[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.10

Thomas Wood thomas.wood at intel.com
Thu Mar 12 10:27:10 PDT 2015

A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the following changes:

- New frequency manipulation tool (intel_gpu_frequency)

- Adjustments for the Solaris port (Alan Coopersmith).

- Remove tests/NAMING-CONVENTION since it's all in the docbook now, to avoid
  divergent conventions.

- New CRITICAL log level for really serious stuff (Thomas Wood).

- Interactive test mode can now be enabled by the shared cmdline option
  --interactive-debug=$var (Rodrigo Vivi).

- Improved logging to kmsg to better line up test runs with kernel messages
  (Chris Wilson).

- Record all log levels (including disabled levels) in a ringbuffer and dump
  that on test failures for quicker diagnostics of automated test run results
  (Thomas Wood).

- A lot of small polish all over the test library.

- Piles of new testcases and improvements to existing ones as usual.

Complete list of changes since 1.9:

Akash Goel (1):
      igt/gem_mmap_wc: Add the invalid flags subtest

Alan Coopersmith (7):
      Fix #ifdef check for _SC_AVPHYS_PAGES in intel_get_avail_ram_mb()
      Solaris needs to #include <sys/kd.h> instead of <linux/kd.h>
      Use pthread calls instead of raw syscalls on non-Linux systems
      Need to #include <libgen.h> for basename() on Solaris
      Provide sighandler_t fallback for non-GNU-libc platforms
      Don't try to use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE on OS'es that don't support it
      Skip MADV_DOFORK & MADV_DONTFORK calls on OS'es that don't support them

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (1):
      kms_plane: Add test that suspends/resumes before getting crc

Ben Widawsky (3):
      tools/Makefile: Alphabetize the list
      intel_gpu_frequency: A tool to manipulate Intel GPU frequency
      gem_render_copy: Provide an all pixels check

Chris Wilson (38):
      igt: Add gem_ctx_thrash to fill the GGTT with contexts
      lib: random() is too slow
      lib/gen8: Make rendercopy threadsafe
      igt/gem_ctx_thrash: Boost workloads
      igt/gem_ctx_thread/processes: Serialise after forking children
      igt/gem_ctx_thrash/threads: Allow bo resuse
      overlay: Negative modulus
      overlay: A couple of valgrind pleasers
      overlay: Hide kworker threads in overview
      lib/core: Show the exitcode in kmsg as well
      lib/core: Fix compile error from rebasing
      igt/gem_mmap_wc: Exercise mmap(wc) interface
      igt/gem_tiled_wc: Exercise wc mmaps with swizzling
      igt/gem_gtt_speed: compare against WC mmaps
      igt/gem_fence_upload: Add comparison against wc mmaps
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Exercise wc mappings
      ioct_wrappers: Add some mmap(wc) blurb dropped between authors
      igt/gem_ctx_thrash: Tweak resource limits
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Inject hangs before verifying contents
      igt/gem_pread_after_blit: Inject hangs!
      igt/gem_reloc_vs_hang: Inject hangs!
      igt/gem_evict_(alignment|everything): contend with GPU hangs
      igt/gem_exec_big: Increase stress
      igt/gem_exec_big: Also test a large batch with a large number of relocs
      igt/gem_exec_big: Use mmap(wc) to speed up verification
      igt/gem_mmap_wc: Reorder gem_close()
      igt/gem_exec_big: Don't try to repeatedly munmap(NULL)
      igt/gem_mmap_wc/set-cache-level: Exercise set-cache-level WARNing
      igt/gem_tiled_swapping: Cycle through the bo a couple of times
      igt/drv_module_reload: Check more carefully for a live driver
      igt/gem_tiled_wc: Fix! Finish!
      igt/gem_tiled_wc: Use correct offsets
      lib: Cache DRM device id to reduce number of ioctls
      lib: Use strtol not strtod for overiding the PCI ID
      igt/gem_wait: Timeout parameter to the WAIT ioctl is signed
      igt/gem_wait: Test negative timeouts
      lib/core: Make the start of the debug output more clear
      igt/kms_psr_sink_crc: Prettify i915_edp_psr_status failures

Damien Lespiau (8):
      quick_dump: Add interrupt and PPAT registers to the SKL dump
      lib/skl: Add gen9 specific igt_blitter_fast_copy()
      lib: Don't give a struct igt_buf * to fast_copy_pitch()
      lib: Split two helpers to build fast copy's dword0 and dword1
      lib: Provide a raw version of the gen9 fast copy blits
      lib: Allow the creation of Ys/Yf tiled FBs
      testdisplay/skl: Add command line options for Yb/Yf tiled fbs
      lib/fb: Use PRIx64 for uint64_t in format string

