[ANNOUNCE] twm 1.0.8

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Fri Sep 6 19:06:00 PDT 2013

twm is a classic window manager for the X Window System.

This release moves twm slightly into the 1990's, with ANSI C89 function
declarations, removal of ancient casts left over from the era before
function prototypes, C89 standard signal handlers, and the loss of 
support for running on Apple's A/UX Unix for the 680x0 Macs.

It also includes some bug fixes and man page formatting improvements,
amongst all the code cleanups.

Alan Coopersmith (16):
      Terminate execl() arguments with NULL instead of 0
      Constification cleanup - fix dozens of gcc warnings
      Use (void) to declare functions that take no arguments, instead of ()
      Convert remaining K&R function declarations to C89 style
      Make various helper & callback functions private to session.c
      unifdef macII - drop support for A/UX 2.0
      Remove unused global variable gotFirstSave
      Make some more previously global variables into file-scoped statics
      Assume C89 signal handlers, returning void
      Make more functions static that aren't called from other files
      Delete trailing whitespace in non *.[ch] source files
      Stop casting pointers to (char *) when freeing them
      Stop casting return values from malloc & calloc
      AddWindow: Use NULL instead of 0 for null pointer check
      Replace malloc(strlen()+1); strcpy(); pairs with strdup()
      twm 1.0.8

Colin Harrison (1):
      Syntax error in recent twm commit

Egbert Eich (1):
      Fix SEGV if CreateColormapWindow() returns NULL.

Eric S. Raymond (1):
      Don't rely on the ability to set tab stops.

git tag: twm-1.0.8

MD5:  4b28317d4a9f7ca61bef8462e132bd4c
SHA1: b568e6242c5a2b9a05d0a198b96f3d43cf792931
SHA256: 7660352353d632127ff50390991706aa660b28a4ada816c2582ac02720722e44

MD5:  35f3d688c7247cdc872e1e68d53a7a5d
SHA1: 52d55ce2243becf73aba71f09a2feef02e89bde9
SHA256: 786914bc9b9383021149e9c0374c5ed0502b238e1196c24500825dad1dd09033

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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