[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.99.901

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 08:33:55 PDT 2013

Snapshot 2.99.901 (2013-08-04)
What's this? A pre-release snapshot of an upcoming 3.0 major release?
What could be the big new feature about to land? SNA by default!
Not only that, we also have a preview of the XMir integration patches.

Whilst we consider the SNA acceleration method to be ready to take over
from UXA (the current acceleration method), it still remains possible to
switch over to the old method with the following xorg.conf snippet:
  Section "Device"
    Identifier "Device0"
    Driver "intel"
    Option "AccelMethod" "UXA"

The promise of SNA is that it improves the user experience by providing a
faster, more fluid, desktop, that is both more power efficient and less
prone to crashes than UXA. If it still fails to meet your expections,
please file bugs!

Complete list of changes since 2.21.15

Chris Wilson (75):
      sna/gen7: Prefer the render ring for more operations
      sna/video: Disable the existing sprite when switching CRTCs
      sna/dri: Make async blits async again
      intel: Add experimental rendernode support
      sna: Don't copy fbcon if hosted
      sna: Trust the preferred-depth returned by the host
      sna: Don't restrict the frontbuffer to be scanout capable if hosted
      sna: Fix reversed logic and loss of trust in the host
      sna/dri: Prefer the source ring
      sna: Add a few more checks for a hosted Xserver before walking CRTC lists
      sna: Make SetScreenPixmap do as it says
      sna/gen7: Combine a couple of pipe-flushes
      sna: Make sure we assert our Master status before copying the fbcon
      sna: Fix ordering of assert vs the state it checks
      sna: Promote no COWs assertion to a condition check before operating inplace
      sna/video: Update sprite destination colorkey command
      sna/video: Copy the ClipRegion for the sprite
      sna/gen6+: Improve ring stickyness for BLT composite ops
      sna/gen6+: Don't force a ring switch for likely TLB misses if already busy
      sna: Allow user specification of number of VirtualHeads
      sna/dri: Correct the target_msc for immediate double-buffering
      sna: Protect against unattached pixmaps when peeking inside for a GPU bo
      sna: Mark fake outputs as disconnected until a user applies a mode
      sna: Open the device non-blocking
      tools: Add intel-virtual-output to extend the local desktop with remote outputs
      configure; Remember to disable building the tools
      intel-virtual-output: use XRender for format conversion if required
      intel-virtual-output: use depth-16 transfers for remote hosts or low bpp targets
      intel-virtual-output: Fix calculation of image stride to include bitmap unit
      sna: Expand the array of fake outputs if the last is used
      intel-virtual-output: Third time lucky for computing the correct stride?
      intel-virtual-output: Clone all outputs on the remote display
      intel-virtual-output: Try to hide races with gnome-shell
      intel-virtual-output: Manage multiple destination CRTCs
      intel-virtual-output: Prevent cloning the same output twice
      intel-virtual-output: Fix overun with the record Display connection
      intel-virtual-output: Register as a singleton
      intel-virtual-output: Rebuild pointers after realloc
      intel-virtual-output: Refer to the new memory block after realloc
      intel-virtual-output: Restore the lost POLLIN on the timerfd
      intel-virtual-output: Add missing whitespace, s/while(1)/while (1)/
      intel-virtual-output: Probe and automatically enable sibling screens
      sna: Process winSize region
      sna: Check for output->randr_output before dereferencing
      intel-virtual-output: Decouple the fake mode before deleting
      intel-virtual-overlay: Prevent buffer overrun reading the XEvent
      intel-virtual-output: Fallback to Xinerama if RandR is not supported by the target
      intel-virtual-output: Don't forget to name the mode
      intel-virtual-overlay: Fix logic inversion from previous commit
      intel-virtual-output: Refactor the image resizing code
      intel-virtual-output: Reorder the fds
      intel-virtual-ouptput: Filter and rate-limit cursor events
      intel-virtual-output: Perform pixel type conversion from XfixesCursorImage
      intel-virtual-overlay: Fix the bumblebee query parsing
      intel-virtual-overlay: Don't do a sibling search if bumblebee is explicitly requested
      intel-virtual-overlay: Disable the timer after flushing
      intel-virtual-overlay: Keep bumblebeed awake
      intel-virtual-output: Fallback to probing GetScreenResources
      intel-virtual-overlay: Try to shutdown gracefully
      intel-virtual-output: Don't set the SHM active flag along !SHM composite paths
      intel-virtual-output: Remove the stray 1
      intel-virtual-output: Don't clobber the XID inside the ShmSegmentInfo
      intel-virtual-output: Remember to mark the timer as active when moving the mouse
      intel-virtual-output: Clear send flags when doing XSync
      sna: Add some more DBG
      sna: Mark imported PRIME fd as starting in DOMAIN_NONE
      sna/dri: Handle failure to move the pixmap into the GPU for CopyRegion
      sna: Tidy walking the window tree for updating our pixmaps
      sna/dri: Refine proposed async swap interface
      sna: Fix sna_pixmap_move_area_to_gpu() to return the sna_pixmap
      configure: Check for required UMS headers before enabling
      sna: WriteThrough support is now upstream
      sna: Add XMir support
      intel: Select SNA as the default acceleration method
      2.99.901 snapshot

git tag: 2.99.901

MD5:  dcff2ce276bd2c38cb975d3e902fe975  xf86-video-intel-2.99.901.tar.bz2
SHA1: bf1838a014053f8d30acccd6394f40e7e3662ec3  xf86-video-intel-2.99.901.tar.bz2
SHA256: d9755d794cc0c70b7192384ffe8edfdd408446275ae4fc50226ad4e30abeb2b9  xf86-video-intel-2.99.901.tar.bz2

MD5:  688cd47bb2b0b6195de36b5ed46e37d2  xf86-video-intel-2.99.901.tar.gz
SHA1: 75ca7ab31ec871ae798c8ee0171c59a8ce30cec4  xf86-video-intel-2.99.901.tar.gz
SHA256: e118cbc2e59b51a6ef4e786510c6030077afe950ad98b9cfc0df2afd021f5deb  xf86-video-intel-2.99.901.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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