pci_device() for known fd
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Tighter fairness threshold
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Measure timeslice distribution when oversaturated
      i915/gem_shrink: Refactor allocation sizing based on available memory
      i915/perf_pmu: Verify RC6 measurements before/after suspend
      i915/gem_exec_params: Assert a 4G object does _not_ fit without 48b
      i915/gem_softpin: Check full placement control under full-ppgtt
      i915/api_intel_bb: Only assert objects are unmoved for full-ppgtt
      i915/perf_pmu: Replace init/read-other with a plea
      i915/gem_softpin: Check the last 32b page is excluded
      i915/perf_pmu: Exercise I915_PMU_SOFTWARE_GT_AWAKE_TIME
      lib: Fix double lock in igt_free_spins()
      i915/i915_hangman: Verify hangcheck/reset engine independence
      i915/i915_hangman: Only check per-engine reset under preemption
      benchmarks/gem_latency: Release the user-forcewake before close
      i915/gem_softpin: Handle boundary testing with exactly 4G of GTT
      i915/gem_softpin: Fix compile warning
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Try to spot unfairness
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Improve overhead estimates
      i915/gem_unfence_active_buffers: Skip if the platform has no fences
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Bail if we overload the CPU
      i915/gem_tiled_w[bc]: Require some fences
      i915/gem_exec_create: Exercise both submission APIs
      i915/gem_softpin: Test total occupancy
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Include userptr scheduling tests
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Trim workload for preempt-queue
      i915/gem_exec_async: Rerun the test with multiple processes
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Exclude ehl from icl w/a
      i915/gem_reset_stats: Find the correct device once
      i915/gem_ctx_engines: Exercise independence across all physical engines
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise variable ring size
      i915/gem_ctx_engine: Check idempotency by passing all known engines
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise sequential ping-pongs
      i915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise non-persistent behaviours
      i915: Rename legacy for_each_engine to for_each_ring
      amdgpu: Teach amd_prime to use all available i915 engines
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Extend support to Haswell
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Preload deadline objects
      lib: Clear kernel output buffers for valgrind
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Fix legacy ring selection
      i915/gem_exec_whisper: Replace ring selection with engine map
      i915/gem_exec_suspend: Remove legacy ring abi
      i915: Drop gem_ctx_thrash
      i915/gem_concurrent_all: Drop unused hang subtest
      i915/gem_exec_latency: Remove legacy ring selection
      i915/gem_shrink: Replace legacy ring selection ABI
      i915/gem_concurrent_blit: Remove redundant gem_ring.h
      i915: Drop gem_cs_prefetch
      i915/module_load: Wean sanitycheck off legacy ring selection ABI
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Replace legacy ring selection
      i915/gem_exec_params: Update physical engine iterator
      i915/sysfs_heartbeat_interval: Tweak overhead allowance
      i915/gem_exec_params: Remove leftover variable
      lib: Avoid freeing an uninitialised variable
      lib/kms: Initialise 'full_pipe_mask'
      lib/i915: Use explicit integer casts to satisfy clang
      kms_dp_tiled_display: Rearrange loops to avoid uninitialised values
      kms_vrr: Avoid falling through an empty/uninitialised 'else'
      kms_cursor_legacy: Remove unused function 'pipe_select'
      i915_pm_dc: Avoid falling through an empty 'else'
      i915/perf_pmu: Pass the right fd to has_secure_batches
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Require default engine
      lib/i915: Handle spinner execution from userptr on gen<6
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Fix legacy skipping
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Avoid igt_require() in the middle of a for loop of spinners
      i915/gem_exec_gttfill: Include a timing tell-tale
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Keep track of intervals across loops
      i915/gem_ctx_engines: Don't try and read non-existent registers
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Convert to dynamic engine discovery
      i915/gem_ctx_isolation: Protect inject_reset_context() from bans
      lib: Immediately cancel a spinner for an expired timeout
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Check for userptr before use
      i915/gem_ctx_engine: Prerun the spinner to bind offsets before use
      i915/gem_ctx_engines: Skip store-dword testing on unusable engines
      lib: Process kernel taints
      lib/kmod: Check for kernel taints before/after selftests
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Remove redundant outer context for resumbit
      i915/gem_exec_scheduler: Check dependency chains around engines
      i915/gem_spin_batch: Fix clearing engine flags
      i915/gem_softpin: Set size=4096 before calling __gem_create
      i915/gem_exec_schedule: Tighten estimate for nreq
      i915/gem_create: Check wrap condition for -1
      i915/gem_create: Exercise an impossible allocation
      i915: Exercise sysfs client properties
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Check for accidental banning
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Check set-domain on userptr for validation
      i915/gem_userptr_blits: Quick verification of set-cache-level API
      i915/gem_exec_fair: Verify CTX_TIMESTAMP before use
      lib/i915: alloc vla for clang
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Add -lm for clang
      tools: Add -lm to intel_gpu_top meson build
      i915/sysfs_client: Increase leniency at smaller splits
      i915/sysfs_clients: Restore initialisation of 'old' in busy_one
      i915/sysfs_clients: Correct timeslicing switch
      i915/sysfs_clients: Only compare relative runtimes
      i915/sysfs_clients: Tare the execution overhead
      i915/sysfs_clients: Repeat checks on idling monotocity
      i915/sysfs_clients: Avoid skips inside forks
      i915/sysfs_client: Reject split clients if CPU side too slow
      i915/sysfs_clients: Use the centre-point of read_runtime()
      i915/sysfs_clients: Replace usleep(0) with sched_yield()
      i915/sysfs_client: Ignore clients being closed as we read their sysfs
      debugfs_test: Protect against disappearing directories
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Wait for spinner before reseting
      i915/sysfs_clients: Check that client ids are cyclic
      i915/sysfs_clients: Bump the number of recycle search retries
      assembler: Fix or suppress clang warnings
      i915/sysfs_clients: Restrict recycling to one client
      i915/gem_exec_whisper: Check for priority scheduler
      i915/gem_exec_whisper: Fix compile for unknown function
      intel_gpu_top: The return of the fractional bar
      intel_gpu_top: Include fresh clients in the hide inactive filter
      i915/module_load: Tidy up gem_exec_store workalike
      i915/gem_eio: Check for suspend before opening resources
      i915/gem_eio: Trim the heartbeat fast for faster testing
      i915/i915_module_load: Flag the output as EXEC_OBJECT_WRITE
      i915/gem_eio: Restore heartbeat settings after igt_require_gem()
      i915/gem_exec_reloc: Verify relocations with pinned scanout framebuffers

