[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.20

Petri Latvala petri.latvala at intel.com
Wed Oct 4 14:26:33 UTC 2017

A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the
following changes:

Library changes:

- Added helpers for launching external processes and capturing their
  outputs. (Abdiel Janulgue)

- Increased max pipe count to 6 to support AMD GPUs. (Leo (Sunpeng) Li)

- Various improvements for Chamelium support. (Paul Kocialkowski)

- Added Coffeelake platform support. (Rodrigo Vivi, Anusha Srivatsa)

- Added Cannonlake platform support. (Rodrigo Vivi)

- Added support for audio testing. (Paul Kocialkowski)

- Added preliminary meson build system support. (Daniel Vetter, et al)
  -- Autotools remains the supported build system for now.

Tools changes:

- Refactored video bios data to use definitions copied from the
  kernel. (Jani Nikula)

Documentation changes:

- Added user and developer documentation about Chamelium support to
  aid deploying the platform. (Paul Kocialkowski)

- Added documentation about the required hardware setup for audio
  testing. (Paul Kocialkowski)

Tests changes:

- Converted remaining shell-script tests to C code (Abdiel Janulgue)

- Multiple new tests.

And many other bug fixes and improvements.

And the full changelog follows:

Abdiel Janulgue (8):
      lib/igt_core: Add igt_system helpers
      igt/igt_core: Provide an option to check for the log buffer contents
      Convert debugfs shell tests to C version
      Convert tools shell tests to C version
      igt/debugfs_test: Skip dummy reads for crtc-n/crc/data
      Revert "igt/debugfs_test: Skip dummy reads for crtc-n/crc/data"
      tests/debugfs_test: Add a shorter timeout when reading sysfs entries
      tests/tools_test: Make sure l3_parity is supported

Akash Goel (1):
      lib/igt_draw: Add Y-tiling support for IGT_DRAW_BLT method

Antonio Argenziano (1):
      igt/gem_reset_stats: Fix pending batches status expectation

Anusha Srivatsa (3):
      lib/cfl: Add Coffeelake PCI IDs for S SKU.
      lib/cfl: Add PCI IDs to H SKU in CFl
      lib/cfl: Add PCI Ids for U SKU in CFl

Arkadiusz Hiler (9):
      tests: Cleanup after .sh -> .c conversion
      Revert "igt/pm_rps: Remove remaining assert on CUR <= MAX"
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: Fix some comments
      configure.ac: Make AMDGPU depend on libdrm >= 2.4.76
      igt: Add LOCAL defines for distro compatibility
      lib/igt_debugfs: Update documentation and cleanup
      tests/igt_command_line: Ignore subtest list for kms_ccs
      tools: Add intel_vbt_defs.h to Makefile.sources
      scripts/run-tests.sh: Use piglit's --ignore-missing

