[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.11

Thomas Wood thomas.wood at intel.com
Thu Jun 11 08:25:28 PDT 2015

A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the following changes:

- Various new tests and tools

- Single combined test list (supported by piglit since commit 8a122bb)

- Optional dependency on libunwind to provide automatic stack traces on test
  failures. (Thomas Wood)

- Add optional default debug and optimisation flags for tests to enable better
  stack traces and debugging. (Thomas Wood)

- Test programs are now installed into libexec. This is useful when building a
  complete software stack for a DUT from scratch. (Building and installing
  tests can still be disabled by the --disable-tests configure flag.)
  (Joonas Lahtinen)

- New tool to decode watermark registers (Ville Syrjälä)

- Timeout mechanism now reports test as failed

- Introduce intel_reg as the one Intel graphics register multitool to replace
  intel_reg_read, intel_reg_write, intel_iosf_sb_read, intel_iosf_sb_write,
  intel_vga_read, intel_vga_write, intel_reg_dumper, intel_reg_snapshot,
  and quick_dump.py. (Jani Nikula)

- Add functions to manipulate i915.ko parameters and ensure features are enabled
  for testing. (Paulo Zanoni)

Complete list of changes since 1.10:

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (2):
      lib/kms: Add a way to override an output's mode
      tests: Add test for pipe B and C interactions in IVB

Antti Koskipaa (1):
      tests/pm_backlight: Add backlight test

Chris Wilson (62):
      igt: Add benchmark for read-read optimisation
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Move buffer allocation after requires
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Exercise concurrent reads
      igt/gem_concurrent_blt: Test overwrite source used for read-read
      lib/batch: Trivial compile fix for 32-bit builds
      lib/batch: Fix range checks for blits
      igt/gem_read_read_speed: Speed up batch submission
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Enlighten the failure error message
      igt/gem_wait: When waiting for infinity, an infinity remains
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Test copying over itself
      igt/kms_vblank: Simple harness for measuring speed of drmWaitVBlank
      lib/core: Silence internally used signals
      igt/gem_exec_blt: Repeat measurements for stablity
      igt/gem_exec_blt: Do a warmup run first
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Repeat and average to stabilize measurements
      igt/gem_exec_blt: Repeat measurement and average
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Separate out the combinatorial explosion
      igt/gem_exec_(nop|blt): Repeat measurements at min/max GPU frequencies
      igt/gem_exec_(blt|nop): IGT magic
      igt/gem_cs_prefetch: Use gem_execbuf for pretty printing of failures
      igt/gem_exec_parse: Use a macro for pretty printing the test failure
      igt/gem_evict_everything: Use mlock to reduce available memory
      Revert "tests/gem_exec_lut_handle"
      igt/gem_evict_everything: Simplify mlocked_evictions
      igt/kms_vblank: Include a test for comparing blocking drmWaitVblank
      igt/gem_exec_blt: Prevent assertion failure when running as a test load
      igt/gem_persistent_relocs: Add note about known byt/full-ppgtt issue
      igt/gem_cpu_reloc: Pretty print execbuf failures
      igt/kms_vblank: Simple accuracy test
      igt/gem_exec_lut_handle: Trim a few operations from submission
      igt/gem_exec_lut_handle: Put some operations back!
      igt/gem_mmap_wc: Explicitly check for use-after-close
      igt/gem_flink_race: Explicitly quiesce the GPU before counting objects
      igt/prime_self_import: Ensure driver state is consistent between counts
      lib: Implement gem_sync() using WAIT
      igt/gem_exec_lut_handle: Hide exec latency
      igt/gem_pwrite: Test handling of larger than mappable buffers
      intel-gpu-overlay: Improve error message for failure to open an output
      lib: Fix types for gem_create()
      igt/gem_pwrite: Also test surfaces larger than the GTT
      igt/gem_pwrite: Delete unused mmap(wc) for the big CPU test
      igt/gem_pwrite: Check that mmap(wc) succeeds
      lib: Cache static queries
      lib: Fix types for gem_mmap*
      igt/gem_exec_big: Check 64bit relocation values
      igt/gem_exec_lut_handle: Force slow relocation path
      igt/gem_mmap_gtt: Check GTT mmapping of large tiled objects
      lib: Teach igt to handle signal failures gracefully
      igt/gem_mmap_gtt: Add pagefault-of-doom failure case
      lib/core: Limit fatal signal CRASH reporting to the fatal signals
      igt: Add gem_streaming_writes
      igt/gem_streaming_writes: Trim number of batch buffers allocated
      igt/gem_mmap/huge-bo: Fix cut'n'paste error
      igt/gem_streaming_writes: Build in a self-test
      igt/gem_stream_writes: Use execbuf LUT to shave a few cycles off dispatch
      igt/gem_streaming_writes: Add more validation steps
      igt/gem_streaming_writes: Remember to markup the write target!
      igt/gem_streaming_write: Add a variant to exercise CS
      igt/gem_linear_blits: tidy
      igt/gem_streaming_writes: Map the whole batch for CPU accesses
      igt/gem_streaming_writes: Reorder src/dst to avoid executing on snooped
      overlay: Fix parsing of gem-objects for '[k]' clients

