[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.19

Peter Hessler phessler at theapt.org
Fri Jun 9 14:34:31 UTC 2017

Is there an update for xf86-video-intel on the way?  The last release is
version 2.99.917, released in 2014.  This is pretty frustrating for OSes
and distributions who want to include updated drivers.


On 2017 Jun 09 (Fri) at 16:51:13 +0300 (+0300), Petri Latvala wrote:
:A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the
:following changes:
:Library changes:
:- Changed debugfs handlers to open files for the DRM device in use,
:  for setups with more than one DRM device. (Tomeu Vizoso)
:- Added support for 4K and audio HDMI EDID injection. (Abdiel
:  Janulgue, Marius Vlad)
:- Added support for AMDGPU devices. (Chris Wilson)
:Tools changes:
:- intel_error_decode now automatically opens a pager. (Chris Wilson)
:- intel_error_decode now dumps the GuC firmware logs if available.
:  (Chris Wilson)
:Benchmark changes:
:- gem_wsim: New benchmark that simulates command submission
:  workloads. (Tvrtko Ursulin)
:Scripts changes:
:- trace.pl: New tool to parse i915 tracepoints for performance
:  analysis. (Tvrtko Ursulin)
:- media-bench.pl: New tool to programmatically analyze simulated media
:  workloads using gem_wsim to find the optimal load balancing
:    strategy. (Tvrtko Ursulin)
:Test changes:
:- Imported amdgpu tests from libdrm. (Chris Wilson)
:- Multiple other new tests.
:And many other bug fixes and improvements.
:And the full changelog follows:
:Abdiel Janulgue (4):
:      intel-ci: Add initial generic testlist
:      lib/igt_kms: Add support for 4K and audio HDMI EDID injection.
:      tests/kms_hdmi_inject: Add test for HDMI injection capabilities.
:      lib/tests: Add kmstest_edid_add_* selftests
:Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (3):
:      lib/dummyload: Handle timeout in a new thread instead of signal handler
:      lib/debugfs: Close dir before returning open debugs file
:      lib/igt_kms: Force outputs to use full range RGB
:Arkadiusz Hiler (15):
:      tests/drm_import_export: Include {i915_,}drm.h properly
:      Make conditions on HAVE_UDEV consistent
:      lib/igt_aux: Include unistd.h for gettid() on Android
:      lib/igt_aux: Make procps optional
:      chamelium: Fix build issues on Android
:      tools/Android.mk: Add guc_logger and l3_parity skip list
:      tests/Android.mk: Add perf to skip list
:      Android.mk: Fix libkmod use
:      Android.mk: Filter out *.h from src files
:      Android.mk: Use drm stubs
:      tools/Android.mk: Fix zlib inclusion
:      tests/gem_exec_nop: Disable headless subtest on cairoless Android
:      tests/gem_exec_nop: Rename signal() to fence_signal()
:      benchmarks/gem_wsim: Add LOCAL fence defines
:      ffs: Include strings.h
:Brian Starkey (3):
:      lib/igt_kms: Fix erroneous assert
:      lib/igt_debugfs: Remove igt_debugfs_t
:      lib/igt_debugfs: Only use valid values in igt_crc_to_str()
:Chris Wilson (132):
:      Revert "Always expose IGT subtests for known kernel selftests"
:      Revert "lib: Add i915 and drm-mm selftest headers from the kernel"
:      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Skip test before hang injection
:      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Tighten timings for CRC readback
:      lib: Update i915_pciids.h
:      lib: Squelch a pair of ignore result warnings
:      lib: Remove requirements spam from gem_set_tiling()
:      igt/gem_userptr_blits: Move assert to caller
:      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Never use STORE_DWORD_IMM on SNB bsd engine
:      igt/drv_hangman: Setting wedged is serialised
:      igt/kms_vblank: Exercise contention of drmWaitVblank
:      igt/gem_spin_batch: Reduce impact from slow queueing
:      igt/gem_userptr_blits: Allow use of >4GiB
:      igt/gem_exec_nop: Sync before measuring total elapsed time
:      lib/debugfs: Only inspect errno after a confirmed error
:      Restore "lib: Open debugfs files for the given DRM device"
:      igt/gem_exec_reloc: Double memory requirements
:      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Do context requirement check in parent
:      lib: Clear unrelated errno for intel_detect_and_clear_missed_interrupts
:      lib: system() is bad, use libkmod instead
:      Improve utilisation of igt_debugfs_dir()
:      lib/debugfs: Phase out igt_debugfs_fopen()
:      igt/kms_sink_crc_basic: Fix debugfs error handling
:      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Fix assertion for bad commands
:      lib/sysfs: stop before calling write with zero bytes
:      igt/kms_sink_crc_base: CRC is on 3 channels, not 4.
