[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.18.2

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Fri Mar 11 22:04:34 UTC 2016

A big pile of updates in this one. Highlights include:

- glamor is updated to use OpenGL core profiles if available, which
should improve memory usage and performance on modern hardware, and got
some other performance improvements for rpi and other GLES platforms

- DRI2, DRI3, and Present all received correctness fixes for hangs,
crashes, and other weirdness

- Xwayland server has been updated to support the Xv and the
xf86vidmode extensions for better compatibility, and fixed some bugs
with output hotplug and pointer updates

- Xwin saw improvements to window and clipboard management, and a few
new keyboard layouts

Full change list below. Many thanks to all for fixes and code review.


Adam Jackson (11):
      xfree86: Build parser for DRI config file subsection unconditionally
      autogen: Set a default subject prefix for patches
      dri2: Use the work queue to manage client sleeps
      xv: Fix unchecked AddResource
      dri1: Fix unchecked AddResource
      glx: Macroize building the attribute list in DoGetDrawableAttributes
      glx: Add GLX_SCREEN to the GetDrawableAttributes response
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_stereo_tree
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_fbconfig_packed_float
      vidmode: Remove stray vidmodeproc.h from EXTRA_DIST
      xserver 1.18.2

Chris Wilson (4):
      dri2: Only invalidate the immediate Window upon SetWindowPixmap
      dri2: Unblock Clients on Drawable release
      dix: Add ClientSignalAll()
      dri2: Allow many blocked clients per-drawable

Colin Harrison (1):
      xwin: Add a tentative entry for the Korean keyboard to the list of known keyboard layouts

Daniel Stone (1):
      dix: Add hybrid full-size/empty-clip mode to SetRootClip

Dave Airlie (8):
      glamor: use vbos in gradient/picture code.
      glamor/xv: add vbo support (v2.1)
      glamor: Add support for CA rendering in a single pass.
      glamor: add core profile support. (v2)
      glamor: add core profile support to EGL glamor. (v2)
      xwayland: add support for use core profile for glamor. (v2)
      ephyr: catch X errors if we try to create a core context and fail.
      present: fail flipping if we have any slave outputs

Eric Anholt (23):
      glamor: Drop the composite_with_copy path entirely.
      glamor: Drop duplicated GLAMOR_DEFAULT_PRECISIONs in render accel.
      glamor: Simplify DRI3 pixmap-from-fd, using GBM.
      glamor: Delay making pixmaps shareable until we need to.
      ephyr: Make sure we have GLX_ARB_create_context before calling it.
      glamor: Label programs before linking them.
      glamor: Clarify when Render fallbacks happen due to an unsupported op.
      glamor: Drop dead *_from_x_coord_y() functions.
      glamor: Rename the *y_inverted helpers to not say "inverted".
      glamor: Drop comment about dead yInverted flag.
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_pict_format_is_compatible().
      glamor: Set up XV sampler uniforms once at program build time.
      glamor: Simplify XV vertex setup.
      glamor: Convert XV to using glamor_program.c.
      glamor: Drop extra SHADER_IN type for no mask present.
      glamor: Reuse the glamor_program_alpha_* enums for Render.
      glamor: Simplify the pixmap box looping.
      glamor: Clarify some logic in RepeatFix handling.
      glamor: Clean up formatting of RepeatFix shader code.
      glamor: Clarify how the repeat values being passed around work.
      glamor: Cut down a bunch of conditional handling for RepeatFix.
      glamor: Flip around conditionals in RepeatNone fixups.
      ephyr: Fix redisplay with glamor on GLES.

