[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Oct 28 21:56:28 PDT 2014

Here's the first RC for X server 1.17. We're a bit behind, due to my
travel schedule and illness, but I don't see any particular reason to
change the rest of the schedule at this point:

  Non-critical bugs     2014-10-16 - 2014-11-30
  Critical-bugs         2014-12-1  - 2014-12-31

Some high points that I know of:

 * Adam continues to strip out stale code and clean up the
   server. Thousands of lines of unnecessary code have disappeared yet
 * The modesetting driver has been merged into the server code base,
   simplifying ongoing maintenance by coupling it to the X server
   ABI/API release schedule. This now includes DRI2 support (so that GLX
   works correctly) along with Glamor support (which handles DRI3).

 * Lots of Glamor improvements, including a rewrite of the core protocol
   rendering functions 

Along with these, numerous bug fixes and improvements throughout the
rest of the code base.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who contributed to this release.

Aaron Plattner (2):
      modesetting: match PCI class 3, any subclass
      xfree86: Remove stale /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d hard-code from the xorg.conf man page

Adam Jackson (131):
      Implement ->driverFunc
      modesetting: Don't (brokenly) double-track software cursor
      Use own thunk function instead of shadowUpdatePackedWeak
      dix: Remove an ancient IBM configuration
      dix: Remove some XFree86 3.x leftovers
      dix: (Don't) change BITMAP_SCANLINE_UNIT on Linux s390{, x}
      dix: Remove some dead macros
      dix: Remove some cfb leftovers
      dix: Default GLYPHPADBYTES to 4
      dix: Remove wacky sparc special casing (v2)
      dix: Remove a weird case of little-endian s390
      dix: Remove arch awareness from servermd.h (v2)
      xfree86: Remove i2c multimedia modules
      xfree86: Remove #include "compiler.h" from places that don't need it
      xfree86: Remove nds32_flush_icache
      xfree86: Remove MMIO_MOVE32
      xfree86: Undefine NO_INLINE
      xfree86: Unspecialize gcc variants of unaligned memory access
      xfree86: Remove unused unaligned int64 helpers
      xfree86: Move generic unaligned helpers into int10 code
      xfree86: Remove remaining unused unaligned accessors
      xfree86: Remove a few random ppc decls
      xfree86: Undef FAKEIT
      xfree86: Undef __HIGHC__
      xfree86: Remove an unlikely bit of #pragma
      xfree86: Undef GCCUSESGAS
      xfree86: Remove a useless !__SUNPRO_C guard
      xfree86: Remove pre-2.6 Linux ppc support
      xfree86: Simplify a bunch of OS and arch conditionals
      xfree86: Clean up powerpc barrier decls
      xfree86: Remove MMIO_ONB* and friends
      xfree86: Pull generic barrier() definition up to top level
      xfree86: Clean up some silly __sparc macro usage
      xfree86: Unify the ppc/sparc mmio-swap-or-not conditionals
      mi: Remove semi-arbitrary arch awareness in packed coordinate macros
      bsd: Remove some reference arm code behind #if 0
      dix: Make some LBX-era code more obvious
      kdrive: Remove some dead bits of the man page
      mi: Remove apparently unused miSegregateChildren
      miext/shadow: Remove ancient backwards-compatibility hack
      miext/shadow: Remove shadowInit
      os: Remove deprecated malloc/free wrappers
      os: Remove LocalClientCred
      render: Remove unused CopyPicture
      saver: Don't open-code IsMapInstalled
      vgahw: Nuke unused vgaCmap.c
      xfree86: Remove xf86ConfigActivePciEntity
      xfree86: Remove some unused pre-pciaccess types
      xfree86: Remove deprecated PCI types
      xfree86: Remove unused xf86{Map,Unmap}LegacyIO
      xfree86: Remove protectMem from VidMemInfo
      xfree86: Remove pointless xf86RandRCreateScreenResources
