[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.99.915

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 00:25:32 PDT 2014

Snapshot 2.99.915 (2014-09-08)
A significant change to UXA to enable MST and to keep it working on recent
kernels needs some soaking before a major release, and the usual
plethora of bugfixes. One other feature is the support for hardware
rotations on very recent kernels.

 * Handle rotated scanouts that are all clear correctly. The region to
   update was not being computed correctly, overdrawing the wrong CRTC.

 * Reset cursor images after rotation and size changes

 * Handle stale DRI2 buffers and Client errors more gracefully

 * Fallback if we fail to render a glyph onto a too-large surface, e.g.
   direct rendering of glyphs onto extended desktops with gen2/gen3.

 * Further work to enable tiled rendering onto large surfaces in
   severely aperture and memory constrained devices (e.g. gen2/gen3)

 * Honour the Primary option from xorg.conf and mark that as the RandR

 * Fix another Client-Window DRI2 close race

 * Fix incorrect discarding of GPU damage when copying over the TearFree
   scanout - which caused a flicker in rapidly updated elements (like
   simple video panes).

Complete list of changes since 2.99.914

Chris Wilson (93):
      sna: Disable rendering with the DRM device whilst away from VT
      backlight: Set structure to safe values when not initialised
      sna: Keep the backlight at the same brightness when switching away
      backlight: Remove unused 'original' member from structure
      sna: Sort the outputs to provide a stable listing order
      configure: Expose no acceleration by default (--with-default-accel=none)
      sna: Fix clear shortcut for transformations
      sna: Clear cursor image after rotation
      sna: Select the panel native size of the unattached fb size
      sna: Always clear CRTC overrides when adjusting the mode
      sna: Skip grabbing the main framebuffer id
      sna/dri2: Also check for stale buffers before exchanges
      sna: Silence a compiler warning
      i810: Fix startup after marking GPU screens in the module
      sna/glyphs: Fallback to masked glyphs if rendering to a too wide dst
      sna/glyphs: Eliminate an extra conditional from glyphs-to-dst
      sna: Remove dead assertion
      sna: Restrict fencing to only use the low 256MiB
      sna: Relax restriction on fenced aperture check
      sna: Add some paranoid asserts around get_window_pixmap()
      sna: Rearrange showing cursors
      sna: Restore single CRTC flips
      sna: Add the current CRTC mode last
      sna: Mark the current mode as preferred if no other mode is
      sna: Add some extra logging for hotplugging of outputs
      sna: Add DSI to the list of recognised panel connectors.
      sna: Add intermediate modes to any output with a scaler
      sna: Set the RandR primary output from the option
      intel: Use NOACCEL to avoid a symbol clash on old Xorg
      sna: Enable kernel rotation support by default
      test: Exercise different cursor sizes
      sna: Flush cursor width changes
      uxa: Compile fix for Ubuntu 11.04
      sna: Clear old cursors when resizing
      Prepare for spurious Xv ABI changes
      sna: Restore the clear before pwriting the cursor
      sna: Update check for static driver data on loading error
      intel: Log open clients on master takeover fail
      intel: If need be, try mounting debugfs
      sna: Reorder output array to match primary placement for InitialConfiguration
      sna: Respect monitor option "DefaultModes"
      sna: Parse output options early during initialisation
      sna: Separate panel checks from adding default modes
      sna: Suppress "switch to mode" messages for internal CRTC applies
      sna: Only apply a DPMS change for an enabled CRTC
      sna: Relax the square cursor assumption
      sna/dri2: Fix compilation with Xorg-1.12.4
      sna: Use a shadow buffer for linear framebuffer
      sna: Do not force creation of a linear GPU bo that we don't want
      sna: Add error message to explain modesetting failures due to allocation
      sna: DBG Log all failure paths in allocating CRTC pixmaps
      sna: DBG log all bo allocation failure paths
      sna: DBG log invalid surface sizes
      sna: Select appropriate tiling mode for TearFree shadow buffer
      intel: Only dump debugfs on linux
      test: Only compile lowlevel-blt-bench if we have shm
      test: Make SHM tests in lowlevel-blt-bench optional
      sna: Add some DBG warnings for early PreInit failures
      sna: Be defensive during FreeScreen()
      sna: Only send the bl change notification if the randr_output exists
      backlight: Move the fd out of the select range
      sna: Propagate failure from changing backlight value
      sna: DBG message fix for !xvmc
      sna/dri2: Remove the redundant parameter passed to free event
      sna/dri2: Assert event is queued when marked as next pending flip
      sna/dri2: Unhook event from draw list upon client destruction
      configure: Add guards for os.h redefines
      sna: Make one last gasp at submitting the execbuffer before bailing
      sna: Fix attaching to a headless configuration
      intel-virtual-output: Sanity check length on user supplied socket path
      intel: Limit read to always fit in the buffer
      intel-virtual-output: Fix invocation of strncpy()
      intel-virtual-output: Use snprintf() for simplicity
      sna: Prepare fr changes in dirty tracking api (Prime)
      tests: Add a couple of gstreamer pipeline hints
      sna/gen8: Check instead of asserting for a hang whilst setting up video state
      gen8: Refresh video render programs
      intel: Only include sys/mount.h on Linux
      sna: Only decouple the event once
      sna: Fallback to normal composite if the blt redisplay fails
      test/README: Add missing trailing characters from cut'n'paste
      sna: Reject invalid CopyArea based on source clipping earlier
      sna: Leave more Pixmap breadcrumbs in DBG
      sna/trapezoids: Use the corrected trapezoid origin for aligned boxes
      sna: Skip over hotunplugged outputs during CRTC set
      sna: Trace move-to-gpu overrides with extra DBG
      sna: Drop false IGNORE_DAMAGE hint
      sna: Compute clones on final ordering
      sna: Disable the fb on switching away from X
      sna/gen2: Fallback to kernel batch w/a rather than incur a stall
      sna: Fix an unreachable piece of code
      sna: Fix backlight assertion after only hiding planes
      2.99.915 snapshot

Dave Airlie (2):
      uxa: drop mode_res caching.
      uxa: add MST support.

Edward Sheldrake (1):
      backlight: Fix regression

Jonathan Gray (1):
      configure: check for cpuid.h

git tag: 2.99.915

MD5:  9526674ecf05eb240372f29eb2949f9b  xf86-video-intel-2.99.915.tar.bz2
SHA1: 0a17a2b6986205f60b01d4f375a1d65c9da38691  xf86-video-intel-2.99.915.tar.bz2
SHA256: 8ad6f94a74f48777d9d24db86a1c7d5f977779ae627f05ee611eedf9014af734  xf86-video-intel-2.99.915.tar.bz2

MD5:  bca9ed0b3e128f2f5134b860f12e7ea9  xf86-video-intel-2.99.915.tar.gz
SHA1: 2701ceb9ffdb14dcaf4c8416a4392651c846b595  xf86-video-intel-2.99.915.tar.gz
SHA256: f2566d4262da1de7e09d91049d203e026de18e7089babb98a21bb59a81f2f0f9  xf86-video-intel-2.99.915.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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