[ANNOUNCE] libdrm 2.4.66

Dave Airlie airlied at redhat.com
Sun Dec 27 11:54:03 PST 2015

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libdrm 2.4.66 release, mainly for new nouveau API.

lots of other changes in here as well though.

Ben Skeggs (14):
      nouveau: import and install a selection of nvif headers from the kernel
      nouveau: move more abi16-specific logic into abi16.c
      nouveau: move object functions up, to avoid future foward decls
      nouveau: make it possible to init object in pre-allocated memory
      nouveau: add interface to call an object's methods
      nouveau: add interfaces to query information about supported classes
      nouveau: introduce object to represent the kernel client
      nouveau: stack legacy nouveau_device on top of nouveau_drm
      nouveau: make use of nouveau_drm::fd instead of nouveau_device::fd
      nouveau: remove nouveau_object_find()
      nouveau: add new interface to create a nouveau_device
      nouveau: add support for newer kernel interfaces
      nouveau: clean up nouveau.h, noting deprecated members/functions
      Bump version for release

Ben Widawsky (2):
      intel: Add SKL GT4 PCI IDs
      intel: Cleanup SKL PCI ID definitions.

Chih-Wei Huang (1):
      intel: add the missing <strings.h> include

Dave Airlie (1):
      drm: add virtgpu_drm.h

Emil Velikov (17):
      automake: set --enable-valgrind during make distcheck
      xf86drmMode: smoke-test the atomic API
      tests/drmdevice: add new 'test'
      xf86drm: flex platform specifics into drmParsePciBusInfo
      xf86drm: move platform details to drmParsePciDeviceInfo()
      xf86drm: move the final linux specific bits out of drmGetDevices
      xf86drm: rename drmSameDevice to drmCompareBusInfo
      util_math: add MAX3 macro
      xf86drm: rework drmGetDevices()
      xf86drm: move ifdef __linux__ guards where needed
      xf86drm: warn on missing drmGetMinorNameForFD implementation
      xf86drm: split out drmProcessPciDevice and drmFoldDuplicatedDevices
      xf86drm: add drm{Get,Free}Device
      tests/drmdevice: add drm{Get,Free}Device() example
      Fix SunOS/NetBSD atomic macro
      xf86drm: remove makedev() hack/workaround
      configure.ac: test for the same atomic function as the one we use

Felix Janda (1):
      xf86drm: include <limits.h> for PATH_MAX

Jammy Zhou (1):
      amdgpu: fix overflow for timeout calculation

Jonathan Gray (1):
      configure.ac: rework compiler builtin atomic tests

Kristian Høgsberg Kristensen (3):
      intel: Update i915_drm.h
      Add tests/drmdevice to .gitignore
      intel: Add drm_intel_bo_set_softpin_offset to intel-symbol-check

Matt Roper (3):
      xf86drm: Fix error handling for drmGetDevices()
      xf86drm: Fix error handling for drmGetDevice()
      xf86drm: Handle unrecognized subsystems safely in drmGetDevice[s]()

Michał Winiarski (2):
      intel: Add support for softpin
      intel: Restore formatting of offsets in debug statements

Michel Dänzer (2):
      Fix void pointer arithmetic in drmProcessPciDevice
      radeon: Handle surface offsets exceeding 32 bits correctly

Michel Thierry (2):
      intel: 48b ppgtt support (EXEC_OBJECT_SUPPORTS_48B_ADDRESS flag)
      intel: add drm_intel_bo_use_48b_address_range to symbol-check test

Rob Clark (3):
      freedreno: don't reuse exported buffers
      freedreno: drop exported dmabuf fd tracking
      freedreno: debug msg cleanup

Stefan Agner (1):
      tests: remove missleading comments

Thierry Reding (10):
      tests: Split helpers into library
      tests: Move name tables to libutil
      proptest: Add Android support
      tests: Add libkms-test library
      tests: kms: Implement CRTC stealing test
      tests: kms: Implement universal planes test
      tests: Add helper to open a device/module
      modetest: Use util_open()
      proptest: Use util_open()
      vbltest: Use util_open()

Tobias Jakobi (18):
      exynos/fimg2d: fix empty buffer handling in g2d_flush()
      exynos/fimg2d: simplify base address submission in g2d_scale_and_blend()
      exynos/fimg2d: add g2d_check_space()
      exynos/fimg2d: add g2d_validate_xyz() functions
      exynos/fimg2d: remove default case from g2d_get_blend_op()
      exynos/fimg2d: remove superfluous initialization of g2d_point_val
      exynos/fimg2d: make g2d_add_cmd() less heavy
      exynos/fimg2d: add message prefix
      exynos/fimg2d: remove g2d_context from public header
      exynos: Introduce exynos_handle_event()
      tests/exynos: add fimg2d performance analysis
      exynos/fimg2d: add g2d_config_event
      tests/exynos: add fimg2d event test
      tests/exynos: use XRGB8888 for framebuffer
      exynos: fimg2d: add g2d_set_direction
      exynos/fimg2d: add g2d_move
      tests/exynos: add test for g2d_move
      exynos: bump version number

Tom St Denis (4):
      amdgpu: Unlock mutex if base_required is invalid
      amdgpu:  Fix use-after-free bug in vamgr_deinit
      amdgpu: Cleanly handle ENOMEM on result in amdgpu_bo_list_create()
      amdgpu:  Make amdgpu_cs_calculate_timeout() return something sensible on error

Tvrtko Ursulin (1):
      libdrm: Use userspace compatible type in fourcc_mod_code macro

git tag: libdrm-2.4.66

MD5:  c6809c48538d6e5999588832045ff014  libdrm-2.4.66.tar.bz2
SHA1: 6637cc2d71b0011516804cc223a521bf301a9910  libdrm-2.4.66.tar.bz2
SHA256: 79cb8e988749794edfb2d777b298d5292eff353bbbb71ed813589e61d2bc2d76  libdrm-2.4.66.tar.bz2
PGP:  http://dri.freedesktop.org/libdrm/libdrm-2.4.66.tar.bz2.sig

MD5:  7d7265b14d27b453987a3dd90ef9bb1d  libdrm-2.4.66.tar.gz
SHA1: d04776e1fc50d8b0688c452ef8863d33c215f7c8  libdrm-2.4.66.tar.gz
SHA256: 124bc0d801c84387d0f2b97323bf68f5b7a0bfc75e84ac4565e4fff343651911  libdrm-2.4.66.tar.gz
PGP:  http://dri.freedesktop.org/libdrm/libdrm-2.4.66.tar.gz.sig

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