[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.99.913

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 06:54:36 PDT 2014

Snapshot 2.99.913 (2014-07-23)
This should be it... A few fixes from testing the new code, we should be
ready for the final release. However, we do have one standout feature in
this snapshot, we now officially recognise HD Graphics 5300/5500/5600,
Iris Graphics 6100 and Iris Pro Graphics 6200/P6300 (formerly known as

 * Check the window actually covers the CRTC before doing a single CRTC flip,
   and then restore the right framebuffer after completing CRTC flips.
   Otherwise we would detect an error and disable an output under TearFree
   Regression in 2.99.912

 * Fix framebuffer creation on kernels older than 3.11
   Regression in 2.99.912

 * Check that the damage still exists after implicit reduction
   Regression in 2.99.912

 * Fix direction flags for fallback composited CopyAreas which
   caused scrolling corruption in a few configurations
   Regression from 2.20.0

 * Do not throw away damage if there is no redundant copy

 * Check clipping on PolyRect before discarding the clipped damage
   Regression from 2.99.903

 * Fix hints for GLXPixmapa, as these are never swapped and so
   miss invalidating the hints on SwapBuffers with the result
   that they are often presumed blank
   Regression in 2.99.912

 * Fix incoherent choice of source bo when constructing 8x8 tiles,
   incorrect pattern origin when extracting, and then fix the
   alignment of colour patterns for BLT operations

 * Disable blending with the render engine on snoopable buffers

 * Restore throttling to prevent client lag under heavy GPU load
   Regression from 2.21.10

 * Use ClientGone for notifications on shared DRI2 windows to prevent
   rare crashes due to use-after-free of the swap requests

 * Ensure the mmaped CPU bo is idle before migrating damage

 * Fix incorrect clipping by the render engine for large DRI2 windows

 * Ensure that the aperture tiling fallbacks are bounded

 * Validate parameter to xf86-video-intel-backlight-helper more carefully

 * Fix slaved scanouts for reverse optimus, though rotated slaves will
   require further patches to Xorg.

 * Fix build without Composite extension.

 * Fix build without gettline().

 * UXA: Allocate and resize frontbuffer consistently to pass sanity checks

 * UXA: Report cached backlight value when the output is off (like sna)

 * UXA: Mark outputs as off before the kernel does (like sna)
   This will prevent the internal panel from starting up blank in some
   multi-monitor configurations

Note that the DRI2 exchange mechanism introduced in 2.99.912 exposes bugs
in some compositors, at least kwin and comptom, which discard DRI2 buffer
invalidates rather than resourcing their texture. For example,

Note that the improved triple buffering introduced in DRI2 requires a patch
to Xorg (now released upstream) to prevent crashes with DRI_PRIME.

Note that DRI3/Present require tracking the relevant development trees for
mesa and the xserver as they are very much still under early testing. Also
be aware that Mesa provides no support for explicit fencing so Damage
tracking between compositors and clients is unserialised.