      xfree86: Remove useless #include "fb.h"
      xfree86: Remove unused HardEdges
      xkb: Remove some fascinating paranoia from event emission
      xquartz: Remove unused DRI{,Post}ValidateTree
      dri1: Remove unused DRI{,Post}ValidateTree
      xwayland: Snap damage reports to the bounding box
      xfree86: Remove xf86{Map,Unmap}VidMem
      xfree86: Remove {set,undo}WC from VidMemInfo
      xfree86: Remove xf86LinearVidMem
      int10: Port off xf86ReadBIOS
      xfree86: Remove xf86ReadBIOS
      xfree86: Remove xf86CheckMTRR
      xfree86: Remove the memory of MTRR awareness
      xfree86: Clean up some more alpha awareness
      loader: Remove compatibility with ancient XFree86 version numbering
      ephyr: Properly implement hardware cursors (v3)
      loader: Deobfuscate RTLD_* macro stuff
      mi: Remove Windows 8-bpp colormap compatibility
      xfree86: Remove xv clip notify driver hook
      xfree86: Remove Option "TextClockFreq"
      xfree86: Remove spurious xf86ConfigError
      xfree86: Remove useless back-pointer to pScrn from colormap code
      xfree86: Remove DisplayID support
      xfree86: Remove xf86Info.log (v2)
      xfree86: Remove unused xf86Info.useDefaultFontPathFrom
      xfree86: configServerFlags never fails, make it return void
      xfree86: Remove pointless xf86PrintMarkers
      x86emu: Undefine _NO_INLINE
      exa, kdrive: Remove redundant BitsPerPixel macros
      input: Remove unused SetKeySymsMap
      loader: Remove some baklava code
      vfb: Don't reimplement micmap so much
      xfree86: Remove some can't-happen printf from xf86CreateRootWindow
      kdrive: Remove vestigial reference to fbInitValidateTree
      xquartz: Remove useless DRIWindowExposures
      rootless: remove redundant RootlessShapedWindowIn
      xwin: Remove native GDI engine (v2)
      xwin: Remove primary DirectDraw engine
      dix: Drop the third argument from WindowExposuresProcPtr
      mi: Deobfuscate miWindowExposures
      mi: Deobfuscate miOverlayWindowExposures
      mi: Simplify composite border clip redirection interface
      mi: Drop plane argument from miHandleExposures
      mi: Move pScreen->SendGraphicsExpose up to dix
      dix: Remove DIXsaveUnder bit from the Window
      dix: Lower backStorage to a bit instead of a pointer
      dix: Remove an empty if
      dix: Remove some pointless casting of NULL
      dix: Remove an obfuscatory macro
      mi: miSlideAndSizeWindow -> miResizeWindow
      fb: fb{Map,Unmap}Window -> fb{Realize,Unrealize}Window
      misc: Fold together some redundant conditionals
      xinerama: Fix access mode in GetImage's drawable lookup
      render: Always store client clip as a region
      mi: Mark the span blit routines as _X_COLD
      mi: Unexport wide line details
      mi: Unexport polygon edge table implementation details
      mi: Unexport span group implementation details
      mi: Unexport subpixel polygon implementation details
      mi: Unexport arc fill implementation details
      mi: Fold mispans.c into miwideline.c
      mi: Fold mifpolycon.c into miarc.c
      mi: Fold mipoly{con,gen}.c into mipoly.c
      mi: Fold mipolyutil.c into mipoly.c
      mi: Fold micursor.c into mipointer.c
      fb: Eliminate fbLaneTable, staticize fb{8,16,32}Lane
      fb: FB_SHIFT is 5 (and FB_UNIT is 32)
      fb: Remove even/odd stipple slow-pathing
      fb: Move fbStipple*Bits near their only consumer
      fb: Remove unused fbReduceRasterOp
      fb: Remove even/odd tile slow-pathing
      fb: Hide glyph implementation details
      fb: Hide some zero-width line details
      fb: Hide Bresenham line details
      fb: Hide fbDots
      fb: Hide fbPush{Pattern,Fill}
      dix: Always store GC client clip as a region (v2)
      dix: Retype and repack GC
      composite: Wrap GetSpans

