[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Sep 1 19:35:28 PDT 2015

Here's 1.18 RC1. Let's figure out when to release this during XDC.

Aaron Plattner (3):
      xfree86: Fix xf86_check_platform_slot's handling of PCI
      xfree86: Add GPU screens even if there are no active GDevs
      xfree86: Bump video driver ABI version to 20

Adam Jackson (27):
      glamor: Fix up indentation
      xf86Crtc: right-of placement by default.
      dmx: Fix the build
      present: static cleanup
      parser: static cleanup
      dri3: Remove unbuilt dri3_event.c
      dri3: static cleanup
      dix: Unexport various implementation details
      randr: Unexport some implementation details
      render: Hide/unexport some implementation details
      xfree86: Hide some pre-randr mode validation details
      dga: Hide a bunch of implementation details
      xge: Hide some implementation details
      vidmode: Hide implementation details
      xfixes: Unexport xfixes.h
      dix: unifdef pWin->rootlessUnhittable
      rootless: Genericize the config header a bit
      rootless: Build unconditionally
      fb: Make rootless-agnostic
      mi: Remove questionable optimization from the rootless path
      dix: Restore PaintWindow screen hook
      glx/swrast: Do more GLX extension setup
      glx: Implement GLX_ARB_context_flush_control
      atom: Bump initial table size
      atom: make FreeAtom static
      xwayland: Don't (double) destroy RANDR resources in CloseScreen
      xwayland: Don't (double) destroy input resources in CloseScreen

Adel Gadllah (1):
      modesetting: Fix software cursor fallback

Alan Coopersmith (35):
      Get rid of const warnings in XSERVER_INPUT_EVENT dtrace probe calls
      dmx: Add _X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF to dmxConfigLog() & dmxConfigOutput()
      dmx: move format strings inline so gcc can check
      dmx: fix printf format argument warnings
      dmx: remove unused variables
      dmx: attempt to untangle nested loops using same index variable
      dmx: more unshadowing of variables
      dmx: glxproxy prototype cleanup
      dmx: remove redundant declaration of dmxFontPrivateIndex from dmxfont.h
      dmx: remove redundant redeclarations of variables from other headers
      dmx: Mark glxIsExtensionSupported as a const char *
      dmx: constify GCOps & GCFuncs pointers
      dmx: include header for DMXExtensionInit() in dmx.c
      Clear ListenTransConns entries in CloseWellKnownConnections
      Remove apSolaris.shar (old "aperture" kernel driver for Solaris)
      Remove remaining doc references to Xalloc, Xrealloc, and Xfree
      Let calloc handle multiplication
      Add XNFcallocarray() to allow xnfcalloc() to check for overflow
      Import reallocarray() from OpenBSD
      Add xallocarray() helper macro
      Add no-fail equivalents of allocarray & reallocarray
      Convert os/* to new *allocarray functions
      Convert dix/* to new *allocarray functions
      Convert top level extensions to new *allocarray functions
      Convert XKB to new *allocarray functions
      Convert exa & fb to new *allocarray functions
      Convert mi & miext to new *allocarray functions
      Convert glamor & glx to new *allocarray functions
      Convert hw/xfree86 to new *allocarray functions
      Convert hw/xnest & hw/vfb to new *allocarray functions
      Convert hw/kdrive to new *allocarray functions
      Convert hw/dmx to new *allocarray functions
      Accept x86_64 as well as i*86 for $host_cpu in Solaris on x86
      Remove empty stub of $host_cpu case statement in configure.ac
      Xserver.man: -retro is used when starting the server, not the stipple

Alexander Volkov (1):
      Xi: call UpdateDeviceState() even when the client is missing

Andrew Eikum (2):
      xace: Add XaceHookIsSet helper function
      dix: Send KeyPress and KeyRelease events to the XACE_KEY_AVAIL hook

Armin K (1):
      xfree86/os-support/linux: Fix make distcheck

Brent Collins (1):
      shm: Fix xselinux resource initialization for xinerama pixmaps

Chris Wilson (4):
      glx/dri2: Disable AIGLX if indirect GLX is disabled
      shm: Fix use-after-free in ShmDestroyPixmap
      present: Copy unflip contents back to the Screen Pixmap
      xwayland: keep temp files out of the client mask