Damien Lespiau (19):
      quick_dump/skl: Add power well registers
      lib/bxt: Add Broxton PCI ids
      list-workarounds/bxt: Add Broxton to the list of valid platorms
      compute_wrpll: Rename ddi_compute_wrpll to hsw_compute_wrpll
      skl_compute_wrpll: Add a way to test the SKL WRPLL algorithm
      skl_compute_wrpll: Make sure we respect the DCO frequency constraints
      skl_compute_wrpll: Count how many even/odd dividers we compute
      skl_compute_wrpll: Prefer even dividers
      lib: Add missing '\n' to error message
      kms_cursor_crc: Move comment to the appropriate place
      build: Add missing line continuation
      quick_dump/skl: Add more pipe/plane registers
      quick_dump: Expand the WM cursor registers
      lib: Add a user data pointer to the argument parsing functions
      intel_display_crc: A new tool to play with display CRCs
      gem_bad_blit: Make the BAD_GTT_TEST address more than 32 bits
      lib/bxt: Update the Broxton PCI IDs
      list-workarounds: Print the line where the parsing error occured
      build: Add the automake subdir-objects option

Daniel Vetter (11):
      NEWS: Post-release bump
      tests: Rename core_getparams to drv_getparams
      lib/core: add interactive debug point to igt_fail
      lib/debugfs: Add igt_assert_crc_equal
      tests: Remove usage of igt_crc_equal and _non_null
      lib: Only warn about suspicious CRCs
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Add dpms and suspend tests
      tests/gem_tiled_swapping: Fix up L-shaped testing
      lib/batchbuffer: Fix COLOR_BLIT_COPY_BATCH_START
      lib/mmio: One more s/OUTRET/OUTREG/

Daniele Ceraolo Spurio (2):
      tests/gem_ppgtt: Check for vm leaks with flink and ppgtt
      tests/gem_cs_tlb: fix hardcoded ring id

David Herrmann (1):
      tests: add drm_auth tests for generic DRM-auth-magic testing

Derek Morton (4):
      tests/gem_cpu_reloc: Fix gem_cpu_reloc OOM failure
      tests/Android.mk: Treat all KMS tests as Cairo dependent
      lib: Enable building unit tests on android
      lib/igt_core.c: Flag the test as failing after a segfault

Imre Deak (14):
      tools/intel_bios_reader: fix SSC freq for VLV/CHV
      lib/intel_chipset: fix HAS_PCH_SPLIT on CHV
      lib/intel_chipset: fix HAS_PCH_SPLIT on GEN9
      tools/intel_bios_read: fix SSC freq for BXT
      tools/intel_reg_dumper: fix DSPCNTR decode for BXT
      tools/intel_reg_dumper: fix PIPECONF decode
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: simplify the residency counter check
      tetst/pm_rc6_residency: sanitize counter check function arguments
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: factor out the code to measure residencies
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: sanitize the RC6 enabled mask check
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: remove redundant idle loops
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: fix counter readout in case of wrap-around
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: fix check if RC6P or RC6PP is enabled
      tests/gem_storedw_batches_loop: add subtest for cached mappings