Complete list of changes since 2.99.912

Chris Wilson (254):
      sna: Handle the user passing "Backlight" ""
      sna: Tidy a few asserts on the state of crtc->flip_bo
      sna: Fix arguments when flipping transformed TearFree outputs
      sna: Expand debugging to cover gen8 BLT variations
      sna: Cast away compiler warning
      sna/dri2: Check that the window covers the whole CRTC before xchg
      sna: Mark the GPU as all damaged when discarding CPU bo during uploads
      sna: Squelch log messages for fb/pixmap tiling in the default case
      sna: Silence compiler warnings for discarding const Region points
      sna: Discard TearFree damage before checking for an overwriting upload
      sna: Prefer to operate inplace on the GPU rather than stall on the CPU
      sna: Ignore setting read-only for temporary userptr maps
      sna: Create a stable output name based on MST topology
      sna: MST topologies may change on any hotplug event
      sna: Support efficient cursor updates for old machines
      sna/gen8: Check offset alignment before using a userptr for RENDER
      sna: Add some asserts to track redundant damage operations
      sna/glyphs: Always print some DBG when performing fallback
      sna: Skip redundant clears
      sna: Recheck source bo after migrating dst (in case of src == dst)
      sna: Tweak self-copy boxes to hit the GPU more often
      sna: Add some DBG to the memmove path
      sna: Fix scanout creation routine for old kernels <= 3.11
      sna: Update damage pointer after the implicit reduction
      sna: Remove debugging hunk
      sna: First copy to overlap temporary must be using GXcopy
      sna/gen6+: Overlapping bo by definition have compatible depths
      sna/gen6+: On small GT avoid the intermediate copy for overlaps
      sna: Use the pixmap header creation routine
      sna: Fix direction flags for memmove
      sna: Remove bogus assertion
      sna/gen8: Clear a couple more push constants
      sna: Refactor USE_INPLACE debug macro
      sna: Try to use CPU uploads before BLT uploads
      configure: Allow manual disabling of each DRI level
      sna/gen8: Check for WT support before attempting to use the WT mocs
      sna/gen8: Allow reads from scanout to be cached
      sna: Reorder ignore_cpu_damage() to avoid asserts
      configure: Fix DRI2 build
      xvmc: Sanitize compile and library flags
      xvmc: Refactor mutex locking
      sna: Try to reuse the current cursor if we fail to update
      sna/gen6+: Prefer the BLT for large overlapping copies
      intel: Check that the fd points to i915 after authorising
      sna: Track the pageflip bo's busyness
      sna: Refine decision whether to use the GPU or render inplace
      intel-virtual-output: Check for an error creating the DRI3 fd
      intel-virtual-output: Only call XShmDetach on a valid SHM segment
      intel-virtual-output: Initialise image after clone
      intel-virtual-output: Disable outputs on remote displays upon shutdown
      intel-virtual-output: Compile fixes
      sna: Only discard the CPU bo if we have a GPU bo to transfer the damage to
      sna: Use the right is-clipped hint
      sna: Fix assertions for discarding upload caches
      sna: Enable TearFree by default for systems with PSR
      test: Add a simple SHM test skeleton
      sna: Add more DBG to track transitions between CRTC and its shadow or flip bo
      sna: Clear our private hints about front rendering exported bo
      sna: Fix some batch DBG
      sna/glyphs: Show number of glyphs in DBG
      sna: Promote better active buffer reuse
      sna: Fix logic inversion for final placement in is_gpu_dst()
      uxa: Add some explanation to why bo were rejected
      sna/glyphs: Add DBG option to force use of the glyph image mask
      uxa: Allocate frontbuffer to meet old fence constaints
      sna/dri2: Allow single crtc exchanges to be queued up
      sna: Regularly check the cache level on bo
      sna/glyphs: DBG compile fix
      sna: Discard GPU damage for the magic upload proxy
      sna: Add a few missing checks for all-damaged
      sna/dri2: Fixup failure to do a render copy for DRI2CopyRegion
      sna: Tweak creation 8x8 tiled patterns
      sna: Relax PREFER_GPU so that we don't needless create small GPU bo
      sna: Cache small pixmaps rather than forcing a large fallback for BLT operations
      sna: Remove invalid assert
      sna: Align some function parameters
      sna: Fix computing source bo for BLT operations
      sna: Set the correct mapping type after calling mmap__async
      sna/dri2: fix invalid DBG string
      sna: Add DBG option to disable snoop bo cacheing
      sna: Simplify sna_pixmap_get_source
      sna: Use nxm tiled blits for small regions of large tiles
      sna: Assert that we do not try to mmap a proxy
      sna/gen8: Fix unaligned() to return true when not aligned
      sna/gen8: Fix cleanup after failing to convert channel
      sna: Pass desired CRTC viewport for completing single CRTC flips
      sna: Skip redundant copies when already cloned
      sna: Fix DBG compilation
      sna: Add log breadcrumbs with valgrind
      sna: Do not treat both src/dst having no clones as being the same