Colin Harrison (3):
      os/xdmcp.c: Include Xtrans.h when building for WIN32
      os/utils.c: Don't try to build os_move_fd() for WIN32
      os/utils.c: Fix prototype for Win32TempDir()

Dave Airlie (26):
      os/access: fix regression in server interpreted auth
      xf86Crtc: add tile prop setting
      xserver: add xorg.conf support for gpu devices. (v2.1)
      xfree86: attempt to autoconfig gpu slave devices (v3)
      xf86Crtc: setup tiled monitors correctly in right of
      xf86Crtc/monitors: create initial monitors for tiled outputs
      modesetting: stop caching mode resources
      modesetting: add dynamic connector hotplug support (MST) (v3)
      modesetting: add tile property support (v2.1)
      glamor: don't do render ops with matching source/dest (v3)
      cursor: drop ARGB_CURSOR
      xf86Rotate: remove unused macros.
      xf86: restrict when we auto add devices as gpu devices.
      glamor: add support for allocating linear buffers (v2)
      modesetting: add output master support
      glamor: egl: add function to back a pixmap with a dma-buf. (v1.1)
      modesetting: reverse prime support (v1.1)
      modesetting: drop unused struct in vblank.c
      modesetting: don't try and load dri2
      xserver: fix build with glamor disabled.
      prime: add rotation support for offloaded outputs (v2)
      glamor: make current in prepare paths
      modesetting: add zaphod support (v3)
      mioverlay.c: remove shadowed pScreen.
      rootless: fix warnings due to lack of const keeping.
      rootless: rename w->_w to avoid shadow warnings

David Herrmann (1):
      systemd-logind: do not rely on directed signals

Dima Ryazanov (1):
      xwayland: Implement smooth scrolling

Egbert Eich (6):
      symbols: Fix sdksyms.sh to cope with gcc5
      Xephyr: Don't crash when no command line argument is specified
      Xephyr: Print default server display number if none is specified
      Xephyr: Fix compile when debugging is enabled
      Xephyr: Fix screen image draw for the non-Glamor & non-XHSM case
      Xephyr: Fix broken image when endianess of client machine and host-Xserver differ

Emil Velikov (7):
      autogen.sh: use quoted string variables
      configure.ac: remove remaining TLS references
      randr: remove chatty error messages
      randr: use randr: prefix in ErrorF()
      randr: use local variables where possible
      randr: wrap long line
      randr: coding style fixes

Eric Anholt (47):
      glamor: Just set the logic op to what we want at the start of all rendering.
      glamor: Don't optimize out scissor updates in CopyArea.
      glamor: Add a helper function for the common GL_QUADS fallback pattern.
      glamor: Actually allow glyphs of dimension 65 to 128 in the cache.
      glamor: Clean up some declarations in glyph rendering.
      glamor: Skip actual FBO setup in our glyph atlas.
      glamor: Don't try to disable attrib divisors without the extension.
      glamor: Fix text rendering on GLES2.
      glamor: Drop CloseScreen-time GL resource cleanup code.
      glamor: Use the normal GL_QUADS drawing helper in the render code.
      glamor: Use GL_EXT_map_buffer_range if present.
      glamor: Provide a fallback path for using an index buffer to do quads.
      glamor: Use proper Bools for some boolean values.
      glamor: Avoid using GL_QUADS on VC4.
      glamor: Propagate the fact that pbo_valid is never set.
      glamor: Remove dead gl_tex flag in the fbo struct.
      glamor: Drop the dead "PBO" field in an FBO cache struct.
      glamor: Move doxygen for private structs into the structs.
      glamor: Drop dead GLAMOR_FBO_DOWNLOADED flag.
      glamor: Drop a dead flag to glamor_create_fbo_array().
      glamor: Simplify some temp pixmap extents calculations.
      glamor: Drop a redundant check.
      glamor: Fix up some weird formatting in _glamor_create_fbo_array().
      glamor: Restore the hook to glamor_composite_rectangles().
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_es2_pixmap_read_prepare().
      glamor: Make a bunch of single-file glamor functions static.
      glamor: Mark a bunch of single-file data static.
      glamor: Use ARRAY_SIZE in a couple more places for consistency.
      glamor: Add an assert to catch the previous bug.
      glamor: Use GL_ARB_debug_output to log GL errors.
      glamor: Reuse the glamor_is_memory helper.
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_is_large_picture().
      glamor: Ask the server to always allocate our private.
      glamor: Drop a bunch of glamor_priv == NULL checks.
      glamor: Don't try to do rendering with unsupported formats.
      glamor: Ignore picture formats when choosing color for core rendering.
      glamor: Use the new upload/download interface for XV uploads.
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_upload_bits_to_pixmap_texture() proto.
      glamor: Move glamor_render.c pict handling to glamor_picture.c
      glamor: Use the actual picture's format when uploading memory pixmaps.
      glamor: Drop tracking of the last picture attached to pixmaps.
      glamor: Drop dead drm_stride field.
      glamor: Take transforms into account when preparing for a fallback.
      glamor: Drop another dead function.
      glamor: Move cache_format to glamor_fbo.c, where it's used.
      glamor: Drop unused box translation/bounds code.
      glamor: Don't try to free the pixmap priv if we fail to allocate FBO.

