Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu May 23 20:40:40 PDT 2013

RC1 for libXi 1.6.3 (XI 2.2 support) containing fixes for CVE-2013-1984,
CVE-2013-1995, CVE-2013-1998. And a fix to have the correct serial number in

Alan Coopersmith (14):
      Expand comment on the memory vs. reply ordering in XIGetSelectedEvents()
      Use _XEatDataWords to avoid overflow of rep.length bit shifting
      Stack buffer overflow in XGetDeviceButtonMapping() [CVE-2013-1998 1/3]
      memory corruption in _XIPassiveGrabDevice() [CVE-2013-1998 2/3]
      unvalidated lengths in XQueryDeviceState() [CVE-2013-1998 3/3]
      integer overflow in XGetDeviceControl() [CVE-2013-1984 1/8]
      integer overflow in XGetFeedbackControl() [CVE-2013-1984 2/8]
      integer overflow in XGetDeviceDontPropagateList() [CVE-2013-1984 3/8]
      integer overflow in XGetDeviceMotionEvents() [CVE-2013-1984 4/8]
      integer overflow in XIGetProperty() [CVE-2013-1984 5/8]
      integer overflow in XIGetSelectedEvents() [CVE-2013-1984 6/8]
      Avoid integer overflow in XGetDeviceProperties() [CVE-2013-1984 7/8]
      Avoid integer overflow in XListInputDevices() [CVE-2013-1984 8/8]
      sign extension issue in XListInputDevices() [CVE-2013-1995]

Peter Hutterer (3):
      Copy the sequence number into the target event too (#64687)
      Don't overwrite the cookies serial number

git tag: libXi-

MD5:  15fafea478b2de7b2d6e4235e1ffea8a  libXi-
SHA1: b87e5cac9882dcae59ec8dd924656fe6421df844  libXi-
SHA256: 1b1a30ff9be7ff2420597668986fa39561ac4afbd0a1d89c7e9ea3963d398f2b  libXi-

MD5:  411cc62a7a336dfcf9826d80e0ffdb7a  libXi-
SHA1: 3b6864fb7a4f0b119d24eaa4ff141d88853518a4  libXi-
SHA256: 2632dd29c546269240a1ab933def6746afebd49fffc02ee1c5757f20beac0dd3  libXi-

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