Hans de Goede (1):
      glamor: Fix XvPutImage when src_y != 0

Jan Burgmeier (1):
      Fix XineramaQueryScreens for reverse prime

Jon TURNEY (1):
      Fix build on Cygwin by ensuring WIN32 check triggers only on MinGW

Jon Turney (9):
      xwin: XGetWMNormalHints() returns non-zero on success
      xwin: Improve handling of no-decoration motif hint
      xwin: Correctly interpret WM_HINTS, WM_NORMAL_HINTS properties on x86_64
      xwin: Check that window position is visible on non-rectangular virtual desktops
      xwin: Use WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE clipboard API
      xwin: Update to XRANDR 1.2 internal interface to ensure an output is reported by XRANDR
      xwin: Keyboard layout updates
      xwin: In multiwindow mode, look up the HWND for the parent window
      xwin: Add SKIPTASKBAR hint to _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DOCK type windows

Jonas Ådahl (2):
      xwayland: Prefix shm tmp file names with xwayland
      xwayland: Correctly detect whether posix_fallocate exists

Julien Cristau (9):
      xv: fix double free in AddResource failure case
      xvmc: Fix unchecked AddResource
      glx: don't call pGlxDraw->destroy() if AddResource fails
      dmx/glxProxy: don't free the glx pixmap twice if AddResource fails
      modesetting: avoid double free if AddResource fails
      xwin: no need to free auth data if AddResource fails
      record: don't call RecordDeleteContext when AddResource fails
      render: free already allocated formats in PictureInit failure case
      xfixes: avoid double free if AddResource fails

Keith Packard (4):
      glamor: Use vertex array objects
      glamor: Use GL_RED instead of GL_ALPHA if we have texture_swizzle (v3)
      ephyr: Create 3.1 core profile context if possible (v3)
      randr: Send ConfigNotify when manual monitor list changes

Laércio de Sousa (1):
      kdrive/evdev: update keyboard LEDs (#22302)

Marc-Andre Lureau (1):
      dri2: add virtio-gpu pci ids

Michel Dänzer (13):
      present: Move msc_is_(equal_or_)after to the top of present.c
      present: Requeue if flip driver hook fails and target MSC not reached
      present: Only requeue if target MSC is not reached after an unflip
      dri3: Refuse to work for remote clients (v2)
      present: Only update screen pixmap from flip pixmap once per unflip
      present: Factor code for restoring screen pixmap out of present_unflip (v2)
      present: Call present_restore_screen_pixmap from present_set_abort_flip
      glamor: Factor out glamor_set_color_depth from glamor_set_color
      glamor: Source pictures are always depth 32
      xfree86/modes: Refactor xf86_use_hw_cursor_argb to use xf86_use_hw_cursor (v2)
      xfree86/modes: Check for CRTC transforms in xf86_use_hw_cursor(_argb) (v2)
      xfree86: Re-set current cursor after RandR 1.2 CRTC configuration change
      modesetting: Allow CRTC transforms to actually take effect

Olivier Fourdan (16):
      vidmode: use appropriate API
      vidmode: get rid of the CloseScreen wrapper
      vidmode: use ScreenPtr instead of screen index
      vidmode: remove VidModeGetMonitor()
      vidmode: use appropriate DisplayModePtr type
      vidmode: remove mode access from public API
      vidmode: move display mode definitions
      vidmode: rename DDX functions
      vidmode: move to a separate library of its own
      vidmode: remove redundant check
      vidmode: remove redundant DIX function
      xwayland: add partial xvidmode extension support
      xwayland: fix a crash on output removal
      vidmode: build without xf86vidmodeproto
      xwayland: add glamor Xv adaptor
      glamor: do not build Xv support when --disable-xv

Rui Matos (2):
      xwayland: Clear pending cursor frame callbacks on pointer enter
      build: Enable vidmode independently from Xorg

git tag: xorg-server-1.18.2

MD5:  052fc1b4b12a5df0a3e35a1b46a52db3  xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.bz2
SHA1: d0c5e4f6bba68ad58e74be69c520887695adb132  xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.bz2
SHA256: 022142b07f6477d140dcc915902df326408a53ca3a352426a499f142b25d632d  xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.bz2
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.bz2.sig

MD5:  f76a14a9358cde4cf319923de2e5b2e4  xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.gz
SHA1: aa0c3717885a9c6c113e00dadd7a72950479d838  xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.gz
SHA256: 239ac2cde87ced73ad8b41881ab41f962be422b656fd5bb0c407637cc6c21480  xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.gz
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xorg-server-1.18.2.tar.gz.sig

- ajax

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