Hans de Goede (6):
      Re-enable non serverfd input devices immediately on vtenter
      linux: Add linux_parse_vt_settings and linux_get_keeptty helpers
      linux: Add a may_fail paramter to linux_parse_vt_settings
      systemd-logind: Only use systemd-logind integration together with keeptty
      Xorg.wrap.man: Fix spelling mistake in Xorg.wrap.1
      glamor_egl: Properly free resources on init-error and exit

Jason Ekstrand (1):
      glamor: Add a new glamor_gbm_bo_from_pixmap() function.

Jason Gerecke (2):
      xfree86: Return NULL from xf86CompatOutput if no compat_output is defined
      dix: Do not allow device transform to be set on valuatorless devices

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (5):
      XQuartz: GLX: Use __glXEnableExtension to build extensions list
      XQuartz: Silence -Wpointer-bool-conversion
      XQuartz: Silence -Wunused-variable
      XQuartz: Silence -Wunused-function
      XQuartz: Silence -Wformat-security for NSRunAlertPanel

Jon TURNEY (35):
      ephyr: Avoid a segfault with 'DISPLAY= Xephy -glamor'
      os: XDMCP options like -query etc. should imply -listen tcp
      os: Teach vpnprintf() how to handle "%*.*s"
      hw/xwin/glx: Refactor parsing of the <proto> XML element
      hw/xwin/glx: Improve code generator to deal with latest Khronos OpenGL registry XML
      hw/xwin: Report Cygwin version information in log
      hw/xwin: Turn on -hostintitle by default
      Make PseudoramiXExtensionInit() prototype more generally available
      hw/xwin: Register native screens with pseudoramiX
      hw/xwin: Only set native positions if XINERAMA is enabled
      hw/xwin: Remove Shadow DirectDraw engine
      hw/xwin: Report OS version in log
      Don't allow both RandR XINERAMA and pseudoramiX XINERAMA extensions to register
      glamor: Fix build when configured --enable-glamor --disable-xshmfence
      ephyr: Avoid a segfault with 'DISPLAY= Xephyr -glamor'
      hw/xwin/winclipboard: Link xwinclip with -lpthread
      hw/xnest: Fix build for MinGW
      hw/xwin: Remove GetTickCount() from various pieces of debugging output
      hw/xwin: Ensure format warnings in winclipboard/
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes for HWND type
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes for XID type
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes in winConfigKeyboard()
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes in winAllocatePrivates()
      hw/xwin: printf format fix in winCreateDefColormap()
      hw/xwin: printf format fix in winProcessXEventsTimeout()
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes in xevents.c
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes for DWORD type
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes for LONG type
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes for WPARAM and LPARAM types
      hw/xwin: printf format fixes for Pixel type
      debug output format fix in xf86Events.c
      debug output format fix in TI.c
      debug output format fix in DRISwapContext()
      debug output format fix in ephyrProcessMouseMotion()
      debug output format fix in TouchEventHistoryPush()

Jon Turney (1):
      Fix XQuartz build

Jonathan Gray (2):
      glamor: remove const from the return type of glamor_get_drawable_location()
      glamor: fix build when DRI3 is not defined

