[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Sep 16 20:57:19 UTC 2016

I think we're ready for RC1 at this point, but wanted to give people a
chance to scream about "just one more API change" until tomorrow. Let me
know if there's something I'm missing; if I don't hear anything, I'll be
tagging RC1 in the morning.

Aaron Plattner (1):
      xace: Fix XaceCensorImage to actually censor the right part of the image

Adam Jackson (92):
      Post-release version bump for 1.19
      xnest: Fix needless build dependency on xcb-util-keysyms
      dix: Remove redundant ChangeWindowProperty
      Revert "hw/xfree86: Use NotifyFd for device and other input fd wakeups"
      x86emu: Squash a warning
      dmx: Silence lex/yacc-related config parser warnings
      dmx: Silence unused variable warning in dmxcompat
      dmx: Run 'doxygen -u' to upgrade the doxygen config file
      glxproxy: Silence set-but-unused-variable warnings
      glxproxy: Silence shadowed-variable warnings
      sync: Don't allow creating a system counter before sync is initialized
      randr: Silence unused variable warning
      Revert "Fix uninitialized variable warnings reported by clang"
      os: Failure to remove a non-existent log file is not an error
      glx: Fix GLX_EXT_create_context_es2_profile support
      modesetting: Require sufficiently new libdrm
      xfree86: Remove ancient DRI build instructions
      xfree86: Build parser for DRI config file subsection unconditionally
      xephyr: Remove DRI1
      autogen: Set a default subject prefix for patches
      os: unifdef STREAMSCONN
      dri2: Use the work queue to manage client sleeps
      xv: Fix unchecked AddResource
      dri1: Fix unchecked AddResource
      glx: Macroize building the attribute list in DoGetDrawableAttributes
      glx: Add GLX_SCREEN to the GetDrawableAttributes response
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_stereo_tree
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float
      vidmode: Remove stray vidmodeproc.h from EXTRA_DIST
      Fix the typo from the previous patch, d'oh
      xfree86: Font modules aren't a real thing
      xfree86: Finish removing font modules
      os: Treat ssh as a non-local client (v4)
      glx: Remove default server glx extension string
      glx: Remove server-side mention of GLX_MESA_swap_control
      glx: Don't enable EXT_texture_from_pixmap unconditionally
      xquartz/glx: Error out for MakeContextCurrent(draw != read)
      xwin/glx: Enable GLX_SGI_make_current_read unconditionally (v2)
      glx: Enable GLX_SGI_make_current_read in the core
      glx: Use __glXInitExtensionEnableBits in all backends (v2)
      xwin/glx: Drop GLWIN_NO_WGL_EXTENSIONS hack
      glx: Enable GLX 1.4 unconditionally
      xquartz/glx: Remove unused fields from the glx screen subclass
      glx: Move glx_enable_bits up to the GLX screen base class
      glx: Compute the GLX extension string from __glXScreenInit
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_libglvnd (v2)
      dix: Add RootWindowFinalizeCallback
      xfree86: Create seat atom from the root window callback (v2)
      xfree86: Create VT atoms from the root window callback (v2)
      xfree86: Unexport xf86Initialising, remove xf86ServerIsInitialising
      xfree86: Remove some leftovers from DisplayID support
      xfree86: Make xf86SetDDCproperties work more than once (v2)
      xfree86: Remove a never-hit diagnostic message
      xfree86: Create EDID atom from the root window callback (v2)
      xfree86: Remove xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty
      dix: Squash some new gcc6 warnings
      kdrive: Nuke a bunch of dead code
      dix: Push UpdateCurrentTimeIf down out of the main loop
      dix: Remove pointless client-state callbacks
      glx: Code motion
      glx/dri2: Implement dri2FlushFrontBuffer explicitly
      glx: Remove some redundant zero-init of GLX context state
      glx: Stop tracking hasUnflushedCommands
      damage: Make damageRegionProcessPending take a damage not a drawable
      xfree86: Add IndirectGLX server flag (v2)
      dix: Use OsSignal() not signal()
      dmx: Remove SIGIO input support here too
      dri1: Hide the SIGIO details from drivers
      xfree86: Undocument UseSIGIO in xorg.conf
      dix: Update some comments to reflect the new non-SIGIO input model
      xfree86: Remove redundant parse of AIGLX server flag
      xfree86: Don't swallow ±iglx command line flag
      xace: Remove the audit hooks and tune dispatch
      res: Simplify QueryClientPixmapBytes
      res: Fix accounting of redirected window pixmaps for Composite
      res: Account for GLXPixmap references too
      Revert "XDMCP: For IPv6 add link local addresses to the end of the list"
      configure: Tell AC_REPLACE_FUNCS where to find replacements
      modesetting: Drop some non-functional triple-buffering variables
      modesetting: Implement a double-buffered shadow mode
      xwayland: Only force monotonic clock once
      xfree86: Fix fallback driver sort order for Xorg -configure (v2)
      modesetting: resubmit dirty rects on EINVAL (v2)
      xwayland: Fix relinking when dix changes
      xv: Remove some dumb calls SendErrorToClient
      xinput: Let top-level dispatch generate the error
      test: Remember to swap the window argument to XIQueryPointer
      sync: Don't do return client->noClientException
      dri3: Don't do return client->noClientException
      dri2: Don't make reference to noClientException
      glx: Fix computation of GLX_X_RENDERABLE fbconfig attribute

