[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.20.9

Matt Turner mattst88 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 15:47:54 UTC 2020

Aaron Ma (1):
      xfree86: add drm modes on non-GTF panels

Adam Jackson (2):
      linux: Make platform device probe less fragile
      linux: Fix platform device PCI detection for complex bus topologies

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Update URL's in man pages
      doc: Update URLs in Xserver-DTrace.xml

Alex Goins (1):
      randr: Check rrPrivKey in RRHasScanoutPixmap()

Hans de Goede (1):
      modesetting: Disable pageflipping when using a swcursor

Huacai Chen (1):
      linux: Fix platform device probe for DT-based PCI

Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (1):
      modesetting: Fix front_bo leak at drmmode_xf86crtc_resize on XRandR rotation

Lyude Paul (1):
      xwayland: Store xwl_tablet_pad in its own private key

Martin Weber (1):
      hw/xfree86: Avoid cursor use after free

Matt Turner (1):
      xserver 1.20.9

Matthieu Herrb (5):
      fix for ZDI-11426
      Correct bounds checking in XkbSetNames()
      Fix XIChangeHierarchy() integer underflow
      Fix XkbSelectEvents() integer underflow
      Fix XRecordRegisterClients() Integer underflow

Michel Dänzer (7):
      present/wnmd: Keep pixmap pointer in present_wnmd_clear_window_flip
      present/wnmd: Free flip_queue entries in present_wnmd_clear_window_flip
      xwayland: Always use xwl_present_free_event for freeing Present events
      xwayland: Free all remaining events in xwl_present_cleanup
      xwayland: Hold a pixmap reference in struct xwl_present_event
      xwayland: Propagate damage x1/y1 coordinates in xwl_present_flip
      xwayland: Handle NULL xwl_seat in xwl_seat_can_emulate_pointer_warp

Olivier Fourdan (4):
      xwayland: Fix infinite loop at startup
      xwayland: Clear private on device removal
      xwayland: Disable the MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension when rootless
      xwayland: Use a fixed DPI value for core protocol

Roman Gilg (1):
      present: Check valid region in window mode flips

Samuel Thibault (1):
      dix: do not send focus event when grab actually does not change

Simon Ser (2):
      xwayland: import DMA-BUFs with GBM_BO_USE_RENDERING only
      xwayland: only use linux-dmabuf if format/modifier was advertised

SimonP (1):
      xwayland: Initialise values in xwlVidModeGetGamma()

Sjoerd Simons (1):
      xwayland: Fix crashes when there is no pointer

git tag: xorg-server-1.20.9

SHA256: e219f2e0dfe455467939149d7cd2ee53b79b512cc1d2094ae4f5c9ed9ccd3571  xorg-server-1.20.9.tar.bz2
SHA512: d9b5f93e1b9763a89187d8b272aa7d4ce9709641b8539f4536708af153310e5a4931bffd4229c51a3b0e3b12da7838750aa71b635751fb4c0bb27438cce4e5e6  xorg-server-1.20.9.tar.bz2
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xorg-server-1.20.9.tar.bz2.sig

SHA256: 067c348fe1a86a1924010354c1c7cf1eaa9e43866e48540aa56a465f2a341ddc  xorg-server-1.20.9.tar.gz
SHA512: 7cc4aca6c1438332e6dcb939404b2c469206e33108009d8b34c4dbb579ed135a42dfa47f9a91279c54875da9e5b6aac0cadeaad6c09bba474b0383fdfc789961  xorg-server-1.20.9.tar.gz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xorg-server-1.20.9.tar.gz.sig

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