Ausmus, James (1):
      Fix compilation on some distros

Brian Starkey (1):
      lib/igt_kms: Fix override_mode handling

Chris Wilson (63):
      benchmarks/gem_busy: Trim unused compares
      igt/gem_exec_fence: Limit history size for !execlists
      igt/gem_exec_await: Reduce ring-size estimate for shared ringbuffer submission
      lib: Force global reset + uevents for hang detector
      igt/gem_reloc_overflow: Fix limits for buffercount overflow
      igt/vgem_basic: Test DRM_IOCTL_SETVERSION
      igt/gem_reloc_overflow: Pass the right invalid presumed_offset
      igt/gem_cpu_reloc: Fix presumed_offset
      igt/gem_ctx_switch: Actually force the context-switch
      igt/gem_exec_fence: Test EXEC_FENCE_SUBMIT
      igt/core_auth: Print out the number of magics retrieved
      Revert "extended.testlist: Remove some test-subtest combinations"
      Revert "gem_exec_basic: Exercise the default engine selection"
      Revert "igt: Remove default from the engine list"
      igt/gem_spin_batch: Add per-loop timing info
      igt/gem_exec_params: Update negative flags test.
      igt/gem_exec_params: Exercise BATCH_FIRST
      igt/gem_exec_capture: Wait for batch to execute before triggering reset
      lib: Remove illegal instructions from hang injection
      igt/gem_exec_fence: Exercise syncobj API
      lib/dummyload: Pad with a few nops so that we do not completely hog the system
      igt: Add gem_close
      igt/vgem_basic: Load and unload the module first
      lib/kmod: Fix error reporting for kmod load/unload
      lib: Disable MI_STORE_DATA_IMM for gen3 (i915g and i915gm)
      lib: Avoid actually throttling from igt_require_gem()
      igt/pm_rpm: Use libc 'ftw' rather than opencoding our own filetree walk
      igt/gem_userptr_blits: Errors from gup are permanent
      igt/gem_ringfill: Prime execbuf before measuring ring size
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Do not overcommit batches to the ring
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Exercise reordering with many priority levels
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Basic tests for preemption
      igt/gem_exec_scheduler: Demonstrate priority inversion between full rings
      igt/gem_exec_fence: Exercise syncobj API (The forgotten tests)
      igt/gem_eio: i915.reset is no longer a boolean
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Try to suspend with a pending GPU hang
      lib/dummyload: Use -1 for all engines
      igt/tools_test: Remove dmesg subtest
      igt/gem_flink_race: Limit name subtest to 5s
      igt/gem_eio: Install an exithandler to unwedge the device after failure
      igt/gem_evict_(alignment,everything): Limit to low 4G
      igt/sw_sync: Fix up close(timeline) tests for unsignaled fences
      igt/gem_eio: inflight wedged requires long plugging
      igt/gem_eio: Exercise wedged with native in-flight requests
      igt/gem_eio: Check wedged with inflight on the same engine
      igt/prime_busy: Declare the hang tests expect to cause GPU hangs
      igt/gem_eio: Add another variant of in-flight to avoid request coalescing
      igt/prime_vgem: Split out the fine-grain coherency check
      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Use common spinbatch
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: s/-MAX_PRIO/MIN_PRIO/
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Fix up too deep reorder-wide()
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Smoketest context priorities
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Ignore set-priority failures on old kernels
      lib: Capture the error state on an unexpected hang
      igt/gem_exec_scheduler: HAS_SCHEDULER no longer means HAS_PREEMPTION
      benchmarks/gem_syslatency: Apply vmpressure, measure page allocation
      benchmarks/gem_exec_fault: Update for tryhard kernels.
      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Detect too slow setup in deep-*
      igt/gem_sync: Add a preemption test
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Measure high-priority throughput over a bg load
      igt/gem_sync: Sync before starting the clock
      lib: Report the error from __gem_create()
      lib: Fixup __gem_create() to be 64b safe.

Daniel Stone (10):
      tests/kms_properties: Don't set immutable properties
      tests/kms_ccs: Don't overallocate CCS surface
      tests/kms_ccs: Convert int/bool to enum
      tests/kms_ccs: Split FB generation into helper
      tests/kms_ccs: Remove excessive FB alignment
      tests/kms_ccs: Paramaterize color for framebuffer
      tests/kms_ccs: Reshuffle test name and loop
      tests/kms_ccs: Test for supported modifier
      tests/kms_ccs: Split all tests into subtests
      tests/kms_ccs: Test CCS on sprite planes

Daniel Vetter (40):
      configure: Bump libdrm to 2.4.76
      Revert "configure: Bump libdrm to 2.4.76"
      tests/drm_module_reload: Don't require hda dynamic debug
      CONTRIBUTING: formalize review rules
      lib/drmtest: Decode driver flags on failure
      lib/aux: Better debug output for rtcwake
      tests/drv_module_reload: Fix running single tests
      tests/pm_rpm: Use the quick mode by default
      tests: delete extended.testlist
      tests/kms_busy: Only test against one engine
      tests/core_auth: set rlimit
      lib: Add igt_can_fail()
      lib/kms: Add for_each_pipe_static
      tests/kms_ccs: Fix subtest enumeration:
      lib/kms: Check usage of for_each_*
      tests/kms_flip: fix spin_batch conversion
      lib/core: Use igt_info instead of printf
      tests/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: convert macros to functions
      Revert "intel-ci: Remove kms_psr_sink_crc at psr_basic from BAT"
      build: Define _GNU_SOURCE in Makefile.am
      build: Nuke #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H cargo-cult
      build: use HAVE_LIBGEN_H consistently
      build: remove _GNU_SOURCE from source files
      lib: prefix frame_dump_path
      lib: clean up header includes
      tests/igt_command_line.sh: Allow testing individual tests
      lib/uwildmat: Use include paths
      demos: remove
      assembler/test: Prep work for meson
      meson: basic build system support
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: make the valgrind wrapper always emit a statement:w
      tests/kms_plane: Appease gcc -Wempty-body
      meson: detect cc flags
      meson: add manpage support
      meson: igt_frame also needs pixman
      meson: Minimal README update
      meson: Bump required version to 0.40
      meson: align test-list.txt generation with automake
      meson: share the configuration_data object
      meson: Simple makefile integration