Chunming Zhou (1):
      igt: add timeline test cases

Dominik Grzegorzek (39):
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Limit 'many' runtime
      i915/gem_exec_alignment: Exercise potential priority inversion
      i915/gem_busy: Remove unnecessary non-preemptible workload
      i915/gem_exec_fence: Reduce non-preemptible workload
      i915/gem_caching: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_hang: Removal
      i915/gem_exec_bad_domains.c: Replace with gem_exec_reloc at negative
      i915/gem_bad_address.c: Remove
      i915/gem_bad_batch.c: Remove
      i915/gem_bad_blit.c: Remove
      i915/gem_non_secure_batch.c: Remove
      lib/igt_fb: Removal of libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_draw_crc: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_fronbuffer_tracking: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_psr: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_concurrent_all: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_ppgtt: remove libdrm dependency
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: Improve a confusing comment
      tools/intel_perf_counters: Remove libdrm dependency
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: add intel_bb_blit_copy wrapper
      Remove unused intel_bufmgr.h headers
      i915/gem_pwrite_snooped: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_pread_after_blit.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_threaded_access_tiled.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_tiled_partial_pwrite_pread: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_set_tiling_vs_blit.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_fence_pin_leak.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_flip.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_psr2_su.c: Get rid of unused bufmgr
      tests/i915/gem_ppgtt: make copying more readable
      i915/gem_pipe_control_store_loop.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_unfence_active_buffers.c: Remove librdm dependency
      i915/gem_unref_active_buffers.c: Remove libdrm dependency
      i915/gem_tiled_blits: Remove libdrm dependency
      lib/igt_list: Add igt_list_for_each_entry_safe_reverse
      lib/igt_map: Adopt Mesa hash table
      lib/intel_allocator_simple: Add simple allocator
      tests/api_intel_allocator: Simple allocator test suite
      tests/gem_linear_blits: Use intel allocator

Guillaume Tucker (1):
      Dockerfile.build-debian-mips: use buster with libunwind fix

Gwan-gyeong Mun (2):
      tests/kms_psr2_su: Print errno while it fails to read debugfs
      tests/kms_psr2_su: Change to igt_info when the failing of PSR2 enabling

Harish Chegondi (1):
      runner/resultgen: Fix dmesg whitelist entry's regular expression

Imre Deak (14):
      tests/kms_chamelium: Fix waiting for hotplug uevents
      tests/kms_flip: Skip detiler fences subtest on platforms w/o aperture
      tests/kms_flip: Retry test in case of a DP/HDMI link reset
      tests/i915_pm_rpm: Fix the universal-plane cap setting in plane tests
      tests/kms_flip: Keep signal helpers enabled after a failed interruptible subtest
      lib/kms_chamelium: Wait for the sink to reconnect after an FSM DPMS-off
      tests/kms_chamelium: Force reprobe after replugging the connector
      tests/kms_flip: Check for link reset during TS calibration as well
      tests/kms_flip: Check for link reset during expired seq vblank wait
      lib/igt_chamelium: Sanitize the init error and deinit path
      lib/igt_chamelium: Duplicate the caller's drm_fd
      lib/igt_chamelium: Wait for connectors after replugging them at exit
      tests/kms_dp_aux_dev: Handle AUX failures on disconnected MST connectors
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Fix relocs across the 4GB address boundary

