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Matt Dew marcoz at osource.org
Fri Mar 21 23:06:25 PDT 2014

Changes since 1.15.0

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Check for calloc() failure in add_master()
      On realloc failure, free font_path_string instead of leaking it
      xf86DeleteScreen: move check for NULL pScrn before first dereference

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      Xi: Ensure DeviceChanged is emitted after grabs are deactivated

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (11):
      XQuartz: Silence some static analyzer warnings by annotating
referencing counts
      XQuartz: Fix darwinfb.h header guard
      XQuartz: Fix get_proc_address signature
      XQuartz: Mark applicationWillTerminate: noreturn
      XQuartz: Simplify hook_run to quiet static analyzer
      XQuartz: Validate screen in AppleDRIQueryDirectRenderingCapable
      XQuartz: Validate length in appledri before swapping
      XQuartz: Silence a clang static analysis warning about a possible
memory leak on exit
      XQuartz: Silence a clang static analysis warning about a memory leak
      XQuartz: Check for allocated memory before using it in
      XQuartz: Avoid passing uninitialized pointers to
X11ApplicationSetWindowMenu in AppleWMSetWindowMenu

Mark Kettenis (1):
      sync: Avoid ridiculously long timeouts

Matt Dew (1):
      Bump bersion to

Peter Hutterer (6):
      dix: fix button state check before changing a button mapping
      os: restrict display names to digits
      Xi: fix modifier offset in XIPassiveGrab swapping function
      dix: prevent a driver from initializing or submitting buttons >
      Xi: check for invalid modifiers for XI2 passive grabs
      config: search for PnPID on all parents (#75513)

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  f27c39bbaa4c2c8a753beb0eb9240335  xorg-server-
SHA1: 6552cade8e1c25579aa21f3f684dc3a1ac3cb28e
SHA256: 7312b36b6e23784b57ed25c72e130ed21e7957b015689d1188f519a45d46e6cf

MD5:  a2639831942252405ecb6037dd1f8ad6  xorg-server-
SHA1: c7086d3e206a50d6b588070665c5c45858bc79ce
SHA256: 0b90d45d033d3ee0e75a6ddc2947775177e3a7f4046ce4ea8bb54ac8e402284e

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