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      modesetting should not reference gbm when it's not defined
      Use unique logfile names when starting server with -displayfd
      Avoid segfault in CloseWellKnownConnections when using -displayfd
      os: OsSigHandler should not show rtld errors for unrelated signals
      os: Use pthread_setname_np to set thread names if available

Alex Goins (12):
      modesetting: Consistent whitespace in driver.c
      xf86: Add PRIME flipping functions to Screen
      randr/xf86: Add PRIME Synchronization / Double Buffer
      modesetting: Internal storage of scanout pixmaps
      modesetting: Always tear down scanout pixmap
      modesetting: Always load ms->drmmode.pageflip
      modesetting: Implement PRIME syncing as a sink
      modesetting: Suspend and resume flipping with DPMS
      modesetting: Blacklist USB transport devices from PRIME sync
      modesetting: Disable Reverse PRIME for i915
      modesetting: Implement PRIME syncing as a source
      modesetting: NULL assignment for drmmode_set_target_scanout_target_cpu

Alexandre Courbot (1):
      configure.ac: Keep environment CFLAGS when testing

Andreas Schwab (1):
      x86emu: Change include order to avoid conflict with system header

Andrew Comminos (1):
      Input: Send XI2 FocusOut NotifyPointer events to the pointer window.

Andrew Eikum (1):
      shm: Also censor images returned by ShmGetImage

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz (1):
      Xorg.wrap: activate libdrm based detection for KMS drivers

Bob Ham (1):
      xserver: Fix configure.ac check for libsystemd/-daemon

Brian M. Clapper (1):
      os: Add poll emulation for mingw [v2]

Chris Wilson (10):
      present: Requery pending flips with the right sync_flip mode
      present: When cancelling a pending synchronous flip, requeue it
      present: Do not replace Pixmaps on redirected Window on unflip
      dri2: Only invalidate the immediate Window upon SetWindowPixmap
      dri2: Unblock Clients on Drawable release
      dix: Add ClientSignalAll()
      dri2: Allow many blocked clients per-drawable
      Xext/vidmode: Reduce verbosity of GetModeLine debug messages
      present: Improve scaling of vblank handler
      present: Fix presentation of flips out of order

Colin Harrison (2):
      xwin: Add a tentative entry for the Korean keyboard to the list of known keyboard layouts
      hw/xwin: Fix a crash which occurs if focus returns to XWin after xkbcomp has failed

Daniel Stone (5):
      XKB: Split filter execution into a separate function
      Input: Add DeviceEventSource enum
      Input: Add focus-in event source
      XWayland: Use FocusIn events for keyboard enter
      dix: Add hybrid full-size/empty-clip mode to SetRootClip

Dave Airlie (27):
      modesetting: drop platform_dev pointer.
      modesetting: create entities for pci and old probe. (v2)
      glamor: fallback if font is too large for FBO size.
      glamor: store old fonts in double width textures.
      glamor: use vbos in gradient/picture code.
      glamor/xv: add vbo support (v2.1)
      glamor: Add support for CA rendering in a single pass.
      glamor: don't do copy if we have 0 boxes to copy.
      glamor: add core profile support. (v2)
      glamor: add core profile support to EGL glamor. (v2)
      xwayland: add support for use core profile for glamor. (v2)
      ephyr: catch X errors if we try to create a core context and fail.
      present: fail flipping if we have any slave outputs
      glamor: swizzle RED to 0 for alpha textures
      glamor: add glamor_finish API
      modesetting: add support for background none.
      modesetting: port clean start code from amdgpu. (v2)
      randr/provider: only allow slave gpu to be offload sources.
      modesetting: set driverPrivate to NULL after closing fd.
      xf86Crtc: don't set the root window property on slave GPUs.
      modesetting: set capabilities up after glamor and enable offload caps.
      modesetting: fix build with glamor disabled.
      prime: clean up slave bo properly. (v3)
      modesetting: Implement 32->24 bpp conversion in shadow update
      dix: Add dixPrivatesCreated helper function
      xf86Cursor: Add xf86CheckHWCursor() helper function
      xf86Cursor: Add hw cursor support for prime

