[ANNOUNCE] xcb-util-keysyms 0.4.0

Arnaud Fontaine arnau at debian.org
Wed Oct 1 03:06:47 PDT 2014

xcb-util-keysyms 0.4.0 is now available.

git tag 0.4.0

Arnaud Fontaine (3):
      Pick-up changes in m4 submodule as it's better to have all util repos at same m4 level.
      Remove old/outdated documentation crufts.
      Release 0.4.0

Bastien Dejean (1):
      Duplicate keycodes are unnecessary

Michael Stapelberg (1):
      autogen.sh: verify that git submodules are initialized

Uli Schlachter (1):
      Fix handling of error connections

md5: 1022293083eec9e62d5659261c29e367
sha1: ff02ee8ac22c53848af50c0a6a6b00feb002c1cb
sha256: 0ef8490ff1dede52b7de533158547f8b454b241aa3e4dcca369507f66f216dd9

md5: 2decde7b02b4b3bde99a02c17b64d5dc
sha1: e5c5baf3c07e8578c0553ddf1d718dfb07adca42
sha256: 0807cf078fbe38489a41d755095c58239e1b67299f14460dec2ec811e96caa96

Arnaud Fontaine
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