[Intel-gfx] [ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.18

Jani Nikula jani.nikula at linux.intel.com
Wed Mar 15 12:23:43 UTC 2017

On Mon, 13 Mar 2017, Petri Latvala <petri.latvala at intel.com> wrote:
> A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the
> following changes:

> Jason Ekstrand (1):
>       aubdump: Support EXECBUFFER2_WR

I'm rather annoyed because this wasn't sent to the intel-gfx list
AFAICT, there was previous discussion about it needing configure support
[1], it breaks the build for me, and it was now released.

/me walks away from keyboard before I end up pushing a revert without
sending it to the list first. :(


[1] http://mid.mail-archive.com/20170130142047.7838-1-lionel.g.landwerlin@intel.com

Jani Nikula, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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