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      Make list tests actually test lists
      Abort xi2 tests if ActivateDevice() fails
      Use unique display name for each xi2 test program [v3]
      Allocate enough room for both reset & flags attributes
      If fork fails in System(), don't fallthrough to exec()

Alan Hourihane (14):
      Initial commit of new modesetting driver
      Run indent
      Plug in hardware cursor support
      Bring inline with current modesetting-101 branch for connector/encoder changes
      Add DRI2 support.
      formatting fixes
      more formatting fixes
      yet more
      Add EXA winsys for gallium pipe driver interface.
      Fix copy surface
      NULL checks
      add --with-gallium-dir to specify location of gallium tree
      More error checking
      fixes for gallium stride changes

Alex Deucher (1):
      modesetting: query cursor size from the kernel

Alex Orange (1):
      fb: Fix Bresenham algorithms for commonly used small segments.

Alon Levy (1):
      modesetting: add virtual connector support

Andreas Hartmetz (1):
      glamor: Don't free memory we are going to use.

Axel Davy (1):
      Fix present_pixmap when using present_notify_msc

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      xwayland: Only disable/enable devices on capabilities change

Chris Wilson (2):
      Add missing GTF modes
      Xext/shm: Detach SHM segment after Pixmap is released

Colin Walters (2):
      autogen.sh: Implement GNOME Build API
      xf86platformBus: Add assertion to avoid (fatal) compiler warning

Daniel Martin (3):
      dix: Remove XpExtension leftovers from protocol.txt
      security: Remove XpExtension from SecurityTrustedExtensions
      xfree86: Delete file modinit.h

Daphne Pfister (1):
      os: Regenerate os/oscolor.c from app/rgb #52289

Dave Airlie (61):
      drop exa
      modesetting: restart driver effort from other codebases
      cleanup some the drmmode_display header file
      modesetting: rewrite probing based on fbdev.
      gut some more unneeded code
      update authors/copyright
      drop loading dri2
      port damage tracking code from st/xorg
      fix server recycling
      add -Wall, cleanup warnings
      remove unused debug
      add shadowfb support, default to on.
      add initial man page
      check drm support dumb buffer capability
      fix make distcheck
      fix fb_id for dirty reporting
      configure: don't require xvmc.
      fixup device open
      fix some whitespace
      modesetting: add cursor fallback if kernel rejects cursor.
      cleanup dumb cap fetch
      use a cap to decide if shadow is preferred or not.
      shadowfb: dump shadowfb state at startup
      modesetting: fix stride if kernel modifies it.
      modesetting: move shadow stuff to other structure
      modesetting: fix shadow resizing.
      modesetting: disable dirty updates for ENOSYS
      modesetting: fix warnings, remove dead code.
      xf86-video-modesetting 0.2.0
      modesetting: fix build against older Xext
      drop use of alloca, just use malloc/free
      dirty: check malloc return
      cursor: hide cursors on LeaveVT
      modesetting: add set/drop master around VT switch
      modesetting: move opening kernel device to before setting depth
      modesetting: attempt to work out if we want 24 or 32bpp
      modesetting: make sure the pci device corresponds to the drm device
      bump version to 0.3.0
      modesetting: add compat header file
      modesetting: convert to new scrn conversion APIs.
      modesetting: fix make distcheck
      modesetting: bump to latest X server compat api.
      modesetting: workaround kernel bug reporting 0x0 as valid mins
      modesetting: pci probing requires interface version 1.4
      modesetting 0.4.0: bump configure.ac
      modesetting: drop useless xf86PciInfo include
      modesetting: fix warning about close being undefined.
      modesetting: add platform bus support
      modesetting: add output slave support.
      modesetting: remove alloca usage again
      modesetting: fix crashes caused by udev race conditions
      modesetting: bump to 0.6.0
      modesetting: provide dummy hooks for shadow
      modesetting: fix adjust frame crash
      modesetting: change output names for secondary GPUs
      modesetting: move closing fd to after we check outputs
      modesetting: try and use hotspot cursor support
      modesetting: fix cursor rendering with hotspots.
      modesetting: fix use after free.
      modesetting: fix build regression against older servers.
      pixmap: fix reverse optimus support with multiple heads