Egbert Eich (1):
      kdrive/UnregisterFd: Fix off by one

Emil Velikov (8):
      dri3: remove unused file dri3int.h
      xfree86/parser: annotate xf86ConfigSymTabRec as constant data
      xfree86/parser: move StringToToken() definition further up
      xfree86/parser: reuse StringToToken() in xf86getToken()
      xfree86/parser: simplify #ifdef ladder
      xfree86: factor out the check priviliges and print a big warning
      xfree86: use the xf86CheckPrivs() helper for modulepath/logfile
      xfree86: drop unneeded strdup for modulepath/logfile

Emily Deng (1):
      xfree86: vgaarb: Initialize local variable rsrc_decodes

Eric Anholt (51):
      glamor: Avoid GL errors from mapping with size == 0.
      glamor: Handle GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY when allocating texture images.
      glamor: Fix crashes when the glyph atlas allocation fails.
      glamor: Fix rendering when core font texture allocation fails.
      glamor: Fix assert failures when fallback picture upload alloc fails.
      glamor: Fix segfault in fallback picture uploading.
      glamor: No need to glFlush before destroying a pixmap.
      modesetting: No need to free the EGLImage just before freeing the pixmap.
      glamor: Remove glamor_egl_destroy_textured_pixmap().
      glamor: Unexport glamor_destroy_textured_pixmap().
      glamor: Hook up EGL DestroyPixmap through the normal wrap chain.
      glamor: Use the GBM function for getting an FD from a GBM BO.
      glamor: Use real types for glamor_egl's public gbm functions.
      glamor: Simplify DRI3 pixmap-from-fd, using GBM.
      glamor: Make glamor_get_name_from_bo static.
      glamor: Delay making pixmaps shareable until we need to.
      glamor: Fix copy-like Render operations between 15 and 16 depth.
      glamor: Drop the composite_with_copy path entirely.
      glamor: Drop duplicated GLAMOR_DEFAULT_PRECISIONs in render accel.
      ephyr: Make sure we have GLX_ARB_create_context before calling it.
      glamor: Label programs before linking them.
      glamor: Clarify when Render fallbacks happen due to an unsupported op.
      glamor: Drop dead *_from_x_coord_y() functions.
      glamor: Rename the *y_inverted helpers to not say "inverted".
      glamor: Drop comment about dead yInverted flag.
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_pict_format_is_compatible().
      glamor: Set up XV sampler uniforms once at program build time.
      glamor: Simplify XV vertex setup.
      glamor: Convert XV to using glamor_program.c.
      glamor: Drop extra SHADER_IN type for no mask present.
      glamor: Reuse the glamor_program_alpha_* enums for Render.
      glamor: Simplify the pixmap box looping.
      glamor: Clarify some logic in RepeatFix handling.
      glamor: Clean up formatting of RepeatFix shader code.
      glamor: Clarify how the repeat values being passed around work.
      glamor: Cut down a bunch of conditional handling for RepeatFix.
      glamor: Flip around conditionals in RepeatNone fixups.
      glamor: Simplify temporary picture uploading call stack.
      glamor: Make sure that GLAMOR_MEMORY pixmaps don't retain an FBO.
      glamor: Drop dead fbo handling from GLAMOR_MEMORY pict uploads.
      glamor: Propagate that is_upload is always true.
      glamor: Merge the two GL-type-from-pictformat paths.
      glamor: Drop the GLES2 REVERT_UPLOADING_2_10_10_10 paths.
      glamor: Drop the REVERT_UPLOADING_1_5_5_5 path.
      glamor: Generalize the a1-to-a8 conversion path.
      glamor: Drop unused PBO code in temporary picture uploading.
      glamor: Drop dead large-pixmap handling code in temp picture uploads.
      glamor: Replace "finish access" shader with texture swizzling.
      ephyr: Fix redisplay with glamor on GLES.
      glamor: Remove the FBO cache.
      test: Run some XTS5 integration tests against Xvfb if possible.