Dave Airlie (2):
      igt: add syncobj_basic.
      configure.ac: bump libdrm requirement to 2.4.82

Dhinakaran Pandiyan (1):
      tests/psr: Don't strcmp CRCs that are not NULL terminated.

Eric Anholt (11):
      Add an editorconfig file for the basics of igt style.
      Make autogen.sh set the default format.subjectPrefix
      Use PATH_MAX to fix some sprintf-into-short-buffers warnings.
      intel_watermark: Fix a warning about "const char" return being silly.
      intel_display_poller: Fix truncation of a test name.
      meson: Add some compiler flags to reduce warnings.
      meson: Don't build the igt audio test without gsl available.
      meson: Use static libs to handle IGT_LOG_DOMAIN.
      Fix rlim_cur compiler warnings when building on ARM.
      meson: Fix build of igt_x86-using tests on non-x86 platforms.
      meson: Disable the intel overlay on non-x86 builds.

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (3):
      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Print pipe name when skipping
      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Skip test before system suspend
      lib/igt_debugfs: Prevent compiler warning on unchecked printf format

Gustavo Padovan (1):
      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: use 'enum pipe' type instead of 'int'

Jani Nikula (10):
      tools/intel_lid: use local register definition
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: remove unused definitions from intel_bios.h
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: clean up struct lvds_dvo_timing
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: start migrating to kernel intel_vbt_defs.h
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate timing dumping to kernel struct
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate child device dumping to kernel struct
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate psr dumping to kernel struct
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate edp dumping to kernel struct
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate child device type bits decoding to kernel defs
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate backlight dumping to kernel struct

Jason Ekstrand (5):
      tests/kms_ccs: Fix the color/ccs surface generation
      tests/gem_exec_params: Update the invalid-flag subtest for FENCE_ARRAY
      aubdump: Reject execbuffer2 calls with bad BOs
      aubdump: Use write_reloc for filling out the ringbuffer
      aubdump: Log some information about the execbuf calls

Jeff McGee (1):
      igt/pm_rps: Remove remaining assert on CUR <= MAX

Jim Bride (1):
      tests/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Fix multidraw subtest

Joonas Lahtinen (1):
      lib/igt_kmod: Allow specifying libkmod config via environment variables

Jordan Justen (3):
      meson: Install libigt.so
      intel_aubdump.in: Set executable permissions (for meson build)
      meson: Process intel_aubdump.in into intel_aubdump

Katarzyna Dec (2):
      pm_rps: Changes in waitboost scenario
      pm_rps: [RFC] RPS tests documentation update

Kelvin Gardiner (1):
      intel-ci: Add fast-feedback-simulation.testlist

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      intel_aubdump: Support I915_EXEC_BATCH_FIRST.

Leo (Sunpeng) Li (2):
      tests: Increase value of I915_MAX_PIPES to 6
      tests: Rename I915_MAX_PIPES to IGT_MAX_PIPES

Lionel Landwerlin (19):
      tests/kms_pipe_color: Only test existing properties
      tests/perf: add utility function for checking periodic reports
      tests/perf: add tests to verify create/destroy userspace configs
      tests/perf: fix build where system headers don't have Gen8 formats
      tests/perf: follow up build fix
      tests/perf: fix userspace configs issues on HSW
      tests/perf: add Kabylake support
      tests/perf: add Geminilake support
      tests/perf: make stream_fd a global variable
      tests/perf: update max buffer size for reading reports
      tests/perf: rc6: try to guess when rc6 is disabled
      tests/perf: remove frequency related changes
      tests/perf: rework oa-exponent test
      tests/perf: make enable-disable more reliable
      tests/perf: make buffer-fill more reliable
      tests/perf: estimate number of blocking/polling based on time spent
      tests/perf: prevent power management to kick in when necessary
      tests/perf: add support for Coffeelake
      tests/perf: split array of formats descriptions

