[ANNOUNCE] xcalc 1.0.6

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Mon Jan 19 21:30:01 PST 2015

xcalc is a scientific calculator X11 client that can emulate a TI-30
or an HP-10C.

This minor maintenance release includes a couple years worth of build 
improvements, code cleanups, and bug fixes.

Alan Coopersmith (9):
      Remove unused min & max macros from math.c
      Replace sprintf & strcpy calls with snprintf & strlcpy
      Remove redundant redeclaration of ‘factorial’
      Rename "e" arguments to "ev" to avoid shadowing e() function
      Mark functions noreturn as suggested by gcc -Wmissing-noreturn
      configure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
      autogen.sh: Honor NOCONFIGURE=1
      Replace index() call with strchr()
      xcalc 1.0.6

Gaetan Nadon (2):
      Assume signal handlers return void, as C89 requires
      Replace signal_t with void

Stéphane Aulery (3):
      Drop CRAY support
      Use the new M_PI symbol from math.h
      Use the new M_E symbol from math.h

git tag: xcalc-1.0.6

MD5:  397584a68bfe6b02adff16e67f8fe5dd
SHA1: 4f9e14b9ff91e3976b702bdad92f639df80cf406
SHA256: 2f73c7160c09dc32586ea07daa408ac897c0a16eaa98cad9f9e4ee98cd9057d8
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/xcalc-1.0.6.tar.bz2.sig

MD5:  a192ebb5e5f33925c71713501173d8e0
SHA1: e932d4b5e4043cb74e408820f5bcf5ca68ee70bb
SHA256: 7fd5cd9a35160925c41cbadfb1ea23599fa20fd26cd873dab20a650b24efe8d1
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/app/xcalc-1.0.6.tar.gz.sig

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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