Eric Biggers (1):
      Allow ConstantDeceleration < 1.0

Evgeny M. Zubok (1):
      xfree86: Change VBE version early-out to 1.2. (#22672)

Guilherme Quentel Melo (1):
      glx: avoid memory leak when using indirect rendering

Hans De Goede (4):
      linux: Do not try to open /dev/vc/0, fix error msg when /dev/tty0 open fails
      Fix Xorg -configure not working anymore
      modesetting: Do not use function local static variables
      modesetting: Hide cursor when initializing crtc

Hans de Goede (22):
      glamor: Fix XvPutImage when src_y != 0
      xrandrprovider: Do not use separate lists for unbound / source / offload slaves
      modesetting: Properly cleanup fb for reverse-prime-offload
      modesetting: Set ppix->fb_id to 0 after removing the fb
      modesetting: Remove unnecessary fb addition from drmmode_xf86crtc_resize
      modesetting: Only add main fb if necessary
      modesetting: Fix swapping of provider sink / source capabilities
      modesetting: Load on GPU-s with 0 outputs
      glamor: Add glamor_shareable_fd_from_pixmap()
      modesetting: Fix msSharePixmapBacking returning a non-linear bo
      modesetting: ms_covering_crtc: Remove unused arguments, make static
      modesetting: Remove some dead code
      glamor: Fix crash when master gpu is using glamor and another gpu is hotplugged
      randr: Add RRHasScanoutPixmap helper function
      xf86Cursor: Fix xf86CurrentCursor to work on slave GPU Screens
      xf86Cursor: Fix xf86_crtc_rotate_coord using width/height wrongly
      xf86Cursor: Deal with rotation on GPU screens using a hw-cursor
      randr: Fix crtc_bounds when using rotation combined with reflection
      modesetting: ms_dri2_create_buffer: check screen of existing front buffers
      modesetting: Implement DRI2InfoRec version 9 callbacks
      modesetting: ms_covering_crtc: Allow calling on non modesetting Screens
      modesetting: Fall back to primary crtc for vblank for drawables on slave outputs

Jan Burgmeier (1):
      Fix XineramaQueryScreens for reverse prime

Jason Gerecke (3):
      xwayland: Fix whitespace errors
      xwayland: Use correct labels when initializing pointer valuators
      xwayland: Expose all NBUTTONS buttons on the pointer

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (13):
      XQuartz: Remove --with-launchd-id-prefix
      XQuartz: Fix the help text for --with-bundle-id-prefix
      XQuartz: Update release feed URL to use new https URL
      XQuartz: Add --with-sparkle-feed-url configure option
      XQuartz: Add --with-bundle-version and --with-bundle-version-string configure options
      XQuartz: Update copyright years
      XQuartz: Fix default CFBundleVersion
      XQuartz: Fix the issue where the h key could be come "stuck" after hiding XQuartz with cmd-h
      XQuartz: Cleanup CPPFLAGS that are no longer necessary on darwin
      Xquartz: Update for removal of AddEnabledDevice and RemoveEnabledDevice
      Xext/shm: Fix usage of F_GETFD to match standard
      os/inputthread: Fix setting of cloexec on file descriptors
      dix/dispatch: Fix SmartScheduleClient interval adjustment to use best rather than pClient

Jon TURNEY (1):
      Fix build on Cygwin by ensuring WIN32 check triggers only on MinGW