Daniel Vetter (27):
      tests/gem_exec_blt: Add subtest that uses dumb buffers
      tests/gem_concurrent_blt: Adjust subtest naming
      tests/gem_concurrent_blit: Fix indent
      lib/gt: api polish for igt_can_hang_ring
      lib/ioctl: api polish for gem_context_has_param
      lib/ioctl: gem_ prefix for igt_require_mmap_wc
      igt/ioctls: doc for gem_mmap
      lib/ioctls: make gem_context_set/get_param infallible
      lib/ioctl: Add gem_context_destroy helpers
      tests/gem_ctx_*: Use helpers
      tests/gem_reset_stat: Use new ctx helpers
      lib/ioctl: Document ctx param functions
      tests: Add gem_ctx_param_basic
      tests: Add invalid pad tests for ctx create/destroy
      tests/gem_ppgtt: Start rcs before bcs for context tests
      tests: Align subtest with naming convention
      lib/igt_aux: s/swap/igt_swap/
      tests/gem_wait: Adjust makefile
      doc: Consolidate naming conventions into docbook
      lib/igt_gt: Document and consolidate
      tests/gem_ctx_param_basic: Include header, not source
      tests/drv_suspend: Unrename tests
      tests/kms_universal_planes: Inline igt_assert(ret == 0) checks
      lib: add igt_assert_lt
      lib/igt_core: don't add newlines in logging functions
      tests/gem_tiled_swapping: Skip on L-shaped memory
      NEWS: Update to prep for release

David Weinehall (1):
      tests/drv_suspend: hibernation test

Deepak S (2):
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: Fix proper residency calculation
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: Add media_rc6_residency_counter subtest

Imre Deak (1):
      rendercopy/gen9: fix gem_render_copy 3d state setup

Libin Yang (1):
      tools/intel_audio_dump: add details dump for Cherryview

Lu, Han (1):
      tools/intel_audio_dump: add support for Skylake

Marc Herbert (2):
      lib/igt_kms.c: remove tests dependency on VT /dev/tty0
      lib/igt_kms.c: igt_require -> igt_require_f("two displays required\n")

Matt Roper (5):
      kms_cursor_crc: Kernel now checks for integer overflow
      tests/kms_universal_plane: Fix subtest enumeration
      kms_universal_plane: Check for cursor fb leaks
      tests/kms_plane: Ensure planes recover from DPMS
      igt.cocci: Replace igt_assert() with igt_assert_CMP() where possible

MichaƂ Winiarski (1):
      tests/gem_userptr_blits: Race between close and invalidate

Mika Kuoppala (1):
      tools/intel_gtt: Add support for gen8

Paulo Zanoni (1):
      tests/pm_rpm: I2C VGA detection is unreliable

Praveen Paneri (1):
      tests/gem_bad_blit.c : Fix dst address for Gen8 onwards

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
      lib: s/IGT_DEBUG_INTERACTIVE/--interactive-debug=var

Thomas Daniel (1):
      tests/prime_self_import: further fix object counts

Thomas Wood (28):
      NEWS: New heading for 1.10
      intel_gpu_frequency: fix array bounds warning
      tools: add intel_gpu_frequency to .gitignore
      lib: remove unnecessary checks on the drm_open_any return value
      lib: add a critical warning level
      lib: use critical log level for assertion failure messages
      docs: fix parsing issue
      lib: warning messages should be sent to stderr
      lib: print warning and critical messages when listing subtests
      lib: validate subtest names
      lib: add subtest start and exit status code messages to debug output
      lib: add exit status message to simple tests
      lib/tests: verify subtest enumeration output
      lib/tests: check that invalid subtest names are rejected
      lib: add a ring buffer for log entries
      lib: print recent log messages to stderr when a test or subtest fails
      lib: small documentation fixes
      tests: improve pipe enumeration
      lib: use defines for igt_simple_init and igt_subtest_init
      lib: remove handled option arguments from argv
      tests: remove extra file
      lib: print the signal name to stderr when handling a signal
      lib/tests: update .gitignore
      lib: small documentation fixes
      lib: move igt_interactive_debug into igt_core.c
      Remove old entries from .gitignore files
      lib: small documentation fixes
      Update version to 1.10 and add the release date

Tim Gore (5):
      Demos/Android.mk: build intel_sprite_on
      lib/Android.mk: add -DHAVE_LINUX_KD_H to fix android build
      tools/intel_gpu_frequency: remove use of getsubopt
      tests/gem_render_linear_blits: split into two subtests
      tests/gem_render_tiled_blits: split into subtests

Tvrtko Ursulin (6):
      tests/kms_addfb: Add support for fb modifiers
      tests/kms_addfb: Y tiled testcases
      tiling: Convert framebuffer helpers to use fb modifiers
      lib: Add support for new extension to the ADDFB2 ioctl.
      lib/igt_fb: Use new ADDFB2 extension for new tiling modes
      tests/kms_flip_tiling: Exercise Y tiling modes on Gen9+

Vincent Cheng (1):
      tools/intel_gpu_abrt: Fix bashism

Yang, Libin (1):
      tools/intel_audio_dump: add support for Cherryview

Zhipeng Gong (3):
      i-g-t: check whether kernel has dual bsd ring
      tests/gem_exec_params: check the invalid flags for dual bsd ring
      test/gem_dummy_reloc_loop: add tests for dual bsd ring

git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.10

MD5:  4d208c9294adcc7ea34b960e9950dd1e  intel-gpu-tools-1.10.tar.bz2
SHA1: 3a09ce53fcfa3d5c1d2c5fbae2c0a63636223df0  intel-gpu-tools-1.10.tar.bz2
SHA256: 6df2bef12d7cd252d702e4412937fbdc48fa954dd5f7f6988f567912f63b9874

MD5:  549be1c64b797183b34761b62f5c641f  intel-gpu-tools-1.10.tar.gz
SHA1: 11ed7d0d2924d2193781f11b6a5aa86db3fed760  intel-gpu-tools-1.10.tar.gz
SHA256: 220592ce3819b511c2eaa6bf92cfea148f7587894c60ef21f8c409d65b4a6bac

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