David Ung (1):
      randr: Fix logic in RRPointerToNearestCrtc

Egbert Eich (1):
      BellProc: Send bell event on core protocol bell when requested

Eric Anholt (52):
      xorg: Remove duplicated definitions of some XV-related structs.
      kdrive: Do a little more cleanup from the XV struct deduplication.
      kdrive: Remove dead generic XV adaptors code.
      kdrive: Simplify the adaptor setup interface.
      glamor: Split the XV code into XF86-dependent parts and generic.
      kdrive: Mark XV names const to avoid warnings.
      ephyr: Add support for XV using glamor.
      glamor: Share code for put_image handling.
      xephyr: Allow initializing glamor with gles2 (on GLX).
      glamor: Drop unnecessary glTexParameteri() in SetSpans().
      glamor: Use MIN/MAX macros to clean up glamor_transfer.c
      glamor: Drop unnecessary glTexParameteri() in upload of texture data.
      glamor: Drop constant arguments to glamor_solid().
      glamor: Remove always-true yInverted flag.
      glamor: Drop dead get/pub sub pixmap functions.
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_download_pixmap_to_cpu()
      glamor: Drop dead glamor_restore_pixmap_to_texture().
      glamor: Remove a dead prototype.
      glamor: Drop the "are we doing a series of blits or draws" logic.
      xv: Remove dead VIDEO_INVERT_CLIPLIST from the xorg and kdrive DDXes.
      xv: Remove dead VIDEO_NO_CLIPPING from the xorg and kdrive DDXes.
      xv: Move common code for adaptor cleanup to xvmain.c
      xv: Drop the ddQueryAdaptors() interface.
      xv: Move the DDX XV screen private allocation into the DDXes.
      xv: Drop unused XvdiPreemptVideo().
      xv: Drop unused XvdiVideoStopped().
      xv: Move CloseScreen setup from a DIX hook to normal wrapping.
      xv: Move xf86 XV color key helper to core.
      xv: Fix malloc-failure cases in the fill color key helper.
      kdrive: Remove dead KXVPaintRegion().
      kdrive: Don't bother explicitly clearing new window privates to NULL.
      xv: Remove the no-op AllocatePort/FreePort interfaces.
      xv: Drop the ClientPtr from the interface to the DDX.
      kdrive: Remove a dead struct.
      glamor: Don't try to set up core fonts textures when we won't use them.
      glx: Disable indirect GLX contexts by default.
      modesetting: Merge modesetting's COPYING into the xserver's.
      modesetting: unifdef MODESETTING_OUTPUT_SLAVE_SUPPORT
      modesetting: xserver already checks XEXTPROTO >=
      modesetting: Drop use of "pointer" for "void *"
      modesetting: Update for the platform device API change.
      modesetting: Connect the driver to the build.
      modesetting: Drop use of compat-api.h
      modesetting: Drop remaining old-xserver compatibility.
      modesetting: Run x-indent-all.sh.
      modesetting: Fix some weird formatting after x-indent-all.sh.
      modesetting: Deduplicate some scrn setup.
      modesetting: Add support for rendering using glamor.
      dri2: Import a copy of Mesa's PCI ID -> driver name mappings.
      dri2: Automatically fill in the driver name if the DDX doesn't provide it.
      modesetting: Export two functions I want to reuse from DRI2/Present.
      modesetting: Add support for DRI2 with glamor.