Jon Turney (43):
      xwin: Fix format warnings when ./configured --enable-debug --enable-windowswm
      xwin: XGetWMNormalHints() returns non-zero on success
      xwin: Improve handling of no-decoration motif hint
      xwin: Correctly interpret WM_HINTS, WM_NORMAL_HINTS properties on x86_64
      xwin: Check that window position is visible on non-rectangular virtual desktops
      xwin: Use WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE clipboard API
      xwin: Update to XRANDR 1.2 internal interface to ensure an output is reported by XRANDR
      xwin: Keyboard layout updates
      xwin: Factor out MessageName() debug helper
      xwin: In multiwindow mode, look up the HWND for the parent window
      xwin: Add SKIPTASKBAR hint to _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DOCK type windows
      xwin: Remove unhelpful debug about WM message queue size
      hw/xwin: Remove the long-broken -silent-dup-error option
      hw/xwin: Ignore the obsolete, undocumented -internalwm option
      hw/xwin: Remove fInternalWM flag
      hw/xwin: Remove winIsInternalWMRunning(), which now always returns FALSE
      hw/xwin: Remove allowOtherWM, which is now always FALSE
      hw/xwin: Remove WM_(UN|)MANAGE messages, which are now never sent
      hw/xwin: Remove WM_WM_MAP message, which is now unused
      hw/xwin: Return FALSE to indicate failure in winSetEngine()
      hw/xwin: Remove unused HotKeyAltTab engine function
      hw/xwin: Remove unused FinishCreateWindowsWindow engine function
      hw/xwin: Use NULL rather than NoopDDA for unimplemented engine functions
      hw/xwin: Remove GC privates, unused since native GDI engine removal
      hw/xwin: Tidy-up of winmsg.h
      xwin/glx: Build fix for warnings about missing WGL extensioons
      hw/xwin: xcbify code for converting X11 icon to Win32 icon
      hw/xwin: In multiwindow mode, do window minimization entirely in the WM
      hw/xwin: xcbify internal window manager
      hw/xwin: Use Bool type in winShowWindowOnTaskbar() prototype
      hw/xwin: Remove decorations from _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_SPLASH type windows
      hw/xwin: Use _NET_WM_NAME for window titles in multiwindow mode
      hw/xwin: Check for just the hostname in window title
      hw/xwin: Downgrade some uninformative, always-emitted log output to debug
      hw/xwin: Tell LogInit() to backup previous logfile as .old
      hw/xwin: Default to -noresize when -fullscreen is used
      hw/xwin: Detect invalid options in combination with -nodecoration
      hw/xwin: Make window maximizable if a maximium size larger than virtual desktop size is specified
      hw/xwin: Fix a crash trying to reload window icons when not in multiwindow mode
      hw/xwin: Fix a typo in "Remove Shadow DirectDraw engine"
      hw/xwin: Update for removal of AddEnabledDevice
      hw/xwin: Update BlockHandler function signature
      Add Windows-DRI extension

Jonas Ådahl (4):
      xwayland: Always update the wl_pointer cursor on pointer focus
      xwayland: Prefix shm tmp file names with xwayland
      xwayland: Correctly detect whether posix_fallocate exists
      xwayland: Use the CLOCK_MONOTONIC clock

Julian Pidancet (1):
      x86emu: Correctly handle 0x66 prefix for some instructions

Julien Cristau (10):
      xv: fix double free in AddResource failure case
      xvmc: Fix unchecked AddResource
      dri3: return an error if AddResource fails
      glx: don't call pGlxDraw->destroy() if AddResource fails
      dmx/glxProxy: don't free the glx pixmap twice if AddResource fails
      modesetting: avoid double free if AddResource fails
      xwin: no need to free auth data if AddResource fails
      record: don't call RecordDeleteContext when AddResource fails
      render: free already allocated formats in PictureInit failure case
      xfixes: avoid double free if AddResource fails

