[ANNOUNCE] xrandr 1.4.2

Aaron Plattner aplattner at nvidia.com
Fri Mar 28 11:24:56 PDT 2014

xrandr is a command line interface to the X11 Resize, Rotate, and
Reflect (RandR) extension.

This minor bugfix release restores the ability to disconnect
providers from each other using "0x0" as the provider XID.  For
example, to disconnect a display offload sink from its source,

  xrandr --setprovideroutputsource <sink> 0x0

This release also formats the GUID provided by DisplayPort 1.2
displays in traditional GUID form.

Finally, this release increases the precision of refresh rate
calculations to disambiguate modes with very similar refresh
rates and to improve the accuracy for interlaced modes.

Aaron Plattner (5):
      Split output property printing into a helper function
      Move EDID printing into a helper function
      Special-case printing of the GUID property
      xrandr: document how to disconnect RandR 1.4 providers
      xrandr 1.4.2

Dave Airlie (1):
      xrandr: allow disconnecting of offload and outputs

Ville Syrjälä (2):
      xrandr: Use more decimal places when printing various rates
      xrandr: Use floating point for VTotal when calculating refresh rate

git tag: xrandr-1.4.2

MD5:  78fd973d9b532106f8777a3449176148
SHA1: e9f67b83ecac5a2485fdf89b13f4a076961139e1
SHA256: b2e76ee92ff827f1c52ded7c666fe6f2704ca81cdeef882397da4e3e8ab490bc

MD5:  a4a9457a3a5fef7f17a17f31148fea21
SHA1: 056347ac9c0ed084ae9a7a68ebd0bb60dbe3cad7
SHA256: ea21efda9d9b8db416ffdc9b46995f2d41500a37a5419591290385aba98d0a73
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