Lyude (2):
      configure.ac: Make building chamelium an option
      igt_core: Add the rest of Paul's patch I forgot by accident

Maarten Lankhorst (30):
      kms_rotation_crc: Fix rotation tests on older platforms again.
      lib/igt_kms: Add igt_display_require_output(/on_pipe)
      lib/igt_kms: Fix indent when try_commit fails.
      tests/kms_flip: degrade warn to debug
      tests/kms_busy: Add test to reproduce the CI kms_flip killer
      igt/meta_test: Add a warn subtest to make sure warnings are caught as expected.
      tests/kms_atomic: Add test for new DRM_MODE_PAGE_FLIP_EVENT behavior.
      tests/kms_busy: Remove gem_bo_busy checks
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Fix the cursor tests to work on CHV
      tests/kms_atomic_transitions: Use igt_display_require_output().
      tests/debugfs_test: Allow opening CRC to fail with -EIO.
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Add test for plane completion ordering.
      lib/kms: Handle fence interaction correctly WRT TEST_ONLY.
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Only request fence on enabled pipes
      tests/kms_atomic_transition: Do not clear in-fences after atomic commit.
      igt/kms: Do not wait for fence completion during commit
      tests/debugfs_test: Fix testcases to pass
      igt: Add debugfs_test.read_all_entries to the fast-feedback list
      lib/igt_kms: Remove vblank wait after plane update.
      tests/kms_flip: Remove $engine-flip-vs-dpms/modeset
      tests/kms_mmap_write_crc: Add drmModeDirtyFB after dirtying fb
      tests: Add kms_atomic_interruptible test, v4.
      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Do not start collecting CRC after making FB busy
      tests: Rename kms_pipe_color to kms_color
      igt/kms_rotation_crc: Fix flip tests for sprite plane
      tests: Stop looking at plane private members
      lib/igt_kms: Change output->pending_crtc_idx_mask to output->pending_pipe
      lib/igt_kms: Commit primary plane when a modeset is forced on a pipe
      tests/kms_color: Unset plane fb on teardown, v2.
      lib/igt_kms: Disable crtc in legacy path when output is unset

Marta Lofstedt (1):
      tests/kms_atomic: subtest atomic_invalid_params requires CRTC

Michał Winiarski (1):
      tests/gem_mocs_settings: Fix LNCFCMOCS testing and extract the subtests

Michel Thierry (2):
      lib: Add reset-type helper in ioctl_wrappers
      tests/gem_reset_stats: Enforce full chip reset mode before run

Mika Kahola (1):
      tests/kms_plane_multiple: Fix reference CRC

Mika Kuoppala (1):
      tests/gem_workarounds: Skip write only registers

Paul Kocialkowki (7):
      tests/chamelium: Add common suspend and hibernate tests for DP and HDMI
      tests/chamelium: Check all connectors state for basic hotplug
      tests/chamelium: Use 50 ms delay to wait for connector change
      lib/igt_aux: Use provided autoresume delay for rtc wake
      chamelium: Add support for HPD toggle scheduling instead of async pulses
      tests/chamelium: Add VGA HPD toggle tests after suspend and hibernate
      tests/chamelium: Reduce the simple hotplug test toggle count for VGA