Keith Packard (105):
      Remove non-smart scheduler. Don't require setitimer.
      os: Add NotifyFd interfaces
      os: Implement support for NotifyFd X_NOTIFY_WRITE
      dix: Move InitFonts up above screen initialization
      config: Use NotifyFd for dbus interface
      config: Use NotifyFd interface for udev
      hw/kdrive: Use NotifyFd interface for kdrive/linux APM monitoring
      hw/kdrive: Use NotifyFd for kdrive input devices
      kdrive/ephyr: Use NotifyFd for XCB connection input [v2]
      modesetting: Use NotifyFd for drm event monitoring
      hw/xwayland: Use NotifyFd handler to monitor wayland socket
      Xext/xselinux: Use NotifyFd interface
      os/xdmcp: Replace xdmcp block/wakeup handlers with timer and NotifyFd
      render: Use OsTimer for animated cursor timing
      hw/xfree86: Use NotifyFd for device and other input fd wakeups
      os: Use NotifyFd interface for listen descriptors
      glamor: Use vertex array objects
      glamor: Use GL_RED instead of GL_ALPHA if we have texture_swizzle (v3)
      ephyr: Create 3.1 core profile context if possible (v3)
      randr: Send ConfigNotify when manual monitor list changes
      xwayland: Move sprite invalidation logic into mipointer
      mi: Remove miPointerRec from API
      xfree86: Set xf86CrtcConfigRec cursor pointer to NULL in HideCursor
      glamor: Disable logic ops when doing compositing [v4]
      glamor: glamor_make_current sooner in glamor_composite_with_shader
      glamor: Preserve GL_RED bits in R channel when destination is GL_RED [v2]
      kdrive: Remove unneeded AddEnabledDevice/RemoveEnabledDevice calls
      Remove SIGIO support for input [v5]
      kdrive: Don't lock input across read in KdNotifyFd
      xfree86: Remove unnecessary errno save/restore in xf86ReadInput
      xkb: Hold input lock across injected key event processing
      Create a threaded mechanism for input [v7]
      mi: Grow event queue while reading events
      dix: Reallocate touchpoint buffer at input event time [v2]
      xfree86: Use threaded input mechanism [v2]
      kdrive: Use threaded input
      modesetting: Use new xf86CurrentCursor API
      os: Increase default client buffer to 16kB
      glamor: Adjust for drawable x/y in composite's copy optimization
      test: Make touch test reflect new ability to realloc touch array [v2]
      test: Actually verify that two equivalent touch points are the same
      xfree86: Bump ABI versions
      Add ax_pthread.m4 to m4/
      xfree86: Remove event reading code from xf86Wakeup
      os: fix input_mutex_count off-by-one in input_force_unlock
      dix: Remove bogus input_mutex and input_mutex_count definitions from globals.c
      xfree86: Provide xf86BlockSIGIO and xf86ReleaseSIGIO as wrappers for input mutex
      os: Lock input while messing with input device list
      os: Initialize NotifyFds earlier in startup
      dix: Don't update current time in the middle of input event processing
      os: Do timers under input lock, not blocked signals
      glamor: Use DestroyPixmap instead of FreePicture for glyph atlas pixmap
      kdrive: Only enable threaded input if we have input devices
      dix: Call screen block/wakeup handlers closest to blocking [v3]
      ephyr: Don't configure window while responding to configure events
      ephyr: Handle window resize when using glamor
      ephyr: Process queued X events before blocking [v2]
      ephyr: Process only the last expose or configure available from the server
      dix: Switch to the libXfont2 API (v2)
      kdrive: switch from select(2) to poll(2)
      xfree86: Switch from select(2) to poll(2)
      dmx: Switch from select(2) to poll(2) for input
      os: Use NotifyFd for ErrorConnMax
      hw/xfree86: Use NotifyFd for other input fd wakeups
      xnest: Use SetNotifyFd to receive events
      hw/kdrive: Use passed-in fd for kdrive/linux APM monitoring [v2]
      modesetting: Use passed-in fd for drm event monitoring NotifyFd callback
      dmx: Eliminate use of AddEnabledDevice [v2]
      Remove readmask from screen block/wakeup handler
      Remove fd_set from Block/Wakeup handler API
      Remove AddEnabledDevice and AddGeneralSocket APIs
      Bump ABI versions to reflect block/wakeup handler API changes
      dix/os: Merge priority computation into SmartScheduleClient
      dix: Intermediate GrabServer state 'GrabKickout' not needed
      os: Compute timeout in milliseconds instead of struct timeval
      os: Add X_NOTIFY_ERROR value
      os: Move ETEST macro from io.c to osdep.h
      os: InputThreadFillPipe doesn't need select or poll
      Switch poll() users to xserver_poll()
      os: Add ospoll interface [v2]
      dix: Use list for ready clients
      os: Switch server to poll(2) [v3]
      os: Use ospoll for input thread [v2]
      os: eliminate fd value limits for clients
      Allow 1024 and 2048 for LimitClients
      os: Leave stdin and stdout open
      os: Remove CheckConnections
      os: Use xorg_list for struct _OsTimerRec
      os: Clean up WaitFor.c
      os: Allow re-registering fd with InputThreadRegisterDev
      mi: Remove spurious call to OsReleaseSignals from mieqGrowQueue
      Build glamor when Xorg or Xephyr are built.
      xfree86: Set pScrn->pScreen before driver ScreenInit is called
      os: Delay freeing of epoll_wait return pointers until epoll is idle.
      os: Abandon loop after poll call when array of fds has changed
      dix: Avoid writing uninitialized bytes in deliverPropertyNotifyEvent
      config: Hold input lock across udev socket handling
      Hold input lock while calling input device SetProperty callback
      Hold input lock for deviceProc
      config/dbus: Initialize dbus fd to -1 so teardown doesn't use fd 0
      Remove 'dixfontstubs.h' from include EXTRA_DIST
      hw/xwin: Add 'dri' to DIST_SUBDIRS
      include: Add 'xserver_poll.h' to Makefile.am
      os: Add 'ospoll.h' to Makefile.am
      Bump version to

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      modesetting: Delete dead drmmode_bo_for_pixmap function.

