[ANNOUNCE] xwininfo 1.1.3

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Fri May 17 21:09:31 PDT 2013

xwininfo is a command-line utility to print information about windows
on an X server.  Various information is displayed depending on which
options are selected.

A whole pile of bugs fixed by a whole bunch of different people here.

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      Strip trailing whitespace
      Add const attributes to fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings
      Print more detailed error messages when xcb_connect fails
      Quiet some clang warnings about implicit int <-> size_t conversions
      xwininfo 1.1.3

David Venz (1):
      Bug 53242 - xwininfo segfaults on invalid screen

Gaetan Nadon (3):
      make: remove $(LIBOBJS) dead code
      Revert "make: remove $(LIBOBJS) dead code"
      configure.ac: regroup statements and comment

Guillem Jover (4):
      Move leading ": " out from buffer to the error string printer
      Use format string literals instead of variables to print window ids
      Refactor atom name printing into a new Display_Atom_Name function
      Use format string literals instead of variables to print atom names

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (2):
      Declare usage() as _X_NORETURN
      Remove dead code (size_t is always >= 0)

Pierre-Loup A. Griffais (1):
      xwininfo: report the Visual class of the selected Window

Thomas Klausner (1):
      Get rid of a number of warnings.

Yaakov Selkowitz (1):
      Use AM_ICONV

git tag: xwininfo-1.1.3

MD5:  b777bafb674555e48fd8437618270931
SHA1: 179253e6b8266bc3e3b6496964077c9cdcb2dcba
SHA256: 218eb0ea95bd8de7903dfaa26423820c523ad1598be0751d2d8b6a2c23b23ff8

MD5:  d26623fe240659a320367bc453f1d301
SHA1: f1506ed52a2ca2cd467d88cbc3dd249bea1f294c
SHA256: 784f8b9c9ddab24ce4faa65fde6430a8d7cf3c0564573582452cc99c599bd941

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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