[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.9

Thomas Wood thomas.wood at intel.com
Fri Dec 12 08:40:11 PST 2014

A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the following changes:

- New test cases added: drm_import_export, gem_gpgpu_fill, gem_ppgtt,
  gem_tiled_wb, kms_pwrite_crc.

- New helper for interactive progress indicators (see igt_print_activity and
  igt_progress), which can be disabled by setting the log-level to warn (Thomas
  and Daniel).

- Basic skl support: pci ids, rendercopy & mediafill (Damien, Zhao Yakui).

- chv support for the iosf sideband tools and a few other improvements (Ville).

- Fence register support for intel_reg_dumper on bdw+ (Rodrigo).

- Support for skl in quick_dump (Damien).

- Golden state generation infrastructure (Mika).

- New skl watermark tool (Damien).

- New EDID test block that includes multiple display modes (Thomas).

- Individual test documentation available in generated documentation and from
  the test binaries (Thomas).

- New logging domains and log filtering (Thomas).

- Various API documentation fixes and improvements (Thomas).

Complete list of changes since 1.8:

Adam Sampson (2):
      Use = rather than == in test.
      Don't use += to append to a shell variable.

Armin Reese (1):
      tools/null_state_gen: Add GEN9 golden context batch buffer creation

Brad Volkin (4):
      tests/gem_exec_parse: test for chained batch buffers
      tests/drv_hangman: skip a few asserts when using the cmd parser
      tests/gem_exec_parse: fix batch_len setting for cmd-crossing-page
      tests/gem_madvise: set execbuf.batch_len before doing an execbuf

Chris Wilson (25):
      test: Exercise full ppgtt switching between multiple fd
      igt/gem_ppgtt: Create secondary contexts and mm
      igt/pm_rps: Fix the batch count for emitting the flush
      igt/gem_userptr_blits: GTT mmaping a userptr requires llc
      igt/kms_render: Iterate only through the formats
      lib: Try harder to drop-caches
      igt/pm_rps: Fix STORE_DWORD for pre-gen8
      igt/gem_reloc_vs_gpu: Fix reloc.presumed_offset value
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Only read back a few GTT values
      igt/gem_userptr_blits: Test interruptible create-destroy
      igt/kms_flip/nonblocking_read: Demonstrate that O_NONBLOCK is a myth
      igt/gem_negative_reloc: Execute a BLT operation with a negative reloc
      igt/gem_bad_reloc: Handle real offset being 0
      igt/gem_userptr_blits/dmabuf: Provide partial coverage on !llc platforms
      igt/gem_userptr_blits/dmabuf: Map the right pointer for !llc
      igt/gem_linear_blits: Add sufficient RAM check
      ioctl_wrappers: Pass in offset to CPU mmaps
      igt/gem_tiled_wb: Exercise CPU mmaps with swizzling
      igt/gem_tiled_wb: Remove extraneous mmap(wc) requirement
      tests: Remove spurious binaries from gem_tiled_wb commit
      igt/gem_linear_blits: Require that we do the full test
      igt/gem_tiled_blits: Require that we do the full test
      intel_error_decode: Decode the ERROR register on Sandybridge and Ivybridge
      igt/drm_read: Abuse read(drm)
      igt/drm_read: Require that pipe 0 is active

Damien Lespiau (24):
      kms_cursor_crc: Remove two unused local variables
      skl: Add SKL PCI ids
      skl: Add gen9 to intel_gen()
      skl: initialize instdone bits for gen9
      list-workarounds/skl: Add Skylake to the list of valid platorms
      rendercopy/skl: Start the gen9 rendercopy from the gen8 version
      rendercopy/skl: Set the 3DSTATE_VF state
      rendercopy/skl: Update 3DSTATE_SBE
      assembler/skl: Add gen 9 to the -g option
      gem_seqno_wrap: Remove unused variable
      overlay: Fix compilation warning when not having xrandr
      gem_wait: Use PRIu64 in format string
      quick-dump: Make quick dump link against libintel_tools
      quick_dump: Move base_display.txt to indivual platforms
      quick_dump/skl: Add some display registers
      quick_dump/skl: Make quick_dump SKL aware
      quick_dump: Drop common_display.txt from VLV/CHV
      skl_ddb_allocation: Add a standalone version of the DDB allocator
      skl_ddb_allocation: Add checks on the DDB entries
      skl_ddb_allocation: Make 'end' exclusive in the DDB allocation entry
      skl_ddb_allocation: Respect the minimum number of blocks
      gem_bad_reloc: Don't flip-flop between SKIP and PASS
      kms_cursor_crc: Remove value to 'return' in a void function
      drv_hangman: Remove unused function