Gaetan Nadon (14):
      Fill the COPYING file with license text
      Add contact information to the README file
      man: missing AM_V_GEN and hard-coded sed command name
      Fix typo in .gitignore
      make: remove redundant AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS
      Remove redundant EXTRA_DIST for the README file.
      Add missing targets for ChangeLog and INSTALL
      Replace obsolete AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
      Remove redundant AC_PROG_CC
      Remove unneeded AM_PROG_CC_C_CO
      make: remove empty variable assignment
      make: add all warnings according to the platform
      config: replace deprecated AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING
      config: layout and comment the top portion of configure.ac

Hans de Goede (1):
      Add support for server managed fds

James Simmons (1):
      don't map cursors in sw cursor mode

Jasper St. Pierre (2):
      xwayland-input: Fix a crasher for a race with the Wayland compositor
      xwayland: Implement throttling for surfaces based on the frame event

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (3):
      mieq: Fix a crash regression in mieqProcessDeviceEvent
      ListenOnOpenFD: Remove Resets since this is intended to be for hotplugging connections
      XQuartz: Better support turning off "Displays have separate Spaces" on OS X Mavericks

Joerg Sonnenberger (1):
      Fix format string.

Jon TURNEY (56):
      hw/xwin/glx: When generating shims, limit the considered features to GL version <=1.2
      hw/xwin: Makefile.am cleanup
      hw/xwin: Improve choice of display name used by internal clients
      hw/xwin: Fix a potential crash in winRedrawScreenShadowDDNL()
      hw/xwin: Add an idempotency guard to glwindows.h
      hw/xwin/glx: Don't override the server supported GL extensions string.
      hw/xwin/glx: Update .gitignore
      hw/xwin/glx: Fix a couple of typo bugs in indirect.c
      hw/xwin/glx: Downgrade "forcing window to exist" message to debug
      hw/xwin/glx: Remove an incorrect assertion in glxWinDrawableSwapBuffers
      hw/xwin: Remove left-over pthread_exit() in clipboard code
      hw/xwin: Push winClipboardShutdown() into winclipboardinit.c
      hw/xwin: Hoist clipboard thread restart up one level
      hw/xwin: winProcEstablishConnection doesn't need to check if clipboard started
      hw/xwin: Hoist setting of g_fClipboardStarted flag up one level
      hw/xwin: Remove g_fClipboardLaunched, it's value is identical to g_fClipboardStarted
      hw/xwin: Remove SetSelectionOwner wrapper, use XFixesSetSelectionOwnerNotify event instead
      hw/xwin: Move winClipboardCreateMessagingWindow() to winclipboardthread.c
      hw/xwin: Eliminate g_pClipboardDisplay and g_iClipboardWindow globals
      hw/xwin: Hoist use of winSetAuthorization() and winGetDisplayName() up one level
      hw/xwin: Add remaining clipboard globals to winglobals.h
      hw/xwin: Make g_hwndClipboard static
      hw/xwin: Move clipboard integration code down to a subdirectory
      hw/xwin: Return a shutdown flag from winClipboardProc() if we should stop trying
      hw/xwin: Separate libwinclipboard interface and internal header files
      hw/xwin: Add fUseUnicode as parameter to winClipboardProc()
      hw/xwin: Look up atoms in winClipboardProc()
      hw/xwin: Changes in error logging to make libwinclipboard more useful as a library
      hw/xwin: Add xwinclip test client
      hw/xwin: Remove standard includes from internal.h and add them where needed
      hw/xwin: Remove unused X includes from internal.h and add them where needed
      hw/xwin: Use header for prototypes in textconv.c
      hw/xwin: Move WIN_MSG_QUEUE_FNAME to where it's used
      hw/xwin: Remove setjmp()/longjmp() error constants
      hw/xwin: Improve comment about why we can't XCloseDisplay()
      hw/xwin: Remove XOpenDisplay() retry code
      hw/xwin: In clipboard function prototypes, use Window type, not int type
      hw/xwin: Add a basic manpage for xwinclip
      hw/xwin: Only add to XSetIOErrorHandler() handler chain once
      hw/xwin: Undefine _XSERVER64 in hw/xwin/winclipboard
      Update help text since -iglx is now the default
      xserver: Move 'pragma GCC diagnostic' outside functions
      hw/xwin: Fix compilation with -Werror=return-type
      hw/xwin: Fix compilation with -Werror=declaration-after-statement
      hw/xwin: Fix warnings in glx/glshim.c
      hw/xwin: Fix format warnings with debug printing of pointers on 64-bit
      hw/xwin: Fix warning in winXIconToHICON()
      hw/xwin: Fix const warning in winCheckDisplayNumber()
      hw/xwin: Fix const warnings in winprefsyacc.y
      hw/xwin: Fix const warning in winPrefsLoadPreferences()
      hw/xwin: Fix warning in yyerror()
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declaration warning in winprefslex.l
      hw/xwin: Fix unused variable warning in winCreateMsgWindow()
      configure.ac: Avoid "Your OS is unknown" warning when configuring for Cygwin
      configure.ac: Force --disable-libdrm on Cygwin
      os: -displayfd should check ports up to 65535

