[ANNOUNCE] xcb-proto 1.12

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Wed May 18 16:42:59 UTC 2016

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Hi everyone,

here is a new version of xcb-proto for you to enjoy. Highlights are lots of
improvements especially to the xinput extension, support for RandR 1.5 and an
automatic alignment checker.


Christian Linhart (98):
      xinput: ChangeFeedbackControl: add missing pad
      xinput: SetDeviceModifierMapping: fix length of pad
      xinput: OpenDevice-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: UngrabDevice-request: add pad at end
      xinput: UngrabDeviceButton-request: add pad at end
      xinput: AllowDeviceEvents-request: add pad at end
      xinput: SetDeviceFocus-request: add pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceKeyMapping-request: add pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceButtonMapping-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceProperty-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: ChangeDeviceProperty-request: add align-pad at end
      xinput: struct AddMaster: add align-pad at end
      xinput: XIGetProperty-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceMotionEvents-request: add pad at end
      xinput: struct DeviceTimeCoord: replace CARD32 by INT32
      xinput: reply XIQueryPointer: fix type of field same_screen
      xinput: struct AddMaster: fix type of fields
      xinput: request GrabDeviceButton: fix type of field owner_events
      xinput: event Enter: fix type of fields same_screen and focus
      xinput: enum InputClass: comment value Attach 7
      xinput: rep ChangeKeyboardDevice.status: altenum to enum
      xinput: rep ChangePointerDevice.status: altenum to enum
      xinput: add new enum ModifierDevice
      xinput: req GrabDeviceKey.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: req UngrabDeviceKey.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: req GrabDeviceButton.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: req UngrabDeviceButton.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: struct ValuatorState.mode: add mask
      xinput: req ChangeFeedbackControl.mask: add mask
      xinput: struct ScrollClass.flags: has a mask
      xinput: struct XIDeviceInfo.type: altenum to enum
      xinput: ev DeviceKeyPress.state: add mask
      xinput: ev DeviceMappingNotify.request: add enum
      xinput: ev ChangeDeviceNotify.request: add enum
      xinput: new enum for device_id in some events
      xinput: ev DeviceKeyPress.device_id: add mask
      xinput: ev DeviceStateNotify.device_id: mask
      xinput: ev DeviceKeyStateNotify.device_id: mask
      xinput: ev DeviceButtonStateNotify.device_id: mask
      xinput: ev DeviceStateNotify.classes_reported: mask
      xinput: ev BarrierHit.flags: add new mask
      xinput: req XIPassiveGrabDevice.time: field is unused
      xinput: struct XIDeviceInfo.name: cleanup of padding
      xinput: rep SetDeviceMode.status: altenum to enum
      xinput: replace initial pad of xinput1.x replies with field
      xinput: add TODO list
      xml-xcb spec: describe switch-case
      xcbgen-parser: support switch-case
      xinput: req ChangeDeviceProperty: bitcase to case
      schema: add switch-case
      xinput: rep QueryDeviceState struct InputState: full support
      xcbgen: fields get a parent reference
      xml-doc: add sumof with nested expression
      schema: add rule for sumof with nested expression
      xcbgen: sumof with nested expression
      xinput: ListInputDevices: full support
      xinput: remove TODO-entry for sumof and ListInputDevices
      xinput: struct FeedbackState: full support
      xinput: struct FeedbackCtl: full support
      xinput: struct DeviceState: full support
      xinput: struct DeviceCtl: full support
      xinput: struct HierarchyChange: full support
      xinput: struct DeviceClass: full support
      xinput: cleanup the TODO-list
      xinput: rep GetDeviceProperty: replace bitcase with case
      xinput: req XIChangeProperty: replace bitcase with case
      xinput: rep XIGetProperty: replace bitcase with case
      present: specify length of RedirectNotify.notifies
      xcbgen: new expr-type listelement-ref
      doc: new expr element listelement-ref
      xcb-schema: add listelement-ref
      xinput: ev KeyPress: support list axisvalues
      xinput: ev ButtonPress, TouchBegin: support list axisvalues
      xinput: RawEvents: support lists axisvalues and axisvalues_raw
      xinput: remove TODO-entry for popcount of a list
      xcbgen: support paramref in the parser
      schema: add paramref
      xcb-doc: add paramref
      xinput: rep GetDeviceMotionEvents: full support
      xinput: update TODO: remove parametrized structs
      Merge http://git.demorecorder.com/git/free-sw/xcb/proto branch
      fix ABI/API compatibility problem in present
      randr: make padding explicit
      render: make padding explicit
      sync: make padding explicit
      xprint: make padding explicit
      xproto: add explicit align-pad in struct Setup
      xproto: struct "HOST": add explicit align pad
      xselinux: add explicit padding for struc "ListItem"
      xv: struct "EncodingInfo": add explicit align pad
      xv: struct "AttributeInfo": add explicit align pad
      glx: add non-default start-aligns for replies
      present: add non-default start-aligns for requests and events
      xinput: add non-default start-aligns for switches and cases
      automatic alignment checker / manual offsets
      make xkb pass the alignment checker
      optionally enforce serialization of pads
      enforce serialization of pads where needed for ABI compat

Ingo Bürk (1):
      Fix examples which use xcb_connection instead of the correct

Jaya Tiwari (6):
      Replace valueparam with switch-bitcase in render
      Replace valueparam with CARD32 bit field in Xprint
      Replace valueparam with switch-bitcase in Xproto
      Replace valueparam with switch-bitcase in Screensaver
      Remove valueparam support from xcbgen parsers and schema definition
      calculate lengthless list

Michael Stapelberg (1):
      randr: add RandR 1.5 requests and data types

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      xprint: Fix build of xprint extension

Peter Harris (2):
      Merge http://infra-srv1.demorecorder.com/git/free-sw/xcb/proto
      xfixes: cursor-name is after cursor-image in GetCursorImageAndName

Peter Hutterer (1):
      xinput: align XIChangeProperty data items correctly

Ran Benita (3):
      Add "altmask" attribute, like "altenum" for masks
      xml-xcb.txt: mention that case/bitcase can have a name
      xml-xcb.txt: remove description of the "localfield" element

Robert Ancell (2):
      shm: Mark PutImage.send_event field as boolean
      glx: Add IsEnabled request

Uli Schlachter (1):
      Release xcb-proto 1.12


  14e60919f859560f28426a685a555962  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.bz2
  5ee1ec124ea8d56bd9e83b8e9e0b84c4  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.gz

  e93da374ecef9359370edc0160bcb8b2a2f7d9f6  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.bz2
  ee7e8d14ac00455c182e6e8b9aeecab465f51b03  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.gz


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