Daniel Vetter (25):
      NEWS: New heading for 1.9
      tests: Add drm_import_export
      tests/drm_import_export: Add subtest for prime
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Use options
      tests/gem_wait_render_timeout: Drop local structs
      tests/gem_wait_render_timeout: Convert to subtests
      tests/gem_wait: argument validation tests
      lib/aux: Print progress output at INFO level
      NEWS: Updates
      tests: Sprinkle missing igt_exit() where needed.
      tests/gem_wait: Don't close drmfd in subtest
      tests/*: lib/igt.cocci found something!
      Move watermark code from tests to tools
      Move library selftests to lib/tests
      Add CONTRIBUTING file
      tests/testdisplay: Fix test status check fumble
      tests: Reenable testdisplay
      tests/prime_nv_test: Skip cpu mmap testcase
      tests/gem_exec_parse: Go OCD about C-style comments
      lib/os: Pust igt_require into memory check function
      lib/os: Push simulation test down into intel_require_memory
      lib/aux: Make it clear that rtcwake failures aren't bugs
      tests/prime_self_import: Track leaked objects accurately
      tests/kms_render: gen2/3 can't do 10bpc
      lib/igt_debugfs: Don't setup crc in _new

Gagandeep S Arora (2):
      demos/intel_sprite_on: Added support to display all sprites.
      demos/intel_sprite_on: Added support to compile intel_sprite_on
on Android.

Imre Deak (6):
      tests/pm_rpm: factor out drm_open_any_master
      test/kms, pm: use drm_open_any_master
      tests/pm_rpm: add gem-evict-pwrite subtest
      tests/pm_rps: vlv: wait for freq to settle
      tests/pm_rps: vlv: load gpu for idle min/max tests
      tests/pm_rps: vlv: round middle point to freq supported by HW

Jani Nikula (1):
      tools: terminate getopt_long long option arrays properly

Joonas Lahtinen (1):
      lib: Fix out of tree build of version.h

Mika Kuoppala (9):
      tools/null_state_gen: Add copyrights
      tools/null_state_gen: Add more debug output
      tools/null_state_gen: Limit the total state len to 4096 bytes
      tools/null_state_gen: Add macro to emit commands with null state
      tools/null_state_gen: Add Gen8 golden state
      tools/null_state_gen: Add copyright notice to state output
      lib: fix #define max
      tests/gem_workarounds: adapt to constant wa list from driver
      tests/gem_reset_stats: add defer-hangcheck test

Paulo Zanoni (7):
      tests/pm_rpm: reduce the number of rounds on the stress tests
      tests/pm_rpm: fix some compilation warnings
      tests/pm_rpm: use igt_assert_eq() on COMPARE()
      lib/igt_aux: make igt_wait_for_pm_status() resist the signal helper
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: HSW/BDW only have square cursors
      lib/igt_aux: move audio RPM code to igt_setup_runtime_pm()
      tests/pm_rpm: add system-suspend-{execbuf,modeset} subtests

Rodrigo Vivi (16):
      tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: Simplify test by using igt_kms functions
      tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: Wait 2 vblanks before grabing the new crc.
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Fix edp_psr debugfs interface
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Adding test debug options
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Removing context tests.
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Cleaning up tests a bit
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Start splitting tests in test_planes and
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Fix all testcases.
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Check color ref CRC
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Fix blt submission
      tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Wait 2 vblanks before grabing the new crc.
      tests: Kill pm_psr
      tools/intel_reg_dumper: Shows fences and rp debug regs on BDW+.
      Revert "tests/kms_psr_sink_crc: Wait 2 vblanks before grabing
the new crc."
      Revert "tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: Wait 2 vblanks before grabing
the new crc."
      tests/pm_rc6_residency: Split RC6p and RC6pp.

Sonika Jindal (1):
      kms_rotation_crc: Add test for cursor rotation (v2)

Thomas Wood (65):
      doc: various spelling and typo fixes
      lib: ensure any buffers are flushed before fork
      tests/sysfs_l3_parity: fix warnings in test enumeration
      lib: add a function to indicate activity
      tests/kms_force_connector: ensure igt_exit is called at exit
      tests/kms_force_connect: skip if a VGA connector is not available
      lib: various documentation fixes
      lib: add common min and max macros
      quick_dump: fix distcheck
      configure: include the skylake quick_dump files in EXTRA_DIST
      drm_lib.sh: add standard command line options
      tests: add a check for command line handling
      tests/kms_force_connector: fix assertion when VGA is already connected
      lib: ensure the library is built before the tests
      build: fix distcheck
      lib/tests: use the "check_" prefix for tests
      lib/igt_core.h: fix igt_skip_on_f requirement message
      lib/igt_core.h: add debug messages for test requirements
      tools/quick_dump: don't include generated sources in the distribution
      lib/tests: fix tests and test list location
      lib/tests: don't use hard error status to indicate test failure
      testdisplay: ensure invalid long option exit status is non-zero
      testdiplay: add a "--help" option
      configure: fix issues when running outside the source tree
      lib: add the ability to include a description with a test
      docs: add some test descriptions
      Build the docs directory last
      docs: include descriptions for the test programs
      testdisplay: add a test description
      tests/drm_lib.sh: add a "--help-description" option
      tests: use igt_debugfs where possible
      tests: ensure the script based tests are included in the distribution
      configure: require automake 1.12
      lib/tests: add a test for igt_set_timeout
      tests/kms_flip: add a timeout for the nonblocking-read test
      lib: only skip subsequent tests if a timeout occurs outside of a subtest
      configure: update bug reporting url
      lib: fix igt_reset_connectors
      lib: fix symbol names in documentation comments
      tests: use subtests in gem_tiled_swapping
      lib: ensure subtests are not added to simple tests
      docs: split the test program documentation into sections
      docs: add subtest lists to test descriptions
      docs: add exit status documentation
      docs: add a glossary of test name terms
      docs: treat the test description as cdata
      tests: add more test descriptions
      igt_kms: add a base edid
      tests/kms_force_connector: split into subtests
      tests: use base edid
      lib: remove igt_edid.h
      lib: always reset connectors after the state is forced
      tests: add gem_gpgpu_fill to .gitignore
      Update README
      Add a MAINTAINERS file
      NEWS: Updates
      tools: add missing copyright headers
      tests: replace 3D test images
      tests/gem_tiled_swapping: use igt_info logging wrapper
      lib: introduce log domains
      lib: add optional log domain filtering
      lib: add a function to lock memory into RAM
      lib: fix a few documentation warnings
      NEWS: Updates
      Update version to 1.9 and add the release date