Julien Cristau (1):
      xwayland: always include drm.xml in tarballs

Keith Packard (65):
      Clean up compiler warnings.
      Handle new DamageUnregister API which has only one argument
      ephyr: Deal with non-root visual for window
      mi: Create miPolylines as a general-purpose line drawing function
      mi: Make miPolyArc draw fast zero-width when possible
      mi: Fill spans for multiple arcs in miPolyFillArc
      mi: Draw multiple lines in one FillSpans call in miZeroLine
      glamor: Replace fallback preparation code
      glamor: Directly reference the private key records
      glamor: Add glamor_program based copy acceleration
      glamor: Use glamor_program for glamor_push_pixels
      glamor: Use glamor_program and GL_LINES for 0-width lines
      glamor: Add glamor_program based 0-width dashed lines
      glamor: Add accelerated stipple support
      glamor: Replace glamor_solid_boxes and glamor_solid with GC using code
      glamor: Remove 'tiling' shader code
      glamor: Remove stubbed-out glamor_stipple function
      Document how to correctly wrap screen procedures
      hw/xfree86: Fix block handler wrapping in xf86Rotate
      mi: Fix block handler wrapping in miSprite
      hw/xfree86: Fix VGA arbiter screen proc wrapping
      hw/xfree86: Let xf86Rotate leave the BlockHandler unwrapped when possible
      ephyr: Free damage structure at server reset time
      Post 1.16 version bump to
      glamor: Fix temp picture coordinates in glamor_composite_clipped_region
      config: Replace OdevAttributes linked list with struct
      xfree86: Provide backward-compatibilty API for OdevAttributes
      glamor: Add support for SHM sync fences
      glamor: sync_fence_set_triggered should use glFlush, not glFinish
      glamor: Eliminate diagonal tearing in xv
      Fix files including xorg-server.h by mistake
      xfree86: Avoid compiler warning for unused vars without systemd
      present: Make window MSC offset 0 initially
      present: Avoid crash at server shutdown
      xfree86/modes: rotation damage is automatically destroyed on close
      Add X_BYTE_ORDER to xorg-server.h
      xfree86: [v2] Remove duplicate InputInfoPtr typedef from xf86Xinput.h
      glamor: Free Xv put image data immediately after use
      dri3: Don't enable the DRI3 extension unless some screen supports it
      glx/present: Only send GLX_BufferSwapComplete for PresentCompleteKindPixmap
      test: Only build hashtable tests if building X-Resource extension
      dix: Close protocol.txt after we're done loading extension names
      Build required portions of registry.c automatically [v2]
      present: Support PresentOptionCopy
      present: Clear pending flip pixmaps at CloseScreen
      glamor: Change SET_PIXMAP_FBO_CURRENT from macro to static inline
      glamor: Add macro __glamor_large in glamor_largepixmap.c
      glamor: Don't abuse large_pixmap members for regular pixmaps
      glamor: Handle compositing from large to small pixmaps
      glamor: Check large pixmap users in glamor_largepixmap.c
      glamor: Remove shader-based trapezoid implementation. Fixes Bug 76213.
      XSERVER_DTRACE needs request names from registry too
      Require xtrans 1.3.5 or newer
      os: Don't listen to 'tcp' by default. Add '-listen' option. [v2]
      xfree86: Remove remaining return FALSE from configServerFlags
      glx: check return from __glXGetAnswerBuffer
      glamor: Free converted bits in _glamor_upload_bits_to_pixmap_texture fast path
      composite: Skip SetWindowPixmap when pixmap isn't changing
      modesetting: Skip kernel work-around on error in crtc to kernel msc
      os: Eliminate uninitialized value warnings from access.c
      xkb: Initialize 'bad' Atom in _XkbSetNamesCheck
      dix: Untwist transformAbsolute logic, eliminate uninitialized value warnings
      dri2: Distribute new pci_ids headers
      xfree86: Include 'drivers' directory with distribution
      Update to version