:      Replace more system("modprobe")
:      igt: Add gem_exec_capture to exercise capturing user requested buffers on hang
:      lib/sysfs: Fix using O_WRONLY in igt_sysfs_read()!
:      igt/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Keep the debugfs dir around
:      igt/gem_tiled_pread_pwrite: Use streaming loads to speed up GTT readback
:      igt/pm_rc6_residency: Keep the sysfs directory open
:      benchmarks/gem_exec_trace: Enhanced multi-context capture
:      benchmarks/gem_exec_trace: Include client wait points
:      benchmarks/gem_exec_trace: Make the tracer threadsafe
:      benchmarks/gem_exec_trace: Use a constant delay
:      benchmarks/gem_exec_trace: Calibrate dummy workload
:      benchmarks/gem_exec_trace: Randomise batch duration
:      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Use a fast hang
:      lib: Update kernel engine names
:      tests: More precautionary selfchecks to filter out broken GPUs
:      tests/gem_media_fill: Fixup typo
:      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Extend test patterns with a synchronous variant
:      tools/intel_error_decode: Do ascii85 decode first
:      tools/intel_error_decode: Add support for user specified bo
:      tools/intel_error_decode: Automatically open a pager
:      tools/intel_error_decode: Refactor matching known buffers
:      lib/pipe_crc: Cache debugfs directory
:      tests: More require GEM markup
:      igt/pm_rpm: Use directory fd to track and read entire directories
:      igt/prime_mmap_coherency: Reorder cache flushes to avoid excess pressure
:      igt/gem_exec_parallel: Can't run fds test on gen5
:      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Move the require(gen>5) out of the child
:      tools/intel_error_decode: Don't try instruction decoding on data buffers
:      tools/intel_error_decode: Dump the GuC log if available
:      igt/gem_seqno_wrap: Teach to skip if i915_next_seqno is no long writable
:      igt/gem_exec_fence: Restrict allowing hangs to hang tests
:      lib: Fix up internal engine names (again)
:      igt/gem_exec_reloc: Check interactions with WC domain
:      igt/gem_pwrite: Use DOMAIN_WC for access via gem_mmap__wc
:      igt/gem_exec_flush: Use DOMAIN_WC for access via gem_mmap__wc
:      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Mark up with DOMAIN_WC
:      igt/gem_cs_tlb: Mark up with DOMAIN_WC
:      igt/gem_mmap_wc: Mark up with DOMAIN_WC
:      igt/gem_storedw_loop: Mark up with DOMAIN_WC
:      igt/gem_exec_fence: Enable hang detector
:      iget/gem_exec_reloc: Fix simulated relocations
:      igt/gem_exec_nop: Add some output to headless subtest
:      benchmarks/gem_latency: Provide LOCAL defines for old libdrm
:      igt/gem_exec_fence: Accumulate long history of fences
:      igt/gem_ctx_create: Exercise all engines + context creation
:      Fix build for intel_dp_compliance
:      igt: Import basic amdgpu tests from libdrm
:      igt: Add basic amd_cs_nop
:      igt: Add amd_prime for checking prime integration
:      igt/kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Declare dependency on functioning GEM
:      lib: spinning batches requires working GEM, so add the precheck
:      igt/gem_exec_schedule: Emit wide batches of requests
:      igt/amdgpu: Fix compiler errors
:      igt/gem_render_linear_blits: Add missing igt_require_gem()
:      igt/gem_workarounds: Mark up the requirement for an active GPU
:      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Mark up busy tests as requiring a GPU
:      Add gem_exec_await
:      intel_reg: Use the drm device fd as a hint only
:      igt/gem_mmap_gtt: Check that userspace clflushing of the GTT mmap
:      wsim: Per-client prng pool for miscellaneous randoms
:      wsim: per-engine throttling
:      wsim: Send a periodic depth stamp down each queue
:      wsim: Add a small tolerance to rt balancing
:      wsim: Improve rt balancer to use history across sync points
:      wsim: Add rtavg balancer
:      wsim: Introduce verbosity
:      wsim: qd throttling now works independently of balancer->get_qd
:      wsim: Loop over the multiple u32 reads from the status page
:      wsim: Fixup breaking the read loop after the seqno advances.