Jani Nikula (4):
      lib/params: add igt_params.c for module parameter access
      lib/params: overhaul param saving
      lib/params: add igt_params_open() which will return path
      igt/params: add generic saving module parameter set

Janusz Krzysztofik (37):
      lib: Fix device lists not cleaned up sufficiently before rescan
      tests/gem_userptr_blits: Refresh readonly-mmap-unsync exercise
      tests/gem_userptr_blits: Refresh other still MMAP_GTT dependent subtests
      tests: Add a test for device hot unplug
      i915/gem_exec_nop: Kill obsolete pass/fail metric
      i915/gem_exec_nop: Remove submission batching
      tests/core_hotunplug: Use igt_assert_fd()
      tests/core_hotunplug: Constify dev_bus_addr string
      tests/core_hotunplug: Clean up device open error handling
      tests/core_hotunplug: Consolidate duplicated debug messages
      tests/core_hotunplug: Assert successful device filter application
      tests/core_hotunplug: Maintain a single data structure instance
      tests/core_hotunplug: Pass errors via a data structure field
      tests/core_hotunplug: Handle device close errors
      tests/core_hotunplug: Prepare invariant data once per test run
      tests/core_hotunplug: Skip selectively on sysfs close errors
      tests/core_hotunplug: Recover from subtest failures
      tests/core_hotunplug: Fail subtests on device close errors
      tests/core_hotunplug: Let the driver time out essential sysfs operations
      tests/core_hotunplug: Process return values of sysfs operations
      tests/core_hotunplug: Assert expected device presence/absence
      tests/core_hotunplug: Explicitly ignore unused return values
      tests/core_hotunplug: Also check health of render device node
      tests/core_hotunplug: More thorough i915 healthcheck and recovery
      tests/core_hotunplug: Add 'lateclose before restore' variants
      tests/core_hotunplug: Check health both before and after late close
      tests/core_hotunplug: HSW/BDW audio issue workaround
      tests/core_hotunplug: Duplicate debug messages in dmesg
      intel-ci: Un-blocklist *bind* subtests of core_hotunplug
      intel-ci: Add core_hotunplug at unbind-rebind to BAT scope
      tests/core_hotunplug: Restore i915 debugfs health check
      tests/core_hotunplug: Take care of closing fences before failing
      runner: Don't kill a test on taint if watching timeouts
      tests/core_hotunplug: Reduce debug noise on stdout
      tests/core_hotunplug: Be more specific on sysfs vs. debugfs issues
      tests/core_hotunplug: Add perf health check
      tests/gem_userptr_blits: Check for banned mmap-offset

Jeevan B (2):
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: reduce execution time
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: restrict execution based on number of outputs connected

Jeremy Cline (5):
      tests/kms_addfb_basic: Mark Intel-only tests as such
      tests/kms_addfb_basic: add vendor-specific errno assertions
      resultgen: avoid null pointer dereference from realloc
      tests/device_reset: check for i915 in unbind_reset_rebind()
      tests/kms_hdr: Fix bpc-switch tests on AMD hardware

Jigar Bhatt (2):
      tests/i915/i915_pm_dc: Add DC9 igt test
      tests/i915/i915_pm_dc: Fix misc warnings

José Roberto de Souza (16):
      tests/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Add tiling to test_mode
      tests/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Improve tiling test coverage
      tests/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Enable positive test on linear tiling
      tests/kms_fbcon_fbt: Reduce execution time
      tests/kms_fbcon_fbt: Handle FBC enabled on fbcon in GEN9+
      tools/registers/tgl: Fix tigerlake_delta file decode
      tests/kms_fbcon_fbt: Make FBC wait_until_update() more reliable
      tests/kms_fbcon_fbt: Reduce execution time by not calling wait_until_enabled()
      tests/fbcon: Don't close drm fd
      tests/kms_fbcon_fbt: When restoring fbcon always set mode to text mode
      tests/kms_psr2_su: Read su blocks of frame 1 if frame 0 is 0
      tests/kms_psr2_su: Print debugfs when skipping test
      lib: Sync i915 PCI ids
      tests/psr: Check for DRRS enabled in no_drrs test
      tests/fbcon: Skip test if fbcon modeset if not compatible with feature tested
      tests/kms_psr2_sf: Enable selective fetch feature in kernel