Paul Kocialkowski (42):
      tests/chamelium: Close DRM file descriptor after tests
      tests/chamelium: Set output pipe after mode change to refresh output
      lib/igt_chamelium: Create pixman image with bytes per pixel, not bits
      chamelium: Remove init reset duplicate in favor of per-test reset
      Make igtrc configuration common, with configurable suspend/resume delay
      tests/chamelium: Skip suspend/resume test with unreliable hotplug event
      tests/chamelium: Catch and flush hotplug uevents after each plug
      lib/igt_fb: Export the cairo surface instead of writing to a png
      chamelium: Calculate CRC from framebuffer instead of hardcoding it
      lib/igt_debugfs: Introduce CRC check function, with logic made common
      Introduce common frame dumping configuration and helpers
      lib/igt_debugfs: Add extended helper to format crc to string
      chamelium: Dump captured and reference frames to png on crc error
      tests/chamelium: Merge the crc testing functions into one
      configure.ac: Enable back chamelium build by default
      configure.ac: Make glib dependency optional to preserve Android build
      lib/igt_core: Handle glib errors correctly to avoid stderr spew
      lib/igt_frame: Add support for analog frame comparison testing
      chamelium: Add support for VGA frame comparison testing
      lib/igt_core: Move all config-related parsing to common_init_config
      lib/igt_core: Split out env-related handling to common_init_env
      tests/chamelium: Detect analog bridges and handle EDID accordingly
      docs: Update documentation generation with missing entries
      configure.ac: Make udev a dependency for chamelium
      README: Add information about chamelium dependencies
      configure.ac: Disable chamelium by default and add enable argument
      lib: Add audio library with dedicated helpers
      lib: Add ALSA library with dedicated helpers
      tests: Introduce audio tests, starting with HDMI signal integrity
      tests/Makefile.am: Wrap audio test with dedicated conditional
      tests/chamelium: Introduce fast basic hpd tests, with limited toggles
      tests/chamelium: Introduce fast CRC tests, with a single mode
      intel-ci: Add fast chamelium tests to the fast-feedback list
      tests: chamelium: Eliminate reset when preparing output
      lib/igt_core: Use HTML character for documentation comment in example
      docs: Add user and developer documentation about Chamelium support
      docs: Add user documentation about audio support
      lib/igt_aux: Allow sysfs open to fail when setting suspend/resume delay
      lib/igt_debugfs: Open DRM driver without master for hpd storm exit
      docs/chamelium: Explain that the Chamelium should only target one DUT
      tests/audio: Add suspend and hibernate tests for HDMI signal integrity
      tests/chamelium: Let the Chamelium itself wait for a stable video input

Paulo Zanoni (2):
      lib/igt_draw: add support for Y tiling
      tests/kms_draw_crc: add support for Y tiling

Petri Latvala (26):
      configure.ac: Try to find XMLRPC with xmlrpc-c-config if pkg-config fails
      intel-ci: Also remove extended.testlist from EXTRA_DIST
      kms_busy: Fix basic-modeset-* name format parameters
      intel_gpu_top: Use drm_open_driver, don't need drm master
      Revert "tests/igt_command_line: Ignore subtest list for kms_ccs"
      intel-ci: Remove generic.testlist
      tests/Makefile.am: Install test-list*.txt to libexecdir
      intel-ci: Install testlist files to pkgdata dir
      tools_test: Clean up and fix sysfs_l3_parity
      igt_core: Rework igt_system()
      igt_command_line.sh: Fix bashism
      meson.sh: Invoke meson correctly
      meson: Also build kms_atomic_interruptible
      benchmarks: Actually build LIBDRM_INTEL_BENCHMARKS
      benchmarks: Add wsim files to dist
      benchmarks: Add ezbench.d files to dist
      demos: Remove final file
      lib: Remove media_fill.c
      lib: Handle intel_aub.h like the other stub files
      docs: Distribute audio.txt and chamelium.txt
      meson: Distribute meson build system files
      meson: Follow suit with the renaming of kms_pipe_color
      kms_atomic_interruptible: Add missing #include
      gem_exec_schedule: Add missing #include
      lib: Reduce dependency on glib
      Update NEWS, bump version to 1.20.

Praveen Paneri (4):
      igt/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Add Y-tiling support
      lib/igt_fb: Let others use igt_get_fb_tile_size
      lib/igt_fb: Add helper function for tile_to_mod
      igt/kms_fbc_crc.c : Add Y-tile tests

Radhakrishna Sripada (2):
      igt/kms_psr_sink_crc: Add psr_drrs subtest
      igt/kms_psr_sink_crc: Fix the bug in psr_drrs subtest

Radoslaw Szwichtenberg (1):
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: Fix function descriptions