Julien Cristau (1):
      mi: fix typo in warning about overflowing queue

Jürg Billeter (1):
      int10: Fix error check for pci_device_map_legacy

Keith Packard (28):
      Mark development version for 1.18
      glamor: Remove _nf rendering functions
      glamor: Remove ddx fallback check functions
      glamor: Eliminate GLAMOR_SEPARATE_TEXTURE pixmap type
      glamor: Eliminate GLAMOR_TEXTURE_PACK pixmap type
      glamor: Remove remaining support for FBOs not matching pixmap size
      glamor: Remove screen private and pixmap ptrs from pixmap private and fbo
      glamor: Remove unused glamor_pixmap_private_atlas_t
      glamor: Eliminate separate 'large' pixmap private structure
      glamor: Create inline tests for small/large pixmaps
      glamor: Eliminate GLAMOR_TEXTURE_LARGE pixmap type
      glamor: * 1/size is faster than / size in VS
      randr: Add Monitor support (v1.1)
      randr: Use Monitor list for Xinerama
      Require randrproto version 1.5.0 or newer
      mi: Partial pie-slice filled arcs may need more space for spans
      glamor: Pass depth to glamor_pm_is_solid and glamor_set_planemask
      glamor: Remove destination drawable argument from glamor_set_texture
      glamor: Compute GLSL version from GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION (v3)
      glamor: Adapt glamor_program API  to handle render acceleration
      glamor: Replace CompositeGlyphs code [v2]
      Revert "glx/dri2: Disable AIGLX if indirect GLX is disabled"
      glamor: Fix bad rendering of glyphs after an a1 glyph upload. (v3)
      dixfont.h: Include fontutil.h before GetGlyphs is #defined
      mi: Always initialize edge1 and edge2 in miLineArc
      Bump version to (1.18 RC1)

Kenneth Graunke (4):
      modesetting: Improve the ms_flush_drm_events() API.
      modesetting: Make ms_crtc_on non-static.
      modesetting: Implement an ms_drm_abort_seq() function.
      modesetting: Implement page flipping support for Present.

Laércio de Sousa (1):
      configure.ac: fix code misplacing for KDRIVE_{KBD, MOUSE, EVDEV} auto-detection

Maarten Lankhorst (4):
      glamor: only use (un)pack_subimage when available
      glamor: do not check for gl errors in glamor_build_program
      glamor: Use GL_FRAMEBUFFER instead of GL_READ_FRAMEBUFFER
      glamor: GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL is not available on GLES2

Mario Kleiner (1):
      modesetting: Add more missing options to man page.

Matt Turner (1):
      glamor: Perform texture2D() separately from swizzle.

Michal Srb (1):
      Expose GetMaster to modules.

Michel Dänzer (5):
      Add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE defines to dix-config.h
      modesetting: Include dix-config.h from dumb_bo.c
      Instead of one glTexSubImage2D call for each glyph.
      glamor: Use glamor_prepare_access_box() for PutImage/GetImage fallback
      glamor: Make our EGL context current before calling into GL in glamor_init

Olivier Fourdan (7):
      xkb: Don't swap XkbSetGeometry data in the input buffer
      xkb: Check strings length against request size
      ephyr: Fail if glamor is requested but not usable
      xwayland: Add dependency on glamor libs
      glamor: check max native ALU instructions
      dix: Fix image byte order on big endian hardware
      configurable maximum number of clients

Peter Harris (1):
      Fix border tile origin when background is ParentRelative

Peter Hutterer (7):
      Drop valuator mask argument from GetKeyboardEvents
      config: remove 10-evdev.conf, let the evdev driver install that file
      xfree86: drop if 0 hunk
      dix: fix indentation
      dix: Add unaccelerated valuators to the ValuatorMask
      dix: hook up the unaccelerated valuator masks
      test: add tests for new valuator mask features

Ray Strode (5):
      systemd-logind: filter out non-signal messages from message filter
      systemd-logind: don't second guess D-Bus default timeout
      xwayland: Enable access control on open sockets [CVE-2015-3164 1/3]
      os: support new implicit local user access mode [CVE-2015-3164 2/3]
      xwayland: default to local user if no xauth file given. [CVE-2015-3164 3/3]

Robert Ancell (3):
      xwayland: Fix error strings
      xwayland: Fix error strings
      modesetting: Use correct types for return values of glamor BO exports.

Rui Matos (2):
      dix/events: Set currentTime to the given time stamp in NoticeTime
      xwayland: Throttle our cursor surface updates with a frame callback

Vicente Olivert Riera (1):
      backtrace.c: Fix word cast to a pointer

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