Jani Nikula (13):
      README: Update dependencies
      intel_reg: introduce one intel_reg tool to rule them all
      man: add man page for intel_reg in reStructured text format
      lib: add 16 and 8 bit versions of INREG and OUTREG
      intel_reg: switch to INREG and OUTREG
      intel_backlight: switch to INREG and OUTREG
      intel_reg_checker: switch to INREG
      intel_reg_{read,write}: switch to INREG and OUTREG
      intel_watermark: switch to INREG
      intel_display_poller: use INREG and OUTREG
      intel_vga_{read,write}: use INREG and OUTREG
      tests/gen7_forcewake_mt: use local mmio variable
      rename global mmio variable to igt_global_mmio

Jeff McGee (5):
      tests/core_getparams: Create new test core_getparams
      tests/drv_getparams: Skip instead of fail on EINVAL
      lib: Add media spin
      tests/pm_sseu: Create new test pm_sseu
      tests/pm_sseu: Require Gen8+ early in setup

Jesse Barnes (1):
      tests/pm_rps: add test descriptions

Joonas Lahtinen (4):
      tests: install test programs to libexec
      tests/gem_mmap_gtt: clarify BO domain setting functions
      tests/gem_mmap_gtt: add huge BO test
      tests/gem_mmap_gtt: Use PAGE_SIZE instead of hard coded value

Michel Thierry (1):
      igt/gem_ctx_exec: Add lrc lite restore subtest

Mika Kuoppala (3):
      tools/intel_error_decode: Add ERROR decodings for gen8
      tools/intel_error_decode: Add decodings for FAULT_REG
      tools/intel_error_decode: Add gen8+ fault data encodings

Mike Mason (3):
      tests/tools_test: Find tools in source or installed locations
      scripts/run-tests.sh: use single combined test list
      scripts/run-tests.sh: add option to not retry incomplete tests on resume

Paulo Zanoni (20):
      lib: add igt_wait()
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: add wait_for_fbc_enabled()
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: use igt_pipe_crc_collect_crc()
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: remove redundant information from data_t
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: fix debugfs read
      lib: add igt_draw
      lib/debugfs: wait_for_keypress("crc") when collecting CRC
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: exec_nop() can also invalidate FBC
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: increase the FBC wait timeout
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: unify flip handling
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: refactor context handling code
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: extract check_crc()
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: make the blt test draw the same pattern
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: extract fill_mmap_{cpu,gtt}()
      tests/kms_fb_crc: fix the reference CRC checking
      tests/template: add IGT_TEST_DESCRIPTION
      lib/igt_aux: add functions to manipulate i915.ko parameters
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: run even if FBC is disabled by default
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: test even if PSR is disabled by default
      tests: add kms_frontbuffer_tracking

Rodrigo Vivi (10):
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Make blt visible to human eyes
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Make render visible to human eyes
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Make mmaps visible to human eyes
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Make plane_move visible to human eyes
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Add manual mode.
      lib/igt_aux: Introduce igt_interactive_debug_manual_check.
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: remove timeout option from wait_psr_entry.
      test/kms_psr_sink_crc: Split plane setup operations
      test/kms_psr_sink_crc: Add dpms off/on tests.
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Make render size and stride based on
modified fb size

Shuang He (1):
      tests: Fix duplicate 'kms_flip_event_leak' entry in tests/Makefile.sources

Sonika Jindal (2):
      lib/igt_kms: Let set_property return the result
      kms_rotation_crc: Adding test for 90/270 rotation

Thomas Wood (28):
      lib: print a stack trace when a test assertion fails
      Add default debug flags for tests
      docs: limit the number of subtests listed
      igt.cocci: check the return values of various functions
      gem_exec_blt: fix subtest enumeration
      lib: add debug flags
      lib/tests: add missing library flags
      tests/kms_fbc_crc: fix fread() return value assertion
      tests: ensure scripts and data are included in the distribution
      tests: use standard install prefix for programs, scripts and data
      lib: add a define for test failure exit status
      lib: use test failure status for igt_set_timeout
      tests: create a single combined test list
      tests: install the test list
      NEWS: Updates
      lib: use a critical warning when unable to open a data file
      lib: load images from the data directory in igt_paint_image
      tests: update .gitignore
      docs: avoid escaping characters in documentation comments
      tools: update .gitignore
      tools: add missing header to distributed sources
      docs: various documentation fixes
      igt.cocci: don't use igt_assert_neq to compare pointers
      tests: match gem_create prototype in igt_eviction_test_ops create function
      overlay: update .gitignore
      tools: print a warning for tools replaced by intel_reg
      NEWS: Updates
      Update version to 1.11 and add the release date