Tim Gore (9):
      lib/igt_core: make single/simple tests use igt_exit
      lib/igt_core.c: disable lowmemorykiller during tests
      lib/Android.mk: add define of IGT_DATADIR for igt_fb.c
      tests/gem_ring_sync_copy: reduce memory usage
      tests/Android.mk: Add kms_pwrite_crc to cairo test list
      tests/drv_hangman: remove check for other drm clients
      Demos/Android.mk: dont build intel_sprite_on
      Android.mk: replace std=c99 with std=gnu99
      Demos/Android.mk: dont build intel_sprite_on

Ville Syrjälä (18):
      tools: Allow iosf-sb utils to work on chv
      toos/intel_iosf_sb: Add symbolic unit names
      tools: Remove punit and nc reg read/write tools
      lib: Add igt_plane_set_size()
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Add basic non-square cursor testing
      tests/kms_flip: Make flip-vs-panning-vs-hang change DSPSURF
      tests/kms_pwrite_crc: Add pwrite vs display coherency test
      tests/kms_flip: Fix assert about vblank wait duration
      lib: Add swap() macro
      lib/igt.cocci: Deal with min/max/swap
      tests: Run lib/igt.cocci
      tests/kms_flip: Refactor blit code
      tests/kms_flip: Use fixed size (2kx2k) buffers for dummy load
      tests/kms_flip: Calibrate the dummy load delay in kms_flip
      tests/kms_flip: Target the back buffer with the dummy load
      lib/igt_debugfs: Throw away the two first CRCs
      tests/kms_mmio_vs_cs_flip: Count valid tests for all crtcs
      tests/kms_cursor_crc: Restore the valid pipe/connector combo check

Xiang, Haihao (2):
      rendercopy/skl: Set the URB VS start address to 4
      lib/skl: Return the render copy and media fill functions

Zhao Yakui (18):
      rendercopy/skl: Pass the context to rendercopy function on SKL
      rendercopy/skl: update instruction length
      rendercopy/skl: Set Instruction Buffer size Modify Enable to 1
      rendercopy/skl: Fix the STATE_BASE_ADDRESS instruction length
      rendercopy/skl: Fix the 3DSTATE_DS instruction length
      rendercopy/skl: Emit 3DSTATE_WM_HZ_OP
      rendercopy/skl: Follow the spec to add the Pipeline selection mask
      assembler/skl: Redefine the cache agent type for some fixed functions
      assembler/skl: update read(...)
      assembler/skl: Add more cache agent for write(...)
      assembler/skl: update the extdesc field for SEND instruction
      mediafill/skl: Start the gen9 media_fill from the gen8 version
      mediafill/skl: follow the spec to update STATE_BASE_ADDRESS command
      mediafill/skl: Follow the spec to add pipeline_select mask
      mediafill/skl: Follow spec to configure FORCE_MEDIA_AWAKE in
      mediafill/skl: Follow spec to configure media sampler DOP clock
      Rendercopy/skl: Remove redundant field to fix GPU hang
      Mediafill/skl: Remove redundant field to fix GPU hang

Zhenyu Wang (3):
      lib: rename igt_media_fillfunc_t typedef to igt_fillfunc_t
      lib: Add GPGPU fill
      tests: Add gem_gpgpu_fill

git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.9

MD5:  1e768f2b1edc8613911b1d33bb361a7f  intel-gpu-tools-1.9.tar.bz2
SHA1: 396e9f50283681d50364b86a7af9988c56148ac8  intel-gpu-tools-1.9.tar.bz2
SHA256: 1de4c28ae0fe1e6c198ab559dbffcec6762798dc4adbdfdac54b2c7a9b0a1ed3

MD5:  9118e9f97d592bdadfb3ed674c31cae1  intel-gpu-tools-1.9.tar.gz
SHA1: d156becd707ff80c11cba59db1d94d9441497437  intel-gpu-tools-1.9.tar.gz
SHA256: 6d837da9c50a9f5f4ec5c0bb0f6c66826042b2ef61a8663c5226ea61dbc8b064

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