Laércio de Sousa (12):
      systemd-logind.c: don't parse VT settings for non-seat0 X servers
      kdrive: fix up NewInputDeviceRequest() implementation
      kdrive: set "evdev" driver for input devices automatically, if available.
      kdrive: don't let evdev driver overwrite existing device names
      ephyr: ignore Xorg multiseat command line options
      ephyr: don't load ephyr input driver if -seat option is passed
      kdrive/evdev: update keyboard LEDs (#22302)
      kdrive: introduce input hot-plugging support for udev and hal backends (#33140)
      kdrive: add options to set default XKB properties
      ephyr: enable option -sw-cursor by default in multi-seat mode
      config/udev: distinguish between real keyboards and other key devices
      kdrive/ephyr: map host X server's keymap into Xephyr, if supported

Lyude Paul (1):
      modesetting: Clear drmmode->fb_id before unflipping

Maarten Lankhorst (1):
      exa: only draw valid trapezoids

Marc-Andre Lureau (1):
      dri2: add virtio-gpu pci ids

Marek Chalupa (3):
      xwayland: fix memory leaks on error paths in xwl_realize_window
      xwayland: check if creating xwl_output succeeded
      xwayland-shm: fortify fallocate against EINTR

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      Autoconfig: Fix the loop adding dectected drivers to the list of screens

Michael Stapelberg (1):
      Also dump passive grabs on XF86LogGrabInfo

Michael Thayer (1):
      xi2: fix FocusIn grabs

Michel Dänzer (48):
      randr: Stop dirty tracking for shared pixmap being destroyed
      prime: Damage full destination rectangle when we start dirty tracking
      glamor: Disable debugging messages other than GL API errors
      present: Handle wraparound when comparing MSC values
      present: Move msc_is_(equal_or_)after to the top of present.c
      present: Requeue if flip driver hook fails and target MSC not reached
      present: Only requeue if target MSC is not reached after an unflip
      dri3: Refuse to work for remote clients (v2)
      present: Only update screen pixmap from flip pixmap once per unflip
      present: Factor code for restoring screen pixmap out of present_unflip (v2)
      present: Call present_restore_screen_pixmap from present_set_abort_flip
      glamor: Factor out glamor_set_color_depth from glamor_set_color
      glamor: Source pictures are always depth 32
      xfree86/modes: Refactor xf86_use_hw_cursor_argb to use xf86_use_hw_cursor (v2)
      xfree86/modes: Check for CRTC transforms in xf86_use_hw_cursor(_argb) (v2)
      xfree86: Re-set current cursor after RandR 1.2 CRTC configuration change
      modesetting: Allow CRTC transforms to actually take effect
      glamor: Make context current in glamor_pixmap_fbo_cache_put
      present: Only requeue for next MSC after flip failure
      xfree86/modes: Make sure the HW cursor is hidden when it should be
      EXA: Honour op parameter to exaGlyphs even if maskFormat == NULL
      glamor: Fix sampling outside of RGBx source/mask pictures
      glamor: Check for composite operations which are equivalent to copies
      xfree86/modes: Assign xf86_config->cursor in xf86_load_cursor_image v2
      glamor: Cannot use copies when accessing outside of composite source
      os: Use strtok instead of xstrtokenize in ComputeLocalClient
      xfree86/modes: Remove xf86_reload_cursors v2
      glamor: Call eglBindAPI after eglInitialize
      xwayland: Call eglBindAPI after eglInitialize
      xfree86/modes: Fix HW cursor clipping for driverIsPerformingTransform (v2)
      xfree86/modes: Disambiguate driverIsPerformingTransform
      xfree86/modes: Simplify in_range logic in xf86_crtc_set_cursor_position
      dix: Work around non-premultiplied ARGB cursor data
      glamor: Translate solid text background region after clipping
      xfree86/modes: Move gamma initialization to xf86RandR12Init12 v2
      xfree86/modes: Remove xf86RandR12CrtcGetGamma
      xfree86: Hook up colormaps and RandR 1.2 gamma code v6
      present: Only call restore_screen_pixmap once from set_abort_flip
      present: Handle event mask updates as specified v2
      xfree86/modes: Handle no palette case better in xf86RandR12CrtcSetGamma
      xfree86/modes: Handle no palette case better in xf86RandR12CrtcSetGamma
      dix: Pass ClientPtr to FlushCallback
      present: Make present_restore_screen_pixmap handle screen->root == NULL
      present: Call set_abort_flip / restore_screen_pixmap in clear_window_flip
      glamor: Handle bitplane in glamor_copy_fbo_cpu
      glamor: Declare "pos" in the composite glyph GLSL 1.20 vertex shader
      Add SyncSharedPixmap ScreenRec hook
      xfree86/modes: Set RandR primary output from CreateScreenResources