:      wsim: Convert the RT multiple reads to a latched read
:      wsim: Compact the per-engine heartbeat into a single buffer
:      autotools requires headers to be listed
:      Revert "lib/igt_kms: Force outputs to use full range RGB"
:      wsim: Stop treating wrk->status_page as just a single uint32_t
:      wsim: Avoid the workload_step being tracked simultaneously on multiple engines
:      wsim: Cache the heartbeat batch and location
:      wsim: Limit heartbeats to sync points
:      wsim: Limit the information updated during the heartbeat
:      wsim: Switch off heartbeat by default
:      wsim: Feed qd into ewma
:      wsim: Use a loop over engines to calculate RT
:      overlay: Fixup new layout of tracepoints
:      overlay: Convert to per-context seqno tracking
:      intel_error_decode: Fix off-by-one when dumping the binary objects
:      igt/gem_exec_reloc: Exercise relocations across the full GTT range
:      igt/gem_exec_reloc: Filter out unavailable addresses for !ppgtt
:      intel_error_decode: Tell zlib the correct amount of memory we allocated
:      wsim: Set the seqno/time stamp on each batch to every engine
:      igt/gem_exec_nop: Include the impact of signaling a fence
:      igt/gem_exec_nop: Restore check on available signal rings
:      igt/amd_cs_nop: Spread submissions across multiple processes
:      amdgpu/amd_cs_nop: Use a counter not seqno
:      igt/gem_exec_store: Add welcome screen
:      wsim: Only require execbuf wr ioctl for FENCE_OUT
:      wsim: Fix reporting of workload/s for slaves
:      wsim: Allow assigning priorities to each workload
:      igt/gem_spin_batch: Avoid interleave throttle within open spin batches
:      lib: Refactor testing for ability to use MI_STORE_DATA_IMM
:      igt/gem_exec_fence: Skip await test if store-dword is not support
:      igt/pm_rps: Allow CUR to be greater than MAX (overclocking)
:      igt/gem_exec_store: Exercise more patterns for MI_STORE_DWORD_IMM
:      igt/gem_exec_store: And free the new obj/reloc arrays
:      igt/gem_exec_latency: Check for WC mmaps before use
:      igt/gem_mmap_wc: Move the require mmap-wc to the fixture
:      igt/gem_shrink: Exercise concurrent calls to i915_gem_shrink()
:      Revert "kms_cursor_legacy: Add a burner thread to make basic-busy-* pass."
:Daniel Stone (1):
:      tests/kms_*: Use correct DRM context version
:Daniel Vetter (1):
:      tests/kms_properties: Add GET_PROPERTY ioctl sanity check
:Eric Anholt (1):
:      igt/vc4_dmabuf_poll: Add a test for polling to wait for dmabuf fences.
:Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (1):
:      kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Don't poke compressing status for old cpus
:Harry Wentland (1):
:      tests/kms_setmode: Dynamic crtc/connector combinations
:Jari Tahvanainen (1):
:      tests/feat_profile.json: legacy features list for piglit summary feature
:Jason Ekstrand (1):
:      aubdump: Don't bail if a GEM handle of 0 is passed into execbuf
:Lukasz Fiedorowicz (1):
:      lib: Moving gem_execbuf_wr to ioctl_wrappers
:Maarten Lankhorst (9):
:      kms_properties: Blacklist legacy link-status connector property.
:      lib/igt_kms: Do not refresh all outputs in igt_display_commit
:      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Increase tolerance for failing flip-before/after-cursor.
:      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Fix failing tests harder
:      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: Prepare for non-square rotation tests
:      tests/kms_rotation_crc: Implement stricter rotation tests
:      tests/kms_rotation_crc: Keep primary plane enabled while testing.
:      tests/kms_properties: Allow setting all connector properties now.
:      kms_cursor_legacy: Add a burner thread to make basic-busy-* pass.
:Marta Lofstedt (1):
:      igt/meta_test: Fix dmesg-warn test
:Marta Löfstedt (1):
:      tests/meta_test: Add a meta test for sanity checks of CI systems
:Mika Kahola (2):
:      tests/kms_atomic: test that TEST_ONLY does not clobber state
:      tests/kms_concurrent: Concurrent and interruptible subtests for atomic
:Mika Kuoppala (1):
:      tests/gem_spin_batch: Add multiengine test
:Oscar Mateo (1):
:      tests/pm_sseu: Re-enable the test
:Petri Latvala (18):
:      Update MAINTAINERS file
:      igt_command_line.sh: Handle the special cases of drv_selftest and drm_mm
:      igt_command_line.sh: Actually check things during distcheck
:      lib/igt_kmod: Don't call igt_assert or igt_require without a fixture
:      intel-ci: Add extended.testlist for wider testing
:      benchmarks: Add gem_wsim to .gitignore
:      Revert "autotools requires headers to be listed"
:      benchmarks: Make sure ewma.h and ilog2.h are bundled in dist
:      Revert "Revert "lib/igt_kms: Force outputs to use full range RGB""
:      configure.ac: Define HAVE_CHAMELIUM in config.h
:      tests/Makefile.sources: Remove unused XFAIL_TESTS
:      tests: Merge single_kernel_tests and multi_kernel_tests in the build system
:      intel-ci: Add comments on test order to fast-feedback.testlist
:      tests/Makefile.am: Only ignore generated gitignore in gitignore
:      intel-ci: Have the directory included in the distributed tarballs
:      intel-ci: Document the public CI results web page
:      Fix a couple of typos CLFAGS -> CFLAGS
:      Update NEWS, bump version to 1.19.
