[ANNOUNCE] xkeyboard-config 2.12

Sergey Udaltsov sergey.udaltsov at gmail.com
Tue May 27 17:39:55 PDT 2014

Andreas Wettstein (1):
      Implement "Aus der Neo-Welt". This implementation is based on
the existing Neo 2 layout, and only adjusts the letters, period and

Benno Schulenberg (18):
      Increasing the contrast between the Bosnian/Croatian/Slovenian options.
      Decapitalizing and dehyphenating, in two options, for consistency.
      Lowercasing and separating "rupee" and "sign".
      symbols/??: Putting the name of the layout *after* the main include.
      Swapping 'plus' and 'equal' into their correct positions on
Afghan keyboards.
      Now really lowercasing "with rupee", like "with euro" is too.
      symbols/tr: Tweaking the comments.
      symbols/tr: Harmonizing whitespace.
      symbols/ru: Tweaking the comments, and harmonizing includes and
blank lines.
      symbols/ru: Harmonizing whitespace, and each key on one line.
      symbols/ua: Tweaking the comments and harmonizing the includes.
      symbols/ua: Harmonizing whitespace.
      symbols/{kz,ru}: Remove two useless settings of the key type.
      symbols/{cz,sk}: Tweaking comments and harmonizing whitespace.
      symbols/{rs,hr}: Tweaking some comments.
      symbols/{hr,rs}: Harmonizing whitespace.
      symbols/rs: Removing empty comments, and adding some slightly useful ones.
      symbols/{me,rs}: Making the menu names match the keysymbol names.

Christoph Roeper (2):
      EurKEY keyboard layout
      EurKEY keyboard layout: languageList update

Egbert Eich (3):
      Back out cf93beb - restore numeric keypad separator for FR/IT/NL
      Add 'Windows' specific variant to dk, es, fi, it and no layouts
      Fix overlap of inet keys with jp Henkan and Muhenkan keys

Marko Myllynen (1):
      Sync fi/classic with fi/console

Peter Hutterer (2):
      Drop Pointer_EnableKeys from jp and some fr layouts
      rules: fix xml for grab:debug

Ran Benita (10):
      symbols/sun_vndr/sk: add missing comma
      symbols/es: s/alphanumeric/alphanumeric_keys
      symbols/cz: remove unneeded \| escape
      symbols/in: add missing }; in tam_TSCII variant
      symbols/it: s/alphanueric_keys/alphanumeric_keys
      symbols/il: fix unrecognized keysyms
      symbols/in: fix unrecognized keysyms
      symbols/lv: fix unrecognized keysyms
      symbols/sun_vndr/pl: fix unrecognized keysym
      symbols/ru: fix unrecognized keysyms

Sergey Udaltsov (19):
      Added de(tr)
      mark descriptions as translatable
      broken xml fixed
      XML structure fixed
      Capital SOFTSIGN should be used with shift
      Lost symbols part for Swedish A5
      Small sync of descriptions
      Fixed unicode chars for ru(cv)
      Fixed url
      support for grp:lwin_space_toggle and similar
      Missing PC_SUPER_LEVEL2
      Added name to ru(phonetic)
      Added a se(dvorak_a5) to xml inventory
      Added al(plisi-d1)
      Preparing 2.12
      Syncing translations
      Pseudo-commit for 2.12
      First 2.11.99
      Now 2.12

Stefan Dirsch (1):
      Back to previous "ru(phonetic)" keyboard layout.

git tag: xkeyboard-config-2.12

MD5:  1fd54ceb9092d1dbcaabaf03653092bc  xkeyboard-config-2.12.tar.bz2
SHA1: 7a85c43b432c0005be7ae9911aee26890792e5f3  xkeyboard-config-2.12.tar.bz2
SHA256: 65b62b95b77b609cb6c0439e0148c48c3ab7dcb5c90eb8d34cf1cb8f360cca44

MD5:  915083f7e6a885fa87526a49cc1d7ebf  xkeyboard-config-2.12.tar.gz
SHA1: 6da80197c4cb4dd5f32cffd6aae97118d93d13d3  xkeyboard-config-2.12.tar.gz
SHA256: d81e4e62e70a39f699d2ad1de6073d209314fad3f2db9a77f5e2b076c726de57

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