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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Wed Mar 28 20:45:11 UTC 2018

This merges the DRI3 1.2 support (with an asterisk) and per-window
flips for Xwayland, along with the usual collection of miscellaneous
fixes. In particular the meson build is much closer to production-
ready. The asterisk for DRI3 is that the modesetting driver has some
known issues still, so the code to enable planes and modifiers is
hidden behind an xorg.conf option:

Section "ServerFlags"
    Option "Debug" "dmabuf_capable"

Thanks to all for testing and debugging.

Adam Jackson (30):
      randr: Fix a crash on initialization with GPU screens
      os: Define {ReadFdFrom,WriteFdTo}Client unconditionally
      travis: Switch linux build from stretch to rawhide
      travis: Update OSX build
      appveyor: Switch to xorgproto
      ci: Ignore builds for branches aimed at other CI services
      meson: Add the x(org)proto headers to the include path
      appveyor: use meson
      travis: Bump rawhide image
      travis: Drop Xcode 8.2
      modesetting: Fix up some XXX from removing GLAMOR_HAS_DRM_*
      autotools: Stop caring about XORG_DATE
      man: s/__/@/g
      meson: Add libdrm to hw/xfree86/common's dependencies
      meson: Fix installing protocol.txt
      meson: Build Xorg suid wrapper
      meson: Install man pages
      meson: Build cvt and gtf
      meson: Install the dmx utilities
      meson: Generate xorg-server.pc
      meson: Install xorg-server.m4
      meson: Fix install path for 10-quirks.conf
      autotools: Fix excessive \-escaping that broke the build
      suid touchup
      Revert "suid touchup"
      meson: Add option to set default font path (v2)
      xfree86: Add Option "Debug" to ServerFlags
      glamor: Hide new DRI behind Option "Debug" "dmabuf_capable"
      autotools: Derive xkb configuration from xkbcomp.pc
      xserver 1.20 RC2

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Revert "modesetting: Remove #ifdefs XF86_PDEV_SERVER_FD"

Alexander Volkov (1):
      Xext/shm: Downgrade from error to debug log output about success

Antoine Martin (1):
      os: Fix -logfile when used with -displayfd

Daniel Stone (1):
      modesetting/drmmode: Remove unused flink call

Emil Velikov (7):
      present: cap the version returned to the client
      dri3: cap the version returned to the client
      configure: remove libdrm version check
      Remove always true GLAMOR_HAS_DRM_* guards
      modesetting: remove always true defined(DRM_CAP_PRIME) guards
      modesetting: remove always true DRM_IOCTL_CRTC_QUEUE_SEQUENCE guard
      modesetting: remove fallback DRM_CAP_* defines

Eric Engestrom (1):
      exa: promise not to touch the data when swapping pointers

Jon Turney (1):
      meson: Require libdrm for dri1/2/3 when configured 'auto' as well as 'true'

Keith Packard (2):
      Require libdrm 2.4.89 or newer
      Xext/saver: Swap ScreenSaverSuspend 'suspend' field. Handle old XCB clients.

Kyle Brenneman (1):
      Don't delete GLX's extensionInitCallback list during a reset.

Laurent Carlier (4):
      meson: Make APM support optional
      meson: Make ACPI support optional
      meson: get rid of useless HAVE_SYSV_IPC
      meson: Make SHM extension optional

Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (12):
      dri3: Add multi-planar/modifier buffer requests
      present: Send PresentCompleteModeSuboptimalCopy appropriately
      modesetting: Use atomic modesetting API for pageflip if available
      modesetting: Add support for multi-plane pixmaps when page-flipping
      modesetting: Use atomic modesetting to configure output/CRTCs
      modesetting: Get supported formats/modifiers for scanout
      modesetting: Create scanout buffers using supported modifiers
      modesetting: Check if buffer format is supported when flipping
      glamor: Implement PixmapFromBuffers and BuffersFromPixmap
      glamor: Implement GetSupportedModifiers
      glamor: Use gbm_bo_create_with_modifiers for internal pixmap allocation
      dri3: Enable DRI3 version 1.2

Mario Kleiner (2):
      glamor/xwayland: Add depth 30 format mapping for DRI 3.2 as well.
      modesetting: Fix page flipping under DRI 3.2.

Michel Dänzer (2):
      glamor: Restore glamor_fd_from_pixmap and glamor_pixmap_from_fd
      randr: Initialize RROuptutRec::nonDesktop

Nicolai Hähnle (4):
      os: move xf86PrivsElevated here
      os: use PrivsElevated instead of a manual check
      xfree86: replace all uses of xf86PrivsElevated with PrivsElevated
      glx: honor LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH when loading DRI drivers

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      automake: Fix 'make dist'

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
      dri2: Sync i965_pci_ids.h from Mesa.

Roman Gilg (23):
      present: Move screen flip functionality in separate file
      present: Preliminary internal flip mode API
      present: Move vblank functionality in seperate file
      present: Add flip mode API hooks for several functions
      present: Refactor execute in separate file
      present: Add flip mode API hook for present_pixmap
      present: Add flip mode API hook for present_can_window_flip
      present: Move timings adjustment in common part of flip mode API
      present: Add more hooks to internal flip mode API
      present: Refactor present_screen_init
      present: Add present_window_priv properties for window flip mode
      present: Add flip_idler vblank property
      present: Adapt flip mode API hooks for window flip mode
      present: Add driver facing window flip mode hooks
      present: Add window flip mode
      present: In window flip mode report damage on flip to driver
      present: Add cleanups for window flip mode
      present: Add exported init function of window flip mode
      xwayland: Add arguments to glamor_pixmap_get_wl_buffer
      xwayland: Preliminary support for Present's new window flip mode
      xwayland: Add fallback timer for msc counting
      xwayland: Implement queuing present vblanks
      xwayland: Activate Present flips in rootless mode with Glamor

Samir Benmendil (1):
      xkb: XkbSetMap on the lastSlave needs to change the master

Thierry Reding (8):
      present: Advertise protocol version 1.2
      meson: Fix build if Xdmcp is missing
      xorg: Remove unused definitions from xorg-server.h.in
      dix: Remove unused definitions from dix-config.h.in
      meson: Generate xorg-server.h
      meson: Fill in missing data for xorg-server.h
      meson: Fix generation of xorg-server.pc
      meson: Properly extract ABI versions for xorg-server.pc

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  2268114f7dd4897e24febe623d641f66  xorg-server-
SHA1: b43da7f9be2e1eceddd7e22f909b6906b2e2a69f  xorg-server-
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