[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.99.911

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 08:09:38 PDT 2014

Snapshot 2.99.911 (2014-03-19)
Hans de Geode has been working on making the Xserver work without
privileges under the supervision of systemd/logind. This necessitated a
few new features for us: server fds (where we are passed which fd to use
to talk to our device by the Xserver who may in turn receive it from
logind or other host) and a small backlight helper so that we can continue
to provide a RandR backlight property when running without root privileges.

 * Flush when changing blend modes on Ironlake, or else single glyphs
   are sometimes rendered incorrectly
   Regression from 2.20.15

 * Fix pixmap offsets for pixman fallbacks onto Composite redirected

 * Fix blending onto 8-bit destinations, typically used for generating
   masks in complex Render operations, on gen2

 * Handle failure to create DRI bo more carefully. For example on gen3,
   the DDX supports pixmaps that are much, much larger than OpenGL can
   use and do not support the tiling modes that we request for OpenGL.

 * Fix a bookkeeping bug with proxy buffers that are marked active but
   not actually inserted into a request (so they end up permanently
   active and confuse everybody).

 * Actually turn off displays with DPMS off for UXA.
   Regression from 2.99.903, but requires

   kernel commit c9976dcf55c8aaa7037427b239f15e5acfc01a3a
   Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
   Date:   Sun Sep 29 19:15:07 2013 +0100

       drm/i915: Only apply DPMS to the encoder if enabled

   instead for correct behaviour on Haswell.

Complete list of changes since 2.99.910

Chris Wilson (100):
      sna: Clear GPU damage flag for 1x1 writes onto a clear buffer
      sna: Check for overwriting damage before applying clear
      sna: Remove damaged region after converting CPU bo to GPU bo
      sna/gen6: Serialise write to DERRMR register using STORE_REGISTER_MEM
      sna: Defer move-to-gpu until we need to transfer GPU damage to CPU
      Record Video ABI version that we configure against
      sna: Delete redundant branch
      sna: Retrieve tiling for fbcon
      sna/gen5: Add a DBG option to force flushes between operations
      sna/gen5: Use the DBG option ALWAYS_FLUSH to force a full flush
      Revert "sna/gen6: Serialise write to DERRMR register using STORE_REGISTER_MEM"
      sna: Support native primary plane rotations
      intel-virtul-output: Double check timestamps
      intel-virtual-output: Always requery modes after OutputNotify
      intel-virtual-output: Fix checking for no change in output modes
      intel-virtual-output: Force an output probe on initial connection to remote display
      intel-virtual-output: Do not resize the screen whilst all outputs are off
      sna/gen5: Flush the render cache between operations
      sna: Always assign a name to the modes
      Revert "uxa: Do not change DPMS mode on unconnected outputs"
      sna: Enable coordinate transforms for native CRTC rotation
      sna: Extend native rotation support to sprites
      sna: Clear DPMS tracking on VT switch
      sna: Check for access to backlight interface
      uxa: Check for access to backlight interface
      sna: Fix comparison of previous BLT commands
      sna: Filter out requests to create a 0x0 frontbuffer
      sna: Increase the acceptable screen size range
      sna: Check that the backlight interface is in sysfs before access
      sna: Guard use of DRM_MODE_OBJECT type ids
      sna: Reorganise native rotation ioctls to compile on old Linux
      sna: Inherit the native rotation on initial output probing
      intel: Add a helper for setting backlight without root rights
      backlight: Amalgamate hardcoded priority tables
      backlight: Reject user overrides on OpenBSD
      backlight: tidy use of BACKLIGHT_CLASS
      intel-virtual-output: Discard unwanted events from the mouse recorder
      sna: Query cursor size from the kernel
      backlight: Make search routine for device specific backlight common
      sna: Do not register colormaps without any CRTCs
      sna: Do not attempt fallback configuration without any CRTCs
      sna: Tighten assertion for tiling blt fallbacks
      sna: Wrap inplace trapezoid operators with SIGBUS protection
      sna: Allow allocation to fail even when debugging
      sna: Use a hint to do whole image uploads inplace
      sna: Handle asynchronous signals from threads
      sna: Apply the dst offset for pixman fills
      sna: Assert that sigtrap is active
      sna: Move sigtrap wrapping closer to threaded sw composite
      sna: Allow SIGBUS/SEGV to kill the thread
      sna: Propagate thread signals for extra DBG
      sna: Cleanup caches if execbuf fails
      sna: Avoid signed overflow when printing allocated bytes in DBG
      sna: Add a little more DBG to watch the flow of allocated bo sizes
      sna: Include mono/precise hints in trapezoids DBG
      sna: Add DBG for why trapezoids may be preferred inplace
      sna/gen6+: Add missing DBG argument
      sna: Tighten assertion for tiling blt fallbacks
      sna: Avoid promoting region-to-whole migration and discarding damage
      sna: Limit the WHOLE_HINT to large PutImages
      sna: Reorder writes during thread task decoupling
      NEWS: Fix dates for 2014
      sna/gen8: Correct MOCS settings for render targets
      sna: Emit points using the BLT primitive when appropriate
      sna: Unroll finding bbox of points
      sna/gen2: Fix alpha blending with 8bit destination surfaces
      sna/gen2: Tidy blend factor selection for the source
      sna/gen2: Fix build after last minute patch editing
      sna/glyph: Release the pixman glyph cache along the error paths
      sna: Pass render hints for migration based on source location
      sna: DBG compilation fixups
      intel: Supply a fallback guess for the device path
      sna: Be defensive when applying size restrictions to bo
      intel: Fix versioning of SUPPORTS_SERVER_FD
      intel: Protect against a NULL platform device with server fd
      sna: Assert that the pixmap pitch is initialised before use
      sna: Avoid using the wrong pitch for comparing replacement sizes
      sna/glyphs: Add a smattering of DBG for validating the glyph mask
      sna: Missing fixes for using BLT points
      sna: Simplify code when no 64-bit registers are available in the ISA
      sna: Only couple up a proxy->rq when inserting into the request->buffers list
      sna: Add DBG around using pixman's glyph cache
      sna: Restore asserts that we do not map a freed buffer
      intel: Fallback to drmGetDeviceNameFromFd()
      sna: Nullify extra fill.ops
      sna/gen6+: Simplify BLT vs RENDER decisions for fill ops
      intel-virtual-output: Disable remote CRTCs at startup
      intel-virtual-output: Include extra debug information for modesets
      sna: Ensure we flush SHM pixmaps if rendering to a GPU shadow
      sna: Allow some leeway when deciding to discard common translations
      intel-virtual-output: Mode names are freed with ScreenResources
      intel-virtual-output: Disable panning before setting mode on CRTC
      intel-virtual-output: Iterate over remote outputs in the same order as listed
      intel-virtual-output: Minor DBG fixes
      sna: Fix logic inversion in use of imprecise transform conversion
      sna: Improve guard against loading palettes whilst headless
      uxa: Add support for server managed fds (via intel_device)
      uxa: Implement minimal flushing for bdw+
      sna: Assert after applying clipping that the draw rectangle is wholly contained
      2.99.911 snapshot