      sna: Delete the silly typo
      sna: Fix modulus for partial conversion of tiles to 8x8 patterns
      sna/dri2: Replace assertion with code to skip updating the back buffer
      sna: Always readback shadow damage after replacing the buffer
      sna: Wrap pointer access for 8x8 tile construction
      sna: Fix up small extents for 8x8 tile construction
      sna: Use the right pattern origin for tiled 8x8 extraction
      sna: Missed fixing y tile offset in last commit
      sna: Mark upload from SHM segment as read-only
      sna: Mark upload from SHM segment as read-only
      sna/dri2: Don't decouple front buffer tracking for invalid SwapBuffer calls
      test: Increase number of tiled sources
      sna: Color patterns for BLT are required to be aligned to 256 byte boundaries
      sna: Feed more operations into the 8x8 BLT tiler
      sna: Mark up const boxes to keep the compiler happy
      sna: Be more flexible in converting random subsamples to 8x8 tiles
      sna: Avoid blending with the render engine on snoopable bo
      sna: Clear the transform flag on disabling the CRTC
      sna: Discard write hint from a couple more move-to-gpu
      sna: Clean up CRTC on CloseScreen
      sna: Track CRTC mode changes and discard old flips
      sna: Disable unused CRTC after undock events
      sna: Add missing string for DBG
      sna: Inject a batch flush before adding a fresh bo
      sna/gen4+: Add box emitters for the generic vertex paths
      sna: Add DBG breadcrumbs to sna_output_discover()
      sna: Rename IGNORE_CPU to IGNORE_DAMAGE to better reflect its purpose
      sna: Do not set CAN_CREATE_GPU flag for untiled allocations
      sna: Prefer to render over damage into the GPU bo
      sna/gen6+: Encourage the compiler to inline a couple of key functions
      sna: Allow the CPU bo to be created if GPU rendering is forced
      sna/gen4+: Add some more asserts around recreating vertex buffers
      sna/gen6+: Avoid adjusting copy coordinates until commited to using them
      sna: Handle old busy_ioctl not reporting the active ring
      sna: Fix flushing empty batches
      sna/gen6+: Initialise src offset before use
      sna: Force creation of GPU bo for drawing if need be
      sna: Prefer rendering on the CPU to avoid damage migration
      sna: Promote to full GPU bo after forced migration away from CPU bo
      sna: Allow scratch pixmap to allocate linear GPU bo
      sna: Silence compiler warning for shadowed variable
      sna: Disable CRTC after MST topology change
      sna/dri2: Add a dash more asserts
      sna: Decompose self-copy into overlapping/non-overlapping regions
      intel: Wait for the DRM device to load
      sna: Trim composite region against dst clip extents
      sna/glyphs: Clip damage to dst
      sna: Fix the usual "x = y" typos in creating boxes
      sna: Ensure serial is not 0 for runtime MST discovery
      sna: Add some more DBG around connector discovery
      intel: Wait for our expected device node to appear
      intel: Add a note about the myriad places we have identifier strings
      configure: Display our README before the summary
      sna: Add yet more DBG messages to MST discovery
      Add reserved PCD IDs for Broadwell
      sna: Check all connectors for reuse
      sna: Disable userptr for bdw
      sna: And fix the typo...
      sna: Throttle before doing a TearFree buffer replacement
      sna: Tweak scanout flush
      intel: Fix weblinks
      intel: Fix weblinks (again)
      sna: Track desired flushes better after starting a new batch
      sna: Only mark throttle as done after success
      sna: Improve throttling during bo allocation
      sna: Fix uninitialisable variable
      sna/dri2: Compile fixes for ancient Xorg
      sna: Make output destroy more defensive
      sna/dri2: Hook into ClientGone callback to clear dangling references
      sna: Remove scare quotes from hotplug detection "enabled"
      sna: Fix userptr defines to match i915_drm.h
      sna: Tidy selection of a near-miss active buffer.
      sna/dri2: Slightly improved DBG messages
      sna: Only reuse pinned batches for 830/845
      sna: Check source bo is suitable for BLT before doing so
      sna/glyphs: Add DBG option for forcing glyphs-to-dst
      sna/glyphs: Add DBG option for glyph tolerance
      sna/dri2: DBG compile fixes
      test: Expand number of sources for basic benchmarking
      uxa: Update Screen Pixmap width/height first
      sna/trapezoids: Handle mono traps just in case
      sna: Micro-optimise unswizzling tiling/detiling
      sna: Tidy calling memcpy_from_tiled
      sna: Skip adding damage if it is already contained
      sna: Check for a mappable GPU bo before migrating damage
      sna: Don't discard damage for SHM pixmaps
      sna/io: Prefer CPU copies on LLC
      sna: Prefer linear if below tile_width
      sna: Only preferentially upload through the GTT for large transfers
      sna: Sync CPU bo before writes
      sna: Update allocation of CPU bo to avoid creating active buffers
      sna: Ensure CPU bo is synchronized before writing
      intel-virtual-output: Convert debugging messages to verbosity