Juha-Pekka Heikkila (21):
      tests/kms_plane_multiple: Avoid CRC buffer overflows
      tests/kms_plane: survive cdclk caused modeset
      tests/kms_big_fb: Allow modeset to surivive change of cdclk
      lib/params: start renaming functions igt_params_*
      igt/params: use igt_params_set_save for igt_set_module_param*
      tests/gem_eio: switch to using igt_params_set()
      tests/kms_available_modes_crc: don't mix hdr and sdr planes
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Add Subtests for Flip with fb downscaling
      tests/kms_plane: fix pixel format (-clamping) tests
      tests/kms_plane: optimize pixel format tests
      tests/kms_plane_scaling: reduce repetitive work per round
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: avoid recalculating refecence crcs
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: fix crc buffer overflow for slow platforms
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: try to set mode to 1080p during test
      tests/kms_flip_scaled: on mode selection choose mode with lowest vertical refresh
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: different display modes can have different crc
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: reduce executions time on multiplane tests
      tests/kms_addfb_basic: simplify addfb25_ytile tests
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: skip test if no requested mode and exceed cdclk limits
      tests/kms_available_modes_crc: remove test
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Let's not create full screen framebuffers in a loop

Kamati Srinivas (1):
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Stripping rendercopy implementation to use cairo

Karthik B S (10):
      tests/kms_multipipe_modeset: Add test to validate max pipe configuration
      tests/kms_multipipe_modeset: Changes based on lib updates and minor fixes
      lib/igt_ioctl_wrappers: Add igt_has_drm_cap ioctl wrapper
      tests/kms_async_flips: Add test to validate asynchronous flips
      tests/kms_async_flips: Modify assert to fix failure seen on few platforms
      tests/kms_big_joiner: Add test to validate big joiner
      tests/kms_plane: Test optimization by removing redundancies
      tests/kms_content_protection: Add MST subtests
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Fix clean up when subtest fails
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Reset the pipe_count variable

Khaled Almahallawy (2):
      Revert "Add eDP support in Link Layer Compliance Tool"
      tools: Fix running intel_dp_compliance if it is found in the search path($PATH env variable)

Khem Raj (1):
      lib/igt_edid: Allocate raw 8-bytes for VSDB

Kunal Joshi (6):
      tests/kms_chamelium: Capture on type-c
      tests/kms_chamelium Fix DP FSM in dp-mode-timings
      tests/kms_color_chamelium: time optimization
      tests/kms_color_chamelium: fix update success
      lib/igt_chamelium: Added toggle for fsm_handling
      tests/kms_color_chamelium: Disabled fsm handling for kms_color_chamelium

Lionel Landwerlin (39):
      include/drm-uapi: Update i915_drm.h for perf OA APIs
      tests/perf: new tests for parameterized OA buffer polling
      tests/perf: add global sseu parameter tests
      tests/perf: dramatically loosen expectations on oa-exponents
      tools/i915-perf-recorder: fix topology alignment issue
      lib/i915/perf: remove generation code for mathml render
      lib/i915/perf: break generated code in separate files
      tests/perf: respect gen11 restriction in disable subslices
      lib/i915/perf: update TGL configs
      tests/perf: fix global-sseu-config-invalid for Gen11
      drm-uapi: bump i915_drm.h for timeline semaphores tests
      tests/syncobj_timeline: add more timeline tests
      tests/i915/exec_fence: add timeline fence tests
      tests/i915/gem_exec_fence: add engine chaining tests
      test: fix missing syncobj_timeline tests for Autotools
      lib/i915_perf: drop dependency on libigt
      lib/i915/perf: fixup converter script
      lib/i915/perf: small ICL equation refactor
      pciids/i915: break TGL into GT1/2
      lib/i915/perf: break TGL metrics in 2
      lib/i915/perf: add AsyncCompute metrics
      lib/i915/perf: Add Rocketlake metrics
      lib/i915/perf: Add DG1 metrics
      lib/i915/perf: rework perf counters equations
      tests/i915/perf: constify report checks functions
      tests/i915/perf: deal with 0 delta reports
      tests/i915/perf: verify reason field in OA reports is never 0
      tests/i915/perf: drop check on report reason
      lib/i915/perf: update gen9/10/11 TestOa configs
      lib/i915/perf: update Gen11 RenderBasic programming
      lib/i915/perf: update gen10/11 ComputeBasic programming
      lib/i915/perf: add EHL availability condition to HDCAndSF counters
      lib/i915/perf: reorder CNL counter
      lib/i915/perf: update Gen9/11 programming for AsyncCompute
      lib/i915/perf: fix intel_perf_devinfo gen field
      lib/i915/perf: fill up device name
      lib/i915/perf: fill up reader devinfo default field
      lib/i915/perf: don't forget last timeline element
      lib/i915/perf: add ADL support

Lyude Paul (18):
      runner: Fix handling of metadata values containing spaces
      tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Use igt_display_require_output_on_pipe()
      tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Add disable-crc-after-crtc-pipe-* tests
      tests/kms_plane: Generate reference CRCs for partial coverage too
      lib/igt_core: Fix igt_assert_fd() documentation
      lib/igt_core: Add igt_require_fd()
      lib/igt_debugfs: Add igt_debugfs_pipe_dir()
      lib/igt_kms: Hook up connector dithering prop
      tests: Add nouveau-crc tests
      lib/igt_device_scan: init card in igt_device_find_first_i915_discrete_card()
      lib/igt_device_scan: Return true from igt_device_find_first_i915_discrete_card()
      tests/kms_plane: Don't unset primary_fb when testing other planes
      tests/kms_color: Don't opencode igt_check_crc_equal()
      tests/kms_color: Allow tests to run on any driver
      tests/kms_color: Stop leaking fbs
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Probe kernel for cursor size support
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Test 32x32 cursors
      lib: Introduce the igt_nouveau library

Maarten Lankhorst (3):
      tests/i915: Remove subtests that rely on async relocation behavior
      tests/gem_userptr_blits: Rework userptr tests to cope with changes
      tests: Do not use pread on userptr in gem_exec_parallel.