Hans de Goede (8):
      intel: Fix fd_set_nonblock
      intel: export fd_set_cloexec / fd_set_nonblock
      backlight: Explain better why we support both pkexec and suid root for the helper
      backlight: Use System instead of system when checking for pkexec
      backlight: Drop rights before executing pkexec
      backlight-helper: Simplify reading the level from stdin
      intel: Add support for server managed fds
      intel: Don't close the fd on probe failure if it is server managed

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (1):
      Backlight helper build fixes

Kenneth Graunke (2):
      uxa: Remove implicit length from BLT command #defines.
      uxa: Enable BLT acceleration on Broadwell.

Mark Kettenis (1):
      backlight: Build fixes for OpenBSD

git tag: 2.99.911

MD5:  6130343b314e6a43be4bc02461d09fa7  xf86-video-intel-2.99.911.tar.bz2
SHA1: d5f0f4bbe913d9998b45b3900eb35f7c9120e80d  xf86-video-intel-2.99.911.tar.bz2
SHA256: 4e7a68491bcc4d49912c5ec3ee688badce3f929ce1b7618ede9d8001827270d6  xf86-video-intel-2.99.911.tar.bz2

MD5:  de51db2408a222ef1c52725f5aa2f185  xf86-video-intel-2.99.911.tar.gz
SHA1: 2c517cca2681e89e5c9af091ff8ca485cfad07a5  xf86-video-intel-2.99.911.tar.gz
SHA256: 331864088fd2f7650811711fedbbc0e50e2703f8db4dc04f8a28b67c1b63d82f  xf86-video-intel-2.99.911.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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