Laércio de Sousa (3):
      kdrive: add support to +X+Y syntax in -screen option parsing
      ephyr: enable screen window placement following kdrive -screen option extended syntax
      ephyr: set screen size & origin from host X server output's CRTC geometry

Maarten Lankhorst (9):
      bump version to 0.5.0
      modesetting: clean up leaks
      modesetting: return null for get_modes if output could not be retrieved
      bump version to 0.7.0
      support 32 bpp pixmaps when 24 bpp fb is used.
      modesetting: probe only succeeds if connectors are detected
      bump to 0.8.0
      bump to 0.8.1
      bump to 0.9.0

Maks Naumov (1):
      glx: Fix 'y ' value in swrastGetDrawableInfo()

Matt Turner (2):
      Don't check for Xinerama.
      configure.ac: remove DRI and RENDER

Michel Dänzer (9):
      Check for dix-config.h or xorg-server.h before using X_BYTE_ORDER
      glamor: Add glamor_copy_fbo_cpu() for CopyArea to non-GPU destination
      glamor: Don't call glamor_copy_fbo_cpu() for GLAMOR_DRM_ONLY pixmaps
      glamor: Call glamor_glyphs_init from glamor_create_screen_resources
      glamor: Move 'glyph caches realized' check to glamor_realize_glyph_caches
      glamor: Track glyph caching information per screen
      glamor: Make glyph mask cache per-screen
      glamor: Fix leak of converted_bits in _glamor_upload_bits_to_pixmap_texture
      glamor: Use GL_STREAM_READ also for read/write access to a PBO

Peter Harris (1):
      Avoid starting a comment with */*

Peter Hutterer (1):
      xkb: ignore floating slave devices when updating from master (#81885)

Ross Burton (1):
      configure.ac: add option for xshmfence

Sascha Hauer (5):
      fix if() brackets in Probe function
      introduce open_hw() function
      Fix non PCI device probing
      do not bail out on non pci devices
      make busID non mandatory

Takashi Iwai (1):
      fb: Fix invalid bpp for 24bit depth window

Thierry Reding (6):
      build: Put m4 macros in m4 subdirectory
      Remove call to miInitializeBackingStore()
      Staticise and constify output names
      Properly identify DSI outputs
      xfree86: Fallback to first platform device as primary
      xfree86: Allow non-PCI devices as primary

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      Avoid an EXA init segfault.

Thomas Petazzoni (1):
      os/log: adjust gcc version conditions for #pragma

William ML Leslie (1):
      Xephyr: option to disable grabbing the host

Yogish Kulkarni (1):
      Skip SetCursor when vtSema is FALSE.

Zack Rusin (1):
      Adding some readme.

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  34c084935f2ef3094e365cf564f0d547  xorg-server-
SHA1: 0b3214ddf06cb217b4e75f8daa34beb60ef328c4  xorg-server-
SHA256: bd57ca54ab31d23cc96faaa9f5b4e02da82d4a25be1af1730c9283bb95e51a72  xorg-server-
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keith.packard at intel.com
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