Nikhil Mahale (1):
      randr: Adjust master's last set time with slaves

Olivier Fourdan (36):
      xwayland: Do not set root clip when rootless
      xwayland: Update screen size on output removal
      vidmode: use appropriate API
      vidmode: get rid of the CloseScreen wrapper
      vidmode: use ScreenPtr instead of screen index
      vidmode: remove VidModeGetMonitor()
      vidmode: use appropriate DisplayModePtr type
      vidmode: remove mode access from public API
      vidmode: move display mode definitions
      vidmode: rename DDX functions
      vidmode: move to a separate library of its own
      vidmode: remove redundant check
      vidmode: remove redundant DIX function
      xwayland: add partial xvidmode extension support
      xwayland: fix a crash on output removal
      vidmode: build without xf86vidmodeproto
      xwayland: add glamor Xv adaptor
      glamor: do not build Xv support when --disable-xv
      xwayland: do not include frequency in mode name
      xwayland: Pretend we support viewport in vidmode
      xwayland: Fix compiler warning in GLAMOR Xv
      glamor: fix wrong offset on composite rectangles
      xwayland: don't check events as early as InitInput
      xkb: add hook to allow/deny AccessX key repeat
      xwayland: add a server sync before repeating keys
      xwayland: refactor Wayland event handling
      xwayland: sync event queue to check compositor reply
      wayland: Remove unused field in xwl_screen
      xwayland: Restore wl_display_roundtrip() in InitInput
      randr: Do not update ConnectionInfo if NULL
      wayland: clear resource for pixmap on unrealize
      xwayland-input: Fake crossing to rootwin
      xwayland: Plug memleak in frame callbacks
      xwayland: Avoid double free of RRCrtc and RROutput
      present: Free the fake_present OsTimerPtr
      wayland: Emulate crossing for native window

Peter Hutterer (15):
      xfree86: fix minor memory leak
      xfree86: whitespace fix
      xfree86: add NoMatchFoo directives for InputClass sections
      xfree86: move check for driver->PreInit up
      xkb: fix SlowKeys release/reject beeps
      Xi: don't deliver emulated motion events for non-emulating touches
      xfree86: add support for MatchIsTabletPad
      xkb: after changing the keymap, force an indicator update
      Allow compile-time selection of a fallback input driver
      xkb: add a cause to the xkb indicator update after a keymap change
      xfree86: if ATTR_KEYBOARD is set, match for keyboards
      os: append, rather than prepend, any new input thread fds
      xfree86: fix unbalanced input_lock/unlock in xf86NewInputDevice()
      xfree86: lock input during PreInit
      xfree86: print the module name together with the load failure message

Qiang Yu (5):
      modesetting: make ms_do_pageflip generic for share with DRI2
      modesetting: move ms_do_pageflip to pageflip.c
      modesetting: move common page flip handle to pageflip.c
      modesetting: add DRI2 page flip support
      modesetting: fix compile error when --disable-glamor

Ran Benita (1):
      xkb: fix check for appending '|' character when applying rules

Reinhard Max (1):
      XDMCP: For IPv6 add link local addresses to the end of the list

Richard PALO (1):
      Replace 'sun' with '__sun'

Rui Matos (4):
      xwayland: Clear pending cursor frame callbacks on pointer enter
      build: Enable vidmode independently from Xorg
      xwayland: Update RR state on wl_output.done instead of wl_output.mode
      xwayland: Process queued events before making wayland mods effective

Siim Põder (1):
      vfb: add randr support (v2)

Simon Thum (2):
      dix/ptraccel: Fix memory leak in InitPredictableAccelerationScheme
      dix/ptraccel: Remove float literals

Sonny Jiang (1):
      DRI2: add Polaris PCI IDs

Takashi Iwai (3):
      modesetting: Fix the error check from DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CURSOR2
      modesetting: Use load_cursor_argb_check for sw cursor fallback
      modesetting: Fix hw cursor check at the first call

Thomas Klausner (3):
      Fix uninitialized variable warnings reported by clang
      Fix uninitialized variable warnings reported by clang
      Fix build when XSERVER_PLATFORM_BUS is not defined.

Timo Aaltonen (1):
      dri2: Sync i915_pci_ids.h and i965_pci_ids.h from mesa

agoins (5):
      randr: Factor out shared pixmap destruction
      randr: Factor out shared pixmap creation
      xf86: Bump ABI version to 21
      randr: Cleanup rrSetupPixmapSharing()
      randr: Add ability to turn PRIME sync off

Ángel González (1):
      security: Fix reversed comment

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