Marcin Bernatowicz (2):
      tests/device_reset: Test device sysfs reset
      tests/device_reset: Fix missing autotools support

Mario Kleiner (1):
      tests/kms-hdr: Fix HDMI_STATIC_METADATA_TYPE1.

Martin Peres (3):
      amdgpu/basic: move amdgpu_query_info_test to its own file
      amdgpu/info: convert asserts to human-readable explanations
      amdgpu/info: add timestamp-related tests

Matt Atwood (1):
      tests/kms_plane_scaling: set minimum height and width to 20

Matt Roper (2):
      lib/igt_fb: Use local definition of GEN12_RC_CCS_CC fb modifier
      drm-uapi: Re-synchronize drm_fourcc.h with kernel

Matthew Auld (3):
      i915: purge i915_gem_create_v2
      i915/gem_exec_params: test overly large batch
      i915/gen9_exec_parse: shadow peek

Matthew Brost (1):
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Reset timeout in hostile / hang on each engine

Melissa Wen (6):
      lib/igt_fb: change comments with fd description
      tests/kms_plane_alpha_blend: Correct typo in the name and comments of a subtest
      lib/igt_fb: remove extra parameters from igt_put_cairo_ctx
      lib/igt_fb: change comments with fd description
      test/kms_cursor_crc: update subtests descriptions and some comments
      test/kms_cursor_crc: release old pipe_crc before create a new one

Michał Winiarski (1):
      lib/igt_dummyload: Use timerfd rather than SIGEV_THREAD

Michel Dänzer (1):
      kms_cursor_legacy: Keep primary plane enabled for XRGB overlay fallback

Mika Kahola (11):
      tests/kms_concurrent: Test for maximum number of planes
      tests/kms_concurrent: Test maximum number of planes supported by the platform
      tests/kms_concurrent: Plug possible memory leaks
      Revert "tests/kms_concurrent: Test maximum number of planes supported by the platform"
      tests/kms_concurrent: Use maximum number of planes that display/platform combination supports
      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Wait for an extra vblank
      tests/kms_ccs: Add debug information on format modifier
      lib/rendercopy: Enable fast clear
      lib/intel_aux_pgtable: Initialize aux pagetable for fast clear
      tests/kms_ccs: CCS Clear Color test
      lib/rendercopy_gen9: Ensure to cover all destination area

Mika Kuoppala (1):
      lib: Fix interface descriptor fills

Mohammed Khajapasha (16):
      lib/igt_kms: Add support for display with non-contiguous pipes
      lib/igt_kms: Add igt_require_pipe() function
      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Read crtc id for enable pipes
      tests/kms_lease: Get pipe from crtc for enable pipes
      tests/kms_lease: Read crtc id for a valid pipe
      lib/kms: Skip igt test cases for disabled display pipes
      tests/kms: Skip kms test cases for disabled pipes
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Set modeset for enable pipes only
      i915/gem_eio: Set modeset for enable pipes
      lib/kms: Convert pipe id flags for a vblank using crtc offset
      tests/kms: Use crtc offset to read vblank event for a pipe
      tests/kms_chamelium: Test HPD for connector with all valid pipes
      tests/kms_plane_scaling: Don't run plane scaler tests on each output
      tests/kms_plane_scaling: Correcting typo error for plane scaler test
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Add vblank wait for restore image
      test/kms_plane_scaling: Don't run scaler clip/clamp with all formats

Neil Roberts (1):
      tests/vc4_dmabuf_poll: Fix checking for POLLOUT

Nidhi Gupta (11):
      Add eDP support in Link Layer Compliance Tool
      Added dynamic subtests for accurate reporting
      Fix IGT Warnings due to dynamic subtest inclusion
      kms_atomic_transition:Convert nx-modeset-transitions subtest to dynamic
      tests/kms_atomic_transition:reduce execution time
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: correctly restrict execution to 2 pipes
      tests/kms_rotation_crc at exhaust-fences: added check for HW detiler
      tests/kms_plane_scaling: Add plane scaling test descriptions for subtests
      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: added test description
      tests/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: modified subtest name
      Added test description for kms tests

Pankaj Bharadiya (4):
      tests: Remove kms_crtc_background_color test
      lib/kms: Add fb damage clip plane property
      lib/igt_psr: Add function to check PSR2 selective fetch
      tests: Add new PSR2 selective fetch test