Tim Gore (8):
      tests/gem_tiled_fence_blits: split into subtests
      tests/gem_concurrent.c: rename to gem_concurrent_all
      tests/Android.mk : skip kms_pipe_b_c_ivb if no cairo
      lib/drmtest.h : fix mmap64 again
      tools/quick_dump/makefile.am: add -lrt to get clock_gettime
      tests/Android.mk : skip kms_legacy_colorkey if no cairo
      lib/igt_core.c : only disable low mem killer once
      tests/gem_reset_stats : mask off ring_stop bits

Tvrtko Ursulin (16):
      kms_rotation_crc: Local framebuffers do not need to be global
      kms_rotation_crc: Framebuffer used for initial modeset does not
need to be painted
      kms_rotation_crc: Remove unused variable in negative test
      kms_rotation_crc: Negative test does not need to render anything
      kms_rotation_crc: Consolidate plane and cursor code paths
      kms_rotation_crc: No need to square the buffer in paint
      kms_rotation_crc: Use main test for negative cases
      igt_fb: Transfer existing content to Cairo surface for Y/Yf frame buffers
      kms_rotation_crc: Do not leak framebuffers during test duration
      igt_fb: Close the image file when we are done with it
      kms_flip_tiling: New tiling tests, including Y/Yf
      igt_kms: Avoid NULL ptr deref when commiting disabled planes
      igt_kms: Merge condition in igt_plane_set_fb
      igt_kms: Do not reset plane position on assigning a fb
      kms_rotation_crc: Update rotation direction for kernel changes
      gem_userptr_benchmark: Test overlapping bo mmu notifier performance impact

Ville Syrjälä (16):
      lib: Change IOSF SB devfn to 0.0
      lib: Allow 32bit addresses for IOSF-SB registers
      toos/intel_iosf_sb_*: Fix DPIO IOSF SB port number
      tools: Remove intel_dpio_{read,write} tools
      tools/intel_iosf_sb_*: Replace if ladder with an array and bsearch()
      tools/intel_iosf_sb_*: Use getopt() to parse the options
      tools/intel_iosf_sb_*: Support reading/writing multiple registers at once
      tools/intel_iosf_sb_read: Add -c command line option like intel_reg_read
      tools/intel_iosf_sb_read: Support different register strides
      lib: Add i854 PCI ID
      tools/intel_watermark: Tool to decode watermark registers
      tools: Update .gitignore
      quick_dump: Don't allow undefined symbols in _chipset.so
      quick_dump: Fix undefined symbols from libunwind
      tests: Add kms_legacy_colorkey
      tests/kms_3d: Reduce the number of expected stereo 3D modes

Yunlian Jiang (1):
      debugger: remove unnecessary struct per_thread_data

chandra konduru (4):
      i-g-t: Adding test case to test background color.
      i-g-t: Adding plane scaling test case
      i-g-t: Adding panel fitting test case
      i-g-t: Update kms_panel_fitting to work on other platforms

liu,lei (1):
      Correct kms_fbc_crc case

git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.11

MD5:  836e9fd084f63da2a29fe81a47eb3db8  intel-gpu-tools-1.11.tar.bz2
SHA1: 4ad977b821a245934ee8f43c7476a92ae7027bd5  intel-gpu-tools-1.11.tar.bz2
SHA256: 48823450452b57c52c74e00c8c763ed7cdd0c81cc877e8c2f619f7f6c45dade4

MD5:  ae7fe61ecfcaa09a1463864b444aef12  intel-gpu-tools-1.11.tar.gz
SHA1: d3f68bbf85ebbf11bf6defe8e2206151bd0f6832  intel-gpu-tools-1.11.tar.gz
SHA256: 67c893978e74f6084564994812bbdea3b5d78104283349d6c35c489c0fc1abcd

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