:Radoslaw Szwichtenberg (1):
:      tests/pm_rps: Replace custom load function with dummy load
:Robert Foss (1):
:      tools: Remove accidentally included binary intel_bios_reader
:Terrence Xu (1):
:      Fix the mac address definition typo in tools/intel_gvtg_test.
:Tomeu Vizoso (3):
:      lib: Open debugfs files for the given DRM device
:      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Don't assert on errno after success
:      Revert "lib: Open debugfs files for the given DRM device"
:Tvrtko Ursulin (59):
:      igt/gem_exec_nop/headless: Verify GT performance in headless mode
:      benchmarks/gem_wsim: Command submission workload simulator
:      igt/scripts: trace.pl to parse the i915 tracepoints
:      benchmarks/gem_wsim: Fix no reloc handling
:      gem_wsim: Add some generic media workloads
:      gem_wsim: Simplify batch creation
:      gem_wsim: Support multiple dependencies
:      gem_wsim: Support VCS2 remapping
:      gem_wsim: Fix implicit sync on last workload step
:      gem_wsim: More simulated transcoding workloads
:      gem_wsim: Add RTR balancer
:      gem_wsim: Enable initial per-workload round-robin VCS engine assignment
:      gem_wsim: Seed random numbers per client
:      gem_wsim: Allow symbolic balancer selection
:      gem_wsim: Slightly more robust workload parsing
:      gem_wsim: Fix master workload handling and stats
:      gem_wsim: Refactor balancer selection and help text
:      igt/trace.pl: Collect perf data in quiet mode
:      gem_wsim: Minimize startup gap
:      gem_wsim: Two small tidies
:      gem_wsim: Add append workload
:      igt/media-bench.pl: Media workload analyzer
:      gem_wsim: Simplify batch offset block a bit
:      gem_wsim: Fence support
:      gem_wsync: Clearer step metadata handling
:      gem_wsim: Implement sw sync point support
:      media-bench: Fix scoreboard range stat
:      media-bench: Fix evaluating with no balancing
:      media-bench: Flag workloads which failed to balance
:      media-bench: Store the trace file for later
:      media-bench: Simplify combined scoring
:      media-bench: Print score range when evaluation workloads
:      gem_wsim: Fix client exit with more than one background workload
:      gem_wsim: Add missing help text for -p
:      gem_wsim: Convert clients to threads
:      gem_wsim: Move seqno allocation and query into helpers
:      gem_wsim: Move seqno status page access to helpers
:      gem_wsim: Add global balancing mode
:      media-bench.pl: Add global balancing mode
:      trace.pl: Add aggregate GPU idle/busy stat
:      trace.pl: Option to draw the aggreate GPU busy timeline
:      media-bench.pl: Add option to specify workloads directly
:      media-bench.pl: Support GPU aggregate idle stats
:      media-bench.pl: More tweak to saturation point finding
:      igt: Fix detection of missing flex
:      gem_wsim: Added missing -H help text
:      gem_wsim: Add static context balancer
:      media-bench.pl: Add context balancer to the list
:      gem_wsim: Late balancing decision mode
:      media-bench.pl: Include gem_wsim -d in the evaluation
:      gem_wsim: Detect invalid duration range
:      media-bench.pl: Verbose option
:      media-bench.pl: Add GT2 mode
:      gem_wsim: Fix heartbeats in GT2 mode
:      gem_wsim: Asymmetrical 1-to-n workloads
:      gem_wsim: Add some randomness to the 17i7 workload
:      gem_wsim: More interesting workloads
:      trace.pl: Handle multi-day uptime
:      media-bench.pl: Add automatic per-client target mode
:Ville Syrjälä (2):
:      tests/kms_cursor_legacy: make_busy() before get_vblank()
:      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Test non-square cursors on IVB+
:git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.19
:MD5:  4fdfa56acca3b046fc61fb12686656f3  intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.bz2
:SHA1: c7ad03b1637db6749690b22a366d675471dc353e  intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.bz2
:SHA256: a49c8ae7c0431c1f33cd9492f83ec4e06e98a48429178e4bd22d9a1a87e3b0f1  intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.bz2
:PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.bz2.sig
:MD5:  d5e6a5f6e29b419bab60d7de55f79282  intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.gz
:SHA1: 2184babf6cc60e6f0c84a4a44fe42eedbb817d6d  intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.gz
:SHA256: 70f6ecb45c5689a384402b9f103cf748c263d424a1cbc9bf11ce01b8082388da  intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.gz
:PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/intel-gpu-tools-1.19.tar.gz.sig

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