[ANNOUNCE] libXi 1.7.6

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Dec 21 17:25:21 PST 2015

One significant change here: libXi was using raw serial numbers in event
cookies, the one read off the wire. All other events don't use that number
but a Xlib-internal serial number which is similar but not always the same.
This could cause events to look out of order. With this release, libXi is
now using the same serial number for event cookies as it uses for all other

Javier Pello (1):
      Fix const compiler warnings

Peter Hutterer (2):
      Don't use raw serial numbers in XIEvents
      libXi 1.7.6

git tag: libXi-1.7.6

MD5:  510e555ecfffa8d2298a0f42b725e563  libXi-1.7.6.tar.bz2
SHA1: 0bf1c2b8279915d8c94e45cd0b9ec064f7a177a9  libXi-1.7.6.tar.bz2
SHA256: 1f32a552cec0f056c0260bdb32e853cec0673d2f40646ce932ad5a9f0205b7ac  libXi-1.7.6.tar.bz2
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/lib/libXi-1.7.6.tar.bz2.sig

MD5:  f3828f9d7893068f6f6f10fe15b31afa  libXi-1.7.6.tar.gz
SHA1: 2a2c5cdbdbb6bb86804b3dbccd8f9a6f34088a37  libXi-1.7.6.tar.gz
SHA256: 4e88fa7decd287e58140ea72238f8d54e4791de302938c83695fc0c9ac102b7e  libXi-1.7.6.tar.gz
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/lib/libXi-1.7.6.tar.gz.sig

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