Patnana Venkata Sai (2):
      tests/kms_setmode: Restrict the test execution to two pipes
      tests/kms_3d: update stereo mode count static value

Petri Latvala (35):
      runner: Remember to sync journal.txt for all writes
      intel-ci: Blacklist igt at perf_pmu@cpu-hotplug until it no longer spams logs
      igt_core: Add --version
      runner: Add --version to igt_runner
      lib/igt_gt: Add newline to IGT_HANG=0 skips
      tests/kms_flip: Don't use igt_fixture in an exit handler
      runner: Adapt to device-based DRM logging changes
      kms_atomic_transition: Avoid duplicate dynamic subtest names
      lib/drmtest: Don't write ffffffff to a numeric param
      scripts/verify-blacklist: Script for checking blacklist files
      gitlab-ci: Verify blacklist files with verify-blacklist.sh
      runner: Inject a message when killing test to taints
      runner: Introduce --disk-usage-limit
      runner: Use exitcode 127 when resume is impossible
      runner: Print a message when aborting due to IGT_EXIT_ABORT
      autotools: Remove $(HANG) handling
      runner/resultgen: Remember to close fd to aborted.txt
      runner: Also generate igt at runner@aborted when aborting internally
      runner: Only claim the test was killed if it was killed
      tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Remove redundant igt_require_pipe
      lib/igt_chamelium: Use curl timeout for xmlrpc calls
      lib/igt_core: Don't return too early in common_init_config
      core_setmaster: Load modules before accessing device files
      runner: Fix constness warning
      runner: Introduce a way to stop testing without marking tests incomplete
      runner: Add json test for handling graceful exit via SIGHUP
      runner: Fix graceful exit result parsing for dynamic subtests
      meson: Turn off -Werror
      runner: Handle graceful exit regardless of log level
      lib/kmod: Stop producing results at all for kernel selftests on taint
      Revert "tests/kms_vrr: Extend to cover full VRR range"
      lib: Don't use libdrm_nouveau if not found
      gitignore: Stop ignoring autotools files
      gitignore: Remove various .gitignore files
      Update NEWS, bump version to 1.26.

Priyanka Dandamudi (1):
      tests/core_auth: Added test description for test case

Rahul Kumar Singh (1):
      i915/gem_ctx_persistence: Set context with available engines

Richard Purdie (1):
      meson: Allow source location to be configurable

Rodrigo Vivi (2):
      scripts/generate_clear_kernel: Improve usage instructions.
      scripts/generate_clear_kernel: Clean up header license/copyright.

Sally Qi (1):
      tests/i915/gem_huc_copy: Enable a HuC copy test

Sowmya Kaparthi (2):
      Fixing the latency of hrtimer
      tests/perf: Dropping kernel_ns check for parameterized tests

Stanislav Lisovskiy (1):
      igt/tests: Clear pipes properly in kms_atomic_transition

Stefan Agner (1):
      scripts/run-tests.sh: also search path for runner binaries

Steve Hampson (1):
      i915/gem_ctx_shared: Iterate over the ctx engine map

Sumera Priyadarsini (2):
      tests/kms_lease: use igt_wait_for_vblank()
      lib/igt_kms: Decouple ioctl call logic for vblank wait

Sung Joon Kim (2):
      drm-uapi: Add AMD DRM Modifier update to IGT
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: Add HW Rotation test case for amdgpu with tiling

Swathi Dhanavanthri (1):
      lib: Sync i915_pciids.h with kernel

Swati Sharma (3):
      tests/kms_atomic: Add test to validate immutable zpos
      tests/kms_atomic: Changed test names into standard convention
      tests/kms_addfb_basic: Renaming tests as legacy tiling

Tejas Upadhyay (6):
      lib/i915: Identify Jasperlake
      lib: sync i915_pciids.h with kernel
      lib/adl_s: Add Alder Lake S platform definition
      test/i915/gem_exec_reloc: check reloc support in GEM
      tests/kms_content_protection: Initialize fb height width to 0
      test/i915/gem_exec_reloc: set max practical relocation limit

Thomas Zimmermann (8):
      tests/fbdev: Move existing tests into separate subgroups
      tests/fbdev: Map framebuffer in igt_fixture
      tests/fbdev: Add tests for read operations on framebuffer
      tests/fbdev: Add tests for unaligned reads on framebuffer memory
      tests/fbdev: Add tests for write operations on framebuffer
      tests/fbdev: Add tests for unaligned writes on framebuffer memory
      tests/fbdev: Add tests for accessing framebuffer near EOF
      tests/fbdev: Add tests for read/writing with NULL-pointer buffers