Robert Bragg (20):
      tests/perf: generalize lookup for test metric set
      tests/perf: improve robustness of polling/blocking tests
      tests/perf: init timestamp freq and oa format per devid
      tests/perf: update init_sys_info for skl with per-gt configs
      tests/perf: add gen8 formats
      tests/perf: fix a counter indexing
      tests/perf: generalize checks for undefined A counters
      tests/perf: generalize reading gpu ticks from reports
      tests/perf: move timebase + oa exponent utilities up
      tests/perf: wrap emission of MI_REPORT_PERF_COUNT
      tests/perf: handling printing gen8 formats
      tests/perf: avoid assumptions about oa exponent <-> freq mappings
      tests/perf: allow 10% margin matching oa/sysfs freq in test_oa_exponents
      tests/perf: s/test_perf_ctx_mi_rpc/hsw_test_single_ctx_counters/
      tests/perf: don't assume constant of 40 EUs
      tests/perf: consider ctx-switch reports while polling/blocking
      tests/perf: factor out oa report sanity checking
      tests/perf: print [un]slice freq and report reasons in debug
      tests/perf: update print_reports to print context ID
      tests/perf: add per context filtering test for gen8+

Rodrigo Vivi (8):
      lib/cfl: Introduce Coffeelake platform definition.
      lib/cnl: Introduce Cannonlake platform defition.
      lib/cnl: Add Cannonlake PCI IDs for U-skus.
      lib/cnl: Add Cannonlake PCI IDs for Y-skus.
      lib/instdone: Add Gen10 support.
      lib/intel_batchbuffer: Add Gen10 support for render_copy and gpgpu_fillfunc.
      lib/i915_pciids.h: Organize cnl/cfl ids.
      i915_pciids: Change a KBL pci id to GT2 from GT1.5

Tvrtko Ursulin (7):
      igt: Remove default from the engine list
      gem_exec_basic: Exercise the default engine selection
      gem_sync: Add all and store_all subtests
      extended.testlist: Remove some test-subtest combinations
      igt_core: Skip sync when listing subtests
      kms_rotation_crc: 90 degree flip test is not a stress test
      lib: Fix igt_sysfs_set_u32 return value

Ville Syrjälä (25):
      tests/kms_rmfb: Fix cursor fb size
      tests/kms_flip: Make panning tests actually pan all the time
      tools/intel_vbt_decode: Fix decoding of child device structure
      lib/sysfs: Fix fbcon rebind
      Fix compiler warnings about printf() arguments
      lib/kms: Fix the connector name strings to match what the kernel uses
      lib/kms: Skip rather than fail when a suitable plane can't be found
      tests/kms_draw_crc: Skip mmap_wc tests if the platforms doesn't support mmap_wc
      tests/kms_properties: Require atomic for the atomic invalid props test
      meson: Install tests into $libexecdir
      meson: Install tools
      tools/intel_reg: s/PKGDATADIR/IGT_DATADIR/
      meson: Build and install intel_reg
      meson: Install intel_reg register definitions
      meson: Install test-list.txt
      meson: Install test image files
      meson: Build and install intel_l3_parity
      meson: Build and install intel_dp_compliance
      meson: Drop the 'lib' prefix from intel_aubdump.so
      meson: Rename and install intel-gpu-overlay
      meson: Install intel_gpu_abrt
      meson: Install the (dis)assembler
      meson: Fix IGT_GIT_SHA1 handling
      lib/igt_fb: Add igt_cairo_image_surface_create_from_png()
      tests/kms_panel_fitting: Use igt_cairo_image_surface_create_from_png_file()

Vinay Belgaumkar (1):
      tests/gem_flink_basic: Add documentation for subtests

git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.20

MD5:  3b77a6a23274afe363bd5c942fe42562  intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.bz2
SHA1: 38018b983760829963f8cee0e77b430f13bef2b3  intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.bz2
SHA256: 2fffe7a66789f56f301e6b60a3afe21556f34acbad8b7b29c8f3dd41f0b148e8  intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.bz2
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.bz2.sig

MD5:  aeeb441d35edae06c82149a91f2bcb93  intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.gz
SHA1: 67cac18cea99f06869266b73cd273808f5b97b38  intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.gz
SHA256: c6ee992301e43ec14ef810ef532e2601ecf7399315f942207ae0dd568fd9c2b7  intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.gz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/intel-gpu-tools-1.20.tar.gz.sig

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