      intel-virtual-output: Cleanup singleton on failure
      intel-virtual-output: Remove one redundant cleanup on error
      test/lowlevel-blt-bench: Exercise SHM pixmaps
      test/lowlevel-blt-bench: Exercise masks
      sna: Mollify assert to be consistent with the scanout flush
      sna: Silence snarky compliers
      sna: Reduce assertion when using asynchronous CPU access
      test/lowlevel-blt-bench: Update progress more frequently
      sna: Tweak preference for small GPU bo
      sna/dri2: Apply the paraniod buffer clip in the correct coordinate system
      sna/dri2: Pass around the correct DrawableRec for sampling from the foriegn bo
      sna: Add DBG breadcrumbs before flushes in BLT
      sna/dri2: Set depth/bpp on scratch DrawableRec
      sna/dri2: Use CPU fallback if possible
      sna: Enforce LinearFramebuffer option
      sna/dri2: Add a DBG option to select copy method
      sna: Correct migration flags for initial scanout creation
      sna: Fix typo in LinearFramebuffer handling
      sna/gen6+: Tweak consideration of compositing on BLT
      sna: Use the threaded compositor for picture conversions
      test: Create separate SHM segments for ref/out
      sna: Limit the size of the tiling object to be smaller than either the originals
      sna: Clear the cursor reference from the CRTC if the update fails
      sna: Wrap xf86DPMSSet
      sna: Prevent creating a GPU bo for an inplace read
      sna: Tighten assertions for using upload proxies concurrently with CPU reads
      sna/gen8: Disable the unaligned check
      sna: Promote tile pixmaps to GPU when reused
      sna: Utilise existing cached upload for promoting to GPU bo
      sna: Disable use of threaded compositor when using threaded renderer
      sna: Do a quirk early check for short areas before threading
      sna: Fix typo s/num_threads/max_threads/
      sna: Convert a clear tile into a solid fill
      sna: Tweak number of threads for short areas
      sna: Discard operations to either CPU or GPU bo when overwriting with RenderRectangles
      test/lowlevel-blt-bench: Add common PDF operators
      sna: Fix a couple of DBG messages
      sna: Rewrite rotation setup on top of universal drm planes
      configure: Provide a poor man's replacement for getline()
      sna: Reduce reflections onto rotations
      sna: Use a stricter test for determining CRTC off before updating the cursor
      sna/gen2+: Remove assertion on draw->type for fills
      sna: Make the damage check more verbose
      sna: And remove new bogus assertion
      sna: Remove extraneous function wrapping
      sna: Silence valgrind when reading plane properties
      sna: Busy-wait for the kernel to catch up when flipping
      sna: Avoid confusing failure to flip and flipping zero CRTC
      sna: Add missing DBG parameters
      sna: Handle rotated slaved scanouts
      sna/dri2: Disable SwapLimit buffers with buggy prime implementations
      sna: Assert that we never attempt to flip the slave scanout
      backlight: Prevent dereference of potential NULL argv
      sna: Support TearFree on slaved outputs
      sna: Fix compilation with older Xorg
      sna/dri2: Protect compsiteext.h include with build check
      configure: Double check xinerama's headers
      dri3-test: Print line number for shm failures
      sna/video: Bump the maximum size for sprites
      sna/dri3: Don't forget to add SHM pixmaps to the list of exported DRI3 bo
      sna: Assert that we do not overwrite an earlier COW entry
      sna: Remove %# from DBG messages
      sna: Ensure errno is set after failure before reporting a modeset failure
      sna/dri2: Recreate buffer in reuse rather than force recreate
      sna: Disable all outputs when initializing as a slaved output provider
      sna: Reorder disabling scanout pixmap when updating slave
      sna: Add a DBG message for slave damage propagation
      test/dri2: Use the right device node
      sna/dri2: Tidy freeing the queued frame events
      sna: Skip performing an async flip after fixup
      2.99.913 snapshot

Damien Lespiau (1):
      intel: Use the i845 info structure for INTEL_I845G_IDS()

Hans de Goede (3):
      backlight: Fix compiler error
      uxa: When the output is off, report the cached backlight value
      uxa: Mark the output as off before making pipe changes

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      backlight: Fix security issues in handling of the interface path name.

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
      Add marketing names for Broadwell

git tag: 2.99.913

MD5:  1fde92068e74b65f2e9156010d3a8438  xf86-video-intel-2.99.913.tar.bz2
SHA1: 5bcfede2cfa3b4a17420f941e7f0158ece76f960  xf86-video-intel-2.99.913.tar.bz2
SHA256: 6253ea35b4d6a53f0c80198b64ff810cec5f8278b80b2b639677dd9401517126  xf86-video-intel-2.99.913.tar.bz2

MD5:  a3a078b63de556690c7c773d02fe2710  xf86-video-intel-2.99.913.tar.gz
SHA1: d16d6930699edf7f4cbbccf28300146da280116b  xf86-video-intel-2.99.913.tar.gz
SHA256: bf1c87169eabd956b5ba462db87354785e8b96bc900579fe887746dc61586838  xf86-video-intel-2.99.913.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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