Tvrtko Ursulin (38):
      gem_wsim: Fix preempt period assert
      gem_wsim: Rip out userspace balancing
      gem_wsim: Buffer objects working sets and complex dependencies
      gem_wsim: Show workload timing stats
      gem_wsim: Move BO allocation to a helper
      gem_wsim: Support random buffer sizes
      gem_wsim: Support scaling workload batch durations
      gem_wsim: Log max and active working set sizes in verbose mode
      gem_wsim: Snippet of a workload extracted from carchase
      gem_wsim: Fix calibration handling
      i915/perf_pmu: Fix perf fd leak
      intel_gpu_top: User friendly device listing
      lsgpu: User friendly device listing
      lib/igt_device_scan: Remember PCI card index after scanning
      lsgpu: Add filter type print-out selection
      intel_gpu_top: Default GPU list to PCI mode
      gem_wsim: Implement device selection
      intel_error_decode: Handle no decoding context
      lib/igt_perf: Request CLOCK_MONOTONIC when opening events
      intel_gpu_top: Support exiting the tool by pressing 'q'
      intel_gpu_top: Aggregate engine busyness per class
      intel_gpu_top: Fix interactive mode on serial console
      intel-gpu-top: Support for client stats
      intel_gpu_top: Update manual page for recent additions
      intel_gpu_top: Add option to hide inactive clients
      intel_gpu_top: Always sort the clients array after update
      intel_gpu_top: Show banner messages when cycling sort modes
      intel_gpu_top: Add option to sort by PID
      intel_gpu_top: Wrap interactive header
      intel_gpu_top: Aggregate clients by PID by default
      intel_gpu_top: Interactive help screen
      lib: Add helper for reading modparam values
      tests/i915: Default fence expiry test
      tests/i915/gem_watchdog: Exercise long rendering chains
      gem_watchdog: Fix autotools build
      intel_gpu_top: Do not print client header if no client stats
      scripts/trace.pl: Remove the tool
      intel_gpu_top: Document how to use JSON output

Uma Shankar (1):
      tests/device_reset: Work around for driver unbind issue with audio

Umesh Nerlige Ramappa (3):
      tools: Allow user to set poll delay in i915 perf recorder
      tests/perf: Fix B0 counter check in gen12-mi-rpc
      i915/perf: Make sure i915 is loaded before reading proc

Ville Syrjälä (23):
      tests/kms_color_helper: Respect --skip-crc-compare
      tests/kms_async_flips: Skip the Y<->X tile test on pre-skl
      tests/kms_rmfb: Use COMMIT_UNIVERSAL for overlay/cursor planes
      tests/kms_plane: Restore RGB pixel format tests for non-atomic drivers
      tests/kms_concurrent: Actually seed the rng
      tests: Remove pointless struct member initialization
      tests: Make .seed unsigned
      tests/kms_ccs: Test random CCS data
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Remove the max_w==max_h requirement
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Extract run_size_tests()
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Test maximum cursor size
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Fix the is_atomic check
      tests/kms_plane: Don't test all format+modifier combinations
      intel-ci: Remove pixel-format-pipe-A* from the pre-merge blacklist
      lib: Document that we have --trace-on-oops
      lib: Fix option parsing
      tests/kms_plane: Ignore the crc frame count with --skip-crc-compare
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Remove open coded igt_create_color_fb()
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Don't leak the fbs between subtests
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Use igt_assert_crc_equal()
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Clean up pipe crc before subtest
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Check that the plane supports the format+modifier
      tests/kms_flip_scaled_crc: Limit pipe output to 8bpc

Zbigniew Kempczyński (97):
      lib/intel_bufops: Add bufops reference and adapt stride requirement
      lib/rendercopy_bufmgr: Pass alignment during buffer initialization
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Introduce intel_bb
      lib/gpu_cmds: Add gpgpu pipeline functions based on intel_bb
      lib/gpgpu_fill: libdrm-free gpgpu pipeline creation
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Introduce temporary igt_fillfunc_v2_t
      i915/gem_gpgpu_fill: Remove libdrm dependency
      lib/gpu_cmds: Add media pipeline functions based on intel_bb
      lib/media_fill: libdrm-free media pipeline creation
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Add new media fillfunc v2
      i915/gem_media_fill: Remove libdrm dependency
      lib/gpu_cmds: Change gpu commands to use intel_bb
      lib/media_fill: Migrate gen11 media pipeline creation to intel_bb
      lib/media_spin: localize pipeline functions
      tests/gem_(gpgpu|media)_fill: remove the _v2 suffix
      lib/intel_bufops: add fields for keeping offset and context
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: add bb reset
      i915/i915_pm_sseu: remove libdrm dependency
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Extend intel_bb
      lib/intel_bufops: Add new functions and intel_buf fields
      tests/api_intel_bb: Add intel_bb API test
      lib/bufops: add surface array to cover ccs pgtable
      i915/gem_mmap_offset: check coherency with MMAP_OFFSET vs the GPU
      lib/intel_bufops: add mapping on cpu / device
      lib/intel_bufops: change in hw/sw tiling detection
      lib/intel_bufops: change stride requirements for Grantsdale
      lib/intel_bufops: add support for 64bit bpp
      lib/intel_bufops: clarify buffer ownership rules
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: add new functions to support rendercopy
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: dump bb to base64
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: use canonical addresses for 48bit ppgtt
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: fix intel_bb cache
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: address review comments (base64 dump)
      tests/api_intel_bb: test flags are cleared on bb reset
      lib/rendercopy: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/api_intel_bb: add render tests
      lib/igt_draw: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/kms_big_fb: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_caching|partial: adopt to batch flush function cleanup
      tests/gem_stress: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_read_read_speed: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_render_copy: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_render_copy_redux: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_render_linear_blits: remove libdrm dependency
      tests/gem_render_tiled_blits: remove libdrm dependency
      lib/rendercopy_bufmgr: remove rendercopy_bufmgr
      tests/perf: remove libdrm dependency for rendercopy
      tools/intel_residency: adopt intel_residency to use bufops
      lib/intel_bufops: Avoid overallocate x-tiling and linear surfaces
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Prepare batch to use in allocator infrastructure
      lib/igt_core: Reinitialize print mutex in child process
      lib/igt_device_scan: Provide function for return integrated card
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Fix broken integrated device selection
      tests/api_intel_bb: Verify delta is properly added in emit relocation
      lib/igt_device_scan: Remember vendor/device for pci devices
      tools/intel_gpu_top: Add generation info in header
      tools/lsgpu: Add -n switch to list devices using vendor:device hex id
      lib/i915: Replace size to pointer to size in __gem_create()
      i915/gem_softpin: Fix object leak in softpin test
      i915/gem_ppgtt: Migrate memory check out of render blits
      lib/gem_submission: Add gem_has_relocations() check
      tests/gem_mmap_offset: Fix invalid munmap
      tests/api_intel_bb: Fix invalid munmap in render-ccs
      lib/igt_list: Add igt_list_del_init()
      lib/igt_core: Track child process pid and tid
      lib/intel_allocator_reloc: Add reloc allocator
      lib/intel_allocator_random: Add random allocator
      lib/intel_allocator: Add intel_allocator core
      lib/intel_allocator: Try to stop smoothly instead of deinit
      lib/intel_allocator_msgchannel: Scale to 4k of parallel clients
      lib/intel_allocator: Separate allocator multiprocess start
      lib/intel_bufops: Change size from 32->64 bit
      lib/intel_bufops: Add init with handle and size function
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Integrate intel_bb with allocator
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Use relocations in intel-bb up to gen12
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Create bb with strategy / vm ranges
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Add tracking intel_buf to intel_bb
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Don't collect relocations for newer gens
      lib/igt_fb: Initialize intel_buf with same size as fb
      tests/api_intel_bb: Remove check-canonical test
      tests/api_intel_bb: Modify test to verify intel_bb with allocator
      tests/api_intel_bb: Add compressed->compressed copy
      tests/api_intel_bb: Add purge-bb test
      tests/api_intel_bb: Add simple intel-bb which uses allocator
      tests/api_intel_bb: Use allocator in delta-check test
      tests/api_intel_bb: Check switching vm in intel-bb
      tests/api_intel_allocator: Add execbuf with allocator example
      tests/api_intel_allocator: Verify child can use its standalone allocator
      tests/gem_softpin: Verify allocator and execbuf pair work together
      tests/gem|kms: Remove intel_bb from fixture
      tests/gem_mmap_offset: Use intel_buf wrapper code instead direct
      tests/gem_ppgtt: Adopt test to use intel_bb with allocator
      tests/gem_render_copy_redux: Adopt to use with intel_bb and allocator
      tests/perf.c: Remove buffer from batch
      lib/intel_allocator: Add alloc function which allows passing strategy argument
      lib/intel_allocator: Wait for allocator thread to be ready
      tests/gem_tiled_blits: fix sigsegv on TGL when allocator is in use

ranjeet kumar (1):
      Macros fixes: Removed unused & redundant macros

sai gowtham (1):
      i915/gem_ringfill: Adjusted test to utilize all available engines.

Łukasz Łaguna (1):
      lib/igt_device_scan: Add slot selector

git tag: igt-gpu-tools-1.26

MD5:  6781293a2c312bb625aa5cbe5506a9bf  igt-gpu-tools-1.26.tar.xz
SHA1: 40a3f63e6c33d5fc4fc1325c4eaa9c9ea46a54ad  igt-gpu-tools-1.26.tar.xz
SHA256: 36d4193b9f22fbb4834ec97be3bb6322ec901e20f7be018f0a50d3eb03ec9bb7  igt-gpu-tools-1.26.tar.xz
SHA512: 6eb67f68da1c79fac61e5abd57433ef51dbeb2b6f0923dc84aefb81d7059fbc94378fadcd7321a8f059edd9bac640032bf53c3aa058cf570fe5c31924396af8f  igt-gpu-tools-1.26.tar.xz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/igt-gpu